My Little Roses

From my little garden of form house

Here are my garden of little and most beautiful roses to shower all my love onto you

They were planted years ago to grow and blooming now to greet my love

They would swim across the ocean of my tears to reach you and convey it to you

Each of them would like to hug you and kiss you soft on my behalf

They would like to touch your heart with their beautiful hands of love

They would leave the sting of thorns on you but to tattoo my love mark forever

They speak all my language of love to you, beyond and cool clouds above

They would rain red to make you wet, make you feel the fragrance with the best perfume brand of my love forever

If I know the value of pure love I felt it from heart it’s only because of my God, my Mom and my land of plants, I never knew next is you. Thanks for molding yourself for keeping my petals of love unfold. My love for you keeps blooming with blossoms of beautiful flowers forever.

You are glowing more beautiful than my lovely roses in my heart and you are not less than the Sun, Moon and Stars for being Hot, Cool and Shining brighter in my life.

There’s no price tagged, no expiry is written, these are all fresh from my garden of heart directly to greet our love which will blossom in lots of flower bouquets and stay alive above the sky, in the eyes of Sun, in the heart of Moon and in the blink of Stars and forever in the universe.

From my little garden of form house

My Garden of thoughts and feelings sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you, Suma.

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy


62 thoughts on “My Little Roses

  1. By personifying the red roses you have brought alive the senses and why not we accept the invitation to a garden in spring .Beautiful poem making one as having a walk in the garden enjoying the fragrance,colour and charm of the flowers.


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