In the flight of “HUG”

Are you hurt??
Hug me with all your heart,
Close your eyes and feel it.
Let your heart touch mine,
They have lots to speak out-
Their silence, let's listen.

May be you kept it holding,
I may kept it without sharing
Hurting each other for a reason.
Let them speak out their hearts
Hug me tight and let's listen.

Do they really deserve any hurt?
Truely no for our flaws&faults.
Now, let's open our eyes firmly
And look straight at each other,
They do have something to share.
Let them shred it out from heart
Do not look away, let's listen.

Let them shred their deep feelings and hurts out,
Let's feel their feelings,
And their soundless scream.
Did you notice something?
My tears are in your eyes
Your's are reflecting in mine.

Either a pleasure or misery,
We share it together like -
A hug, a tight hug by uniting.
A protection to feel & conceal,
Our sincere love & soul as one.

There must not be a place
To any unknown mixups among,
Though if there comes something,
We resolve it only by hugging.
It gives goosebumps to feel
That hug and touch of your's.

May be one day,
I would love to fly,
In the flight of your hug
And blow away all my stress
And lowness out into the air,
Before my breath blasts into the sky.

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy.

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit ✍❣


23 thoughts on “In the flight of “HUG”

  1. You deserve a very big hug and lots of love with special chocolates. Love your poems, dear. Very heart touching and fabulous. ♥️♥️♥️😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

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