Oceanic Waves

Each day and night
My heart in silence
Knowing our distance
Still creates nuesence

Searching in every flower
Looking in every corner
Counting in every star
Wanting you forever more

Floating in oceanic weaves
Traveling by rise and falls
Moving towards the cruise
Finding our fonding memories


One beautiful evening
Sun was lightly shining
The sea view was mesmarizing
Cold breeze & crazy feelings

In your arms of warm room
I rest on your chest calm
The moment of sweet time
Magical music of your heart
It was my pleasant comfort

Touching my wet eye lashes
My fingers wiping the tears
Realized the scene of dreams
Recollecting the experiences
Mad heart, embraces pain too

Life is a cell with mixed emotions of thornful pains and heavenly feelings.

©️ Suma Reddy

Life is a cell with mixed emotions of thornful pains and heavenly feelings (pic: pinterest)

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you ✍❣


158 thoughts on “Oceanic Waves

    1. My expressions n writings are just nothing compared to your scientific n factful knowledge of life. Thanks for adding such great thoughts to it Sir ji. Namaste 🥰🙏


      1. Suma,
        We are learning and sharing. Interacting with each other. Motivating each other through our expressions. I feel so happy in this world of bloggers. Therefore I can put my opinion with free mind. I like your poetry, because it says a lot to think deeply. Everything is philosophy. Physics and philosophy has some relationship. I would like to explore them.
        Thank you so much for your beautiful comments.
        Stay blessed always.

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  1. Yes, life has its ups and downs. Emotions keep changing like seasons. Same thought which brings a smile on the lips can bring a tear in the eye . Who can understand and express this emotional cocktail better than you . Like always a beautiful combination of heart n mind Suma.
    Stay blessed always.

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    1. I feel more happy reading your profound comments than my poem dear Krish, “emotions are like seasons” very true how beautiful it is to read. I am forgetting what to reply reading your lovely wordings. Thank you very much, I am much greatful to you for always blessing me too 😇 🙏🙏


  2. Yes. Life is bittersweet. There are ‘sweet’ or good points, or as Jung would say, the light parts of all darkness or ‘bitter’ bad points. Then, on the flip side, again as Jung would say, all good (sweet) has a shadow part or bitter points.

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  3. Oh wow! This is so wonderfully written . Loved it from the bottom of my heart. These quotes are one of the best part of your posts. I liked it so very much. Like always, you’ve beautifully managed to capture emotions. Amazing 👌❤️

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  4. and did enter this hollowed out, sucked out dried out, cried out, salted and sea-less quicksand shore, this heart-has- stopped space of mine,
    a spark of words with echo, soft gentle chime so sublime…

    *you write beautifully Suma and thank you for bringing your words like water to this sore, scorched and parched shore *

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    1. Thank you very much Alec, sea less quicksand shore 🙏 glad you found water in my simple writing n enjoyed reading it. Much greatful for the appreciation. Means a lot 🥰❤🙏


      1. I find it does work at a cellular level that heart felt words activate within each and all of us…. great activations Suma… miraculous some would say and if we let ourselves ‘be’ open it’s a universe of abundance…

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      2. check out Snow Cone Diaries Suma… a tour de force on teasing out the hermetics of thought, words and the legacies of them…of which the Indian hermetic is truly powerful, I find (I am of Irish traveller origin)

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  5. Woww!! My sweet princess, this is marvellous..! Such a excellent write..! I absolutely loved this piece very much..! How sweet and kind you are!! This is fantastic my dear..! Keep on shinning my princess..!🤗🤗🤗✨😊❤️❤️

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  6. what beautiful reflections of love weaved in the ocean with such comfort and soothing in you lines Suma! It could almost be a song Suma with such beautiful harmony and joy. Nice job my friend!💖💖💖❤️lovely like you❣️❣️

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