Little writer “Imrana”

This poem is to show my token of appreciation and admiration to the cute little writer whom I met here. She started writing at the age of 10 by sharing her Amazing stories on WordPress. Please have a visit with your blessings to the Little one.

Hi Little one!

You own my heart
Being cute & smart
With super talent
You are the best
In fact I ever met

Your cuteness loads
With tiny writing gift
Your pretty pictures
With perfect postures
And lovely gestures

As you flush out to write
Through your cute thought
Words snuggle within you
Admiring your little heart
Painting your pure smile
Creating beautiful moment

You are a tiny butterfly
Making my Garden beautiful
Wishing it to be flowerful
With your colorful comments
And cute sweet expressions

I love you little one
I admire your talent
I cherish your thoughts
I wish you to be blessed
With the bliss of purity
Good health and happiness

With Loves & Blessings!

By: Suma Reddy
To: Imrana

I Impressive
M Mystic
R Rare
A Amazing
N Nice
A Awesome

Pretty Princess

Copyright ©️ 2021 Suma Reddy all rights reserved

Pic from pinterest

Keep up and move forward,
God may shower the flowers of blessings to make the path of your life smooth and beautiful _ Suma Reddy

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you ✍❣


109 thoughts on “Little writer “Imrana”

      1. You are rare in many ways, and you are a rare writer and I wish you the best, I hope you every success and you know this!

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      2. I have everything, I will have may be not sure whether we will have the materialistic things always for us or with us throughout the life but something is always less that’s…… Never mind it’s all about my own thoughts n my own love no one will have rights or no money or any devil things that human create for me will have power to rule me n stop loving the man of my heart. Life is forever beautiful n happy in thoughts of my Man n my own fantasy created by my own. My heart doesn’t care though it’s bleeding with many stabs. It learnt only to cherish each sweet precious priceless momory gifted by….thank you so much.

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      3. Must not be. Though you have kicked me out of your heart, I am happily staying in pain close to it…..I am along wherever you are coz I feel you wherever I am.


    1. It’s a priceless poem to you child star, but allow me to educate you on why this poem was written in your honor and the poem praises your talent and rightfully so, but I had to set a trap for Suma, a great poet to pen this poem in your honor. Suma and I had what was a great love relationship more fantasy then real, and I left her because I liked her but in love with my writings, and I am the first here to know you are a child prodigy, a genius in the field of writing in reference to you, and Ms. Suma Reddy saw a chance to showcase her poetic talent and you are the recipient of her talent and rightly so, but I used the principle of Psychology to influence Suma to recognize you as a prodigy and other writers here, and if Suma knew how great of a writer you are before she read my praise of you, she would have written this poem in your honor days ago. The moral of this story isn’t really about Suma, but to all youths in time to take Psychology 101=the best subject of higher learning. Suma you created an unforgettable poem here!

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      1. Thank you very much baby. I always admire n respect your power of influence n your thoughts opinions of course what not but small request to check this link of this little one mentioned my blog in her post of “top 10 best following” and my comments on that. Then compare/track your post’s day and time. With Love n respect always. However she even influenced before I do. She’s really great.

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      2. Nothing dear one, he is saying to gift this poem to you. I said yes. But I am sorry baby I published this without your Mom’s permission 😔😔 please ask momma to check this.

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      3. Dear Suma Reddy,
        I’m very glad😊to know that my child is doing great work. And I’m proud of her! What you have written, it’s okay and the poem is so great, but the photo of my child shouldn’t be uploaded on social media by others. Please don’t misunderstand me, try to understand me dear!!
        “It’s difficult, if not impossible, to control information once it’s posted online. You can’t prevent anyone from taking a screenshot of a post and disseminating it beyond your reach. Your deleted posts, while apparently gone from your social media profile, may still live on in Internet archive websites and on the social media servers themselves. With that in mind, you should consider how a photo may impact a child when she’s much older, even an adult”.
        – Imrana’s mom😊

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      4. Yes Ma’am, totally agreed on each point you mentioned n my sincere apologies on that. I have deleted it right away before responding to you. I will be careful in future. Thank you very much for taking your time to review n write to me Ma’am. Once again apologies 🙏

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      5. You’re so kind dear, do the same for your kids!
        There is no need to apologize, it happens sometimes.
        Thank you very much for the feedback.
        Btw, my little princess was scared 😂 that she had done something wrong, saying again and again that “I haven’t done anything”, and asked me to check the post.
        Again thanks a ton!


