There is a time

There’s a time for everything

There’s a time,

for each season, each reason

Each day, Sunday to Monday

Sunday is the time to rest over whole week’s rust

Life is the gift and becomes a test

Hearts are beating the worst

There is a time which is rough

There is a time which is tough

This is the time life is uncertain

This is the time life is in fear & pain

With COVID-19 keloid scars of strain

Human life is turning out to be twist

Dear human kind,

Mend your hearts to be kind

Let go of all the rich Egos

Look at the City’s chaos

People are seeking the help of choice

Live in the heart of needy and the God before you leave. Choose,

Swim across the sea of silence to find the help of choice

Situation is demanding the money instead of time, stretch out the helping hand if you can, for some if not many

This is very well known to all of us: “helping hands are better than praying lips”

Beloved ones of our very close family and friends are taking the last breath

Missing their last conversations & hugs

People can’t even see the one’s they love for at one last time, oh! God very sad and bad to know or hear about such cases in pain with no strenth to gain and rise again. Only pure hearts can be touched with the cause of good deed.

The current situation and lack of oxygen is also may be because of people who are ignoring the COVID-19 affect at intial stage and reaching hospitals at the last stage which ICU as must and leading to the sad circumstances.

Dear God whatever plans you have for the world or people are facing in their lives currently, we kneel down and pray onto you my lord, do not let us go out of your hands. Bless and heal the each struggling soul, grace is all your’s in the name of lord our God! Amen.

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you Suma.