Beautiful faces behind the mask

This Poem is a thought out of the current crisis  in Afganistan and Emphasizing the Women’s democratic rights being faded away.  Of course there are many women in every Country almost, who are struggling just wearing a mask of faded smile and living in silence as their voices  been muted by discriminated laws with forced cultures and weird customs by the society, families or dominant men for many reasons. These are my own feelings and opinions based on the observations or experiences and not to hurt or disrespect any of the basic and common culture of being a man, woman or religion/religious. Thank you  for reading. Your Beautiful thoughts would be my cherished memories and learnings.

I had a positive post ready to publish about women tittle  “story of a woman” and it starts as woman’s story is constantly changing and so on… now I am stuck with these crisis and thinking how to add or end that story watching women struggling somewhere in the world and where’s the woman’s story is changing??? And which way it’s going…

Dear God!

Million thoughts in mind
Swirling like a speed wind
With this unknown life's end
One question if dont Mind
If you are looking around

Why is a girl put on earth?
To be a productive machine?
Once grown as a lovely woman
To be a slave for someone??
Is she a property to be own?

Dear God!

Are you looking around??
Can you hear her cry??
Can you listen her prayer?
Million questions in mind
With muted voice of silence
Collide by the cruel aronist
Isn't she a power of your creation? Gifted life of she

Crashing down to earth
Forgetting to breath
With oceanic tears in eyes
Broken heart of feelings
In lose of lucid powers
Being pushed into an abyss

Dear God!

By your gracious blessings
Let her will, be your power
And Taliban's greatest fear
Heal her soul with justice
Her each breath has a faith
Her beautiful heart beneath
That you save her with care

With prayers 🙏

©️ Suma Reddy

Pic from Flickr (Pinterest)

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