Not sad not happy just in the cage of silence

COVID 19 is hitting the way too close and knocking every door to become a guest

Having a delightful dinner and enjoying the party with the people who invited with carelessness to their nest

Numbers are turning into names of our families and Friends making them fam

Beautiful faces behind the masks you are not an exception, because

Millