Are these Mango shaped Apples?? πŸ€”

Miyazaki mangoes are said to be world's costliest mangoes

MP couple deploys 4 guards, 6 dogs to protect world’s costliest mango

Miyazaki mangoes are said to be world’s costliest mangoes1 min read.Β 17 Jun 2021Livemint.

A couple in Madhya Pradesh has deployed four guards and six dogs to prevent the theft of two mango trees.

The orchardist couple Rani and Sankalp Parihar planted two mango saplings tears ago. However, little they had any idea the two mango saplings would develop and bore into unusual ruby-coloured mangoes, the Japanese Miyazaki, according to a report in HindustanTimes. STORIESSee All

Miyazaki mangoes are said to be one of the most expensive breeds of mangoes in the world. Also known as an egg of the sun, the Miyazaki mangoes sold at β‚Ή2.70 lakh per kilogram in the international market last year, the daily said citing a Japanese media report.

According to the farmer couple, last year, some thieves broke into their orchards and stole the mangoes after it became locally known that they have started growing this rare fruit. However, the couple could manage two protect two trees.

Consequently, the couple deployed four guards and six dogs to protect the rare trees and seven mangoes.

Elaborating about how they started growing this rare variety of mango, Parihar said, he was on his way to Chennai to buy some saplings when he met a man on a train, who offered him what later turned out to be Miyazaki. β€œHe offered these saplings to me and asked to take care of these plants like our babies. We planted in the orchard without knowing what variety of mangoes it will produce”.

Sankalp has named the mangoes Damini, after the name of his mother.

“Later, we researched about this variety and found the real name. But it is still Damini for me,” Parihar told the daily. MORE FROM THIS SECTIONSee All

Sankalp’s wife Rani said many people have shown interest to buy Mirazaki mangoes. She said a Mumbai-based jeweller is ready to pay β‚Ή21,000 for a mango.

However, the couple has decided not to sell the mangoes to anyone yet, and instead they would grow them.null

About Miyazaki mangoes:

  • The mangoes are grown in Japan’s Miyazaki city. The mango is over 350 grams in weight and has a 15% or higher sugar content.
  • These mangoes are rich in antioxidants and contain beta-carotene and folic acid, which is great for people that need help with tired eyes.
  • They are grown during the peak harvest between April and August

Source: “Mint” 17 June 2021.


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    1. I am planning to plant it in my form really, if you can wait until it’s growth n season I will send you dear Haoyan..Lolz cost is around $2000/kg don’t about the taste. Thanks for sharing your mango memories πŸ˜‡β€


  1. I love mangoes, but I have to say I have never heard of or seen these type before. It seems no matter what colour they are mangoes are expensive everywhere😭 unless we start growing them in our backyard.πŸ€”

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  2. I was awestruck when I heard about this the first time. Miyazaki mangoes! 2.7lac/kg. I heard that it’s very short in supply and that drives up the prices too. It’s got a very unusual shape and size.

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