What is the God’s Grace!

At this moment as the night brought me some peace, I rewinded my day to conclude and enter in to the new morning. There were some mixture of thoughts over my head reminded me to thank God for his Grace.

Night is the precious time that God has created to rest our minds and listen to our heart’s wishperings. It’s the best time to filter our thoughts, target our troubles and thank god for all that is good in life. We can take a time to know that all the worst and best days are respectively not bad and good but God’s grace works any way. Both situations will remind us to confess our sins, find a quiet place to reach him or pray him for all his grace by praying and thanking for keeping us in his arms always.

I know the difficult times are the worst disappointments but God’s plans are always more beautiful than anything that we went through. Always remember, before getting in to expectations and perfections in life, ensure to thank God for all that you are blessed and existed. whenver you feel like falling and slipping don’t forget that God’s Grace and Mercy would lift you right back up again and restore all your strengths.

To know more and deep about God’s Grace, one should grow through the root of it with strong faith and belief onto god firmly. We should always knock to ask and seek for our needs, keep thanking for all that we have in life. If you look back to realize the way we walked along to the present, god must have proven many things with his grace and sought you out by breaking to the new reality.

Devinity for the sake of simple-minded is beautiful. It is not the law of religion nor the principles of morality that define our highways and pathways to God; only by the Grace of God we are led. So begin this new day, new hope and opportunity with joy and prayers in your heart to receive more abundant blessings and the “Grace of God”. As you walk your way this day, may you walk in faith and belief to make each moment brighter by his glory.

Grace is a love, devine power and a vital piece of our existence that’s derived from the God. Today take some time to focus on the word grace and allow God to reveal himselfΒ  to you in a whole new way. Here’s a beautiful quote: those who leave averything in God’s hand will eventually see God’s hand in everything.

God bless you!

52 thoughts on “What is the God’s Grace!

  1. Excellent. I quote from your article
    β€œpray him for all his grace by praying and thanking for keeping us in his arms always.”
    Jesus took the sheep in his hands that left others and tried to find itself through own experience. Even a sheep could dared to leave the heard, so Jesus took it back in his arms. So as a human being if one is just living in heard mentality by regurgitating what religion, society, education taught as one’s own knowledge about β€˜self’ then that person cannot be hold in God’s arms. Only the one who dares to explore inner REALITY from one’s own experience could be.
    Gravitation is force we experience that pulls us towards the Earth or earthly material world. Each force is having its equal and opposite in this world. Grace is the force that makes it possible for dust to become an Apple and rise up the tree so that Newton could discover the force of Gravity. Jesus discovered first the Grace then only for Newton it was possible to. So all that is good in you or done good by you is due to his grace. It is there always, just one has to become its receptor or channel so that it can flow through you effortlessly. The one who knows the answer of most prominent question in human life β€˜Who am I?’ becomes the Channel for his grace. In a drama an actor knows his/her reality first then learns the role to be played and then play his/her role in drama. So while playing the role, in a subtle way the actor knows his/her reality too. Life is eternal drama and we take birth in it, so we start playing our role and assume that it is our reality also. But Jesus said that it is not your reality but only your role in the drama. The challenge is that by being born and raised in the drama, you need to come out of it to know your reality but actually otherwise it is. The moment you come to know your reality, you are out of drama. Immediately the God’s grace start flowing through you to help others.


    1. I thank you very much for being here with the treasure of God’s will n wish to prove his grace onto human through the powerful prayers n belief. God’s grace my post reached you and your writings touched me graceful. Amen.

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  2. I owe it to life
    that I as a human
    where I am allowed to be

    i am a sinful person
    I want to carry my own cross myself

    the soul tells me day and night
    reminds me of what i did wrong

    I am an imperfect person

    a belief is trust
    on words
    and the story
    that is supposed to convey a message

    i am inside
    and outside
    grow in me

    the dream
    the memories
    and thoughts
    break into me every moment

    i am of diversity of soul
    and exposed to the world
    the law the power of the soul
    the soul that is not just me
    all of human history
    monitored to the here and now

    morality to virtue
    through the unconscious
    of people in consciousness

    the Lord Lightness
    is and was
    in myself
    the experience
    never an event

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  3. I love how you say that at night it gives God a chance to listen to our heart’s whisperings, that is so beautiful and is biblical! 14 For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not. 15 In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; 16 Then he openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction, 17 That he may withdraw man from his purpose, and hide pride from man (Job 33:14-17). You have a very nice blog site! God Bless you.

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