      6. I am really sorry for that again. I just texted her to check with Momma. I understand some times lengthy conversations will be tough for the little one. Yes ma’am it’s an education or a learning. I too have a little daughter. I am sorry Imrana, you didn’t do anything dear one. Stay happy n smiling.


      7. On your adult followers, you could piss on 98% of them and tell them its raining and they will believe you=write a book and 98% of them will purchase it!


  1. So beautiful Suma…The thought and the expression both…I have read Imrana’s work here and am fully aligned with your thoughts..But more than that your step to encourage a young blogger shows the right sync between your heart and mind..
    This appreciation will work wonders for the littie one and help her soar..
    Stay blessed Suma..

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    1. Always sweet n best encouragement from you dear Krish. It really means beyond anything for me. Exactly 💯 I did from my heart n she has done too more than this by mentioning me in one among her first 10 followings. Yah I got to notice you visited her writings n appreciated too that’s great. Thanks a ton with lots of gratitude n respect to you ❤🙏🙏


      1. Suma Reddy, my track record here proves that I protect youth writers from being exploited by certain adult writers and my posts on youth rights proves my position. I am in no way saying your poem here for such a priceless young writer isn’t righteous, but I question why you didn’t gift her with this poem as her property as oppose to your property=Copyright (c) Suma Reddy all rights reserved. So I urge you to gift this poem to *Imrana News Network* without delay!

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      2. I know my sweetheart, never denied your valuable advices. When I dedicated to the little one mentioning her name she has equal right on that. Along with we both you too have full rights. It’s my honor to gift this poem of my heart to her baby. I have written as a gift only.

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      3. but you didn’t expression this position until I mentioned it and tell me that you had her permission or a parents permission before you created your poem about the child prodigy, but of course if you didn’t get that permission, your answer will be that you done it in good faith? Amen!


      4. I am really sorry I didn’t ask any permission. Valid point I agreed, faithfully I just honored her my heartfelt appreciation n thought to promote her talent n writings. I will have to check on this. 😔😔😔


    1. Awww, you are soo my sweetest dear. Always sweet n lovely views n thoughts. Yes really she’s great kid n it might inspire many other kids. Thanks a lot sweetheart 🥰🥰❤🤗🤗😘😘


  2. Oh dear. God gave you a sweet and kind heart. Keep it, for that’s a rare gift. Thank you for making us meet with the little writter in this manner.🙂❤️

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  3. Yess!
    Little Imrana deserves appreciation and your poetry portrayed it very well.
    You too have extraordinary talent to express appreciation.
    Very nice presentation for little cute Imarana.
    I have read her poetries.
    Stay safe and blessed always.😊👍🙏

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    1. I am not sure whether I am talented Sir but your appreciation n kind words would always deserve my gratitude n I cherish them through out my life. Thank you very much for your valuable time in reading n sharing your pure thoughts n blessings. Namaste 😇🙏🙏

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      1. Namaste Suma!
        You have encouraged, appreciated the little girl, that is most important. It is your talent that worked to beautify your poem to praise and encourage little child.
        It is our duty, duty of the elders to encourage the youngers.
        Take care Suma. You too my child. So I will always encourage you. Appreciate you.
        And you deserve it.
        God bless you always.
        Be happy 😊🙏

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  4. Wowww!! Very BEAUTIFULLY and wonderfully written dear..! So lovely and Amazing..! I know imrana..! I had visit her blog many times..! She is so cute and lovely..! And such a excellent tribute to her my dear princess..! Fabulous..!😍🤗💖

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      1. 😇❤🙏 Right back at you Suma! I really liked it and was a good feeling immediately seeing something so cute and adorable which is needed whenever we get that opportunity that takes our focus from so much sadness, and be reminded that there is so much great good still rising from the nearly chaotic clamor caused by the ways of the world.
        Helps in keeping the faith and some happiness that we do need and hopefully deserve for our good efforts through our faith!🙏


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