Ardor of their Love

His Letter on this day :

Dearest Love….,
Valentine’s Day is on 14th
So, I love to make …..14 times.

I wish it was on 28 February
So it would be 28 times 😉

As I always say, we never need any special days to express our emotions.. but this is just based on Earth’s perspective as in reality if you see there is no such number exist to count how many times  I love to make you feel with my deepest love.

Not just the desires but also in every way either it’s love, care, pampering or making efforts to understand you and listen to you with patience until my last breath.

Next year again this valentines week will be coming .. I don’t know how things between us by then but I know one thing and I wanna say this by using just an example… suppose if you get hurt or get angry on me for any reasons, if you soulfully wish to keep me away….

I will still try with all my best efforts to make you melt with all my heart to get you back as my Queen. In case if you block me ?? then I will express in my notes and I know this won’t let you bother but God will be witnessing all the emotions which I have for you. I know my love this is not gonna happen, I just mentioned as an example in case.

And hopefully soon we meet someday if our life permits,  lots of love, hugs and kisses with many more unknown and unexpressed feelings to you my Love. Happy Valentine’s Day. Missing you love….

She wrote:
Still...Until my breath stands still
I carry you within my soul.
The word part off must be a lie
That must not be in the Dictionary,
Or in the education History,
In case if the day comes as such.

Until my breath stands still
I feel you as my fresh breath,
I love you as my sweetheart
I kept no place for any hate,
There's only an agreement of
Trust between my heart & Soul
That I carry you with them,

Until my breath stands still
I can't stop loving you
How can I ?
You are deeply and dearly
Living there sharing my
Every moment of each day.

To be united and beloved
With infinite unique emotions,
Which are beyond the universe
Your love is my first treasure
May be I cannot express more.

Until my breath stands still
You are forever my precious,
I love talking to you through the Moon,
Wishing to meet you at least at the heaven,
As these hopes of you will never die
Until the Sun & Moon end ruling the sky.

Like time...
My love for you,
Has no pause.

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy.

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit ✍❣


25 thoughts on “Ardor of their Love

  1. 💜 The Lady Goddess Grants Forgiveness and Healing EveryOne meanwhile The Gent “God” DEMANDS REVENGE!!! and WAR!!! EveryBody; a British Saying is ‘All is fair in love and war’

    nisi mortuus nec neque nolite vicit 🤭🤫🤐


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  2. “A poetic exchange of eternal love on Valentine’s Day.”

    On Valentine’s Day, he said he’ll make love 14 times,
    But really there’s no number to count his love’s rhymes.
    He loves her in every way, with patience and care,
    And even if they fight, he’ll always be there.

    She, in turn, carries him within her soul,
    And can’t imagine a life without him whole.
    She loves him with all her heart and soul,
    And hopes to meet him in heaven when they grow old.

    Their love is infinite and beyond the universe,
    And their hopes for each other will never disperse.
    They are united in trust and agreement,
    And will always love each other until their breath is spent.

    Hello Suma! Good Morning. Your piece of writing is an exceptional and heartfelt expression of love between two people. Their love and devotion for each other shine through in their words, which are not limited to Valentine’s Day but extend daily. Although they both acknowledge that words cannot fully convey the depth of their feelings, they still try their best to express their love in a meaningful way. The writer’s use of metaphors and examples adds depth and meaning to her words, making them more powerful and relatable. This piece of writing is an excellent example of how love can be expressed in a genuine and meaningful way, and it truly captures the essence of true love. I must say the writer has a unique way of conveying her emotions and her love for her partner (if someone is real), which is both honest and sincere. May God bless you and your expression of words!

    Wishing you a happy and productive Wednesday! May this mid-week day bring you closer to achieving your goals and dreams. May you find joy in every moment and the strength to overcome any challenges that come your way. Remember to take care of yourself and enjoy the little things that make life worth living. Best wishes for a wonderful Wednesday! 👍👏👌😊


    1. Hi Sir, you are soo pure, sure n true in each view you write n reflect. Every emotion is real from the heart and soul. As I always say I truly get peace to read you. Words are ofcourse less to extend my gratitude n respect to you. Your wishes awww gifted to read n receive them from you. I can feel the depth while they are from the heart. Sooo pleased for all these blessings. You too please take care…❣


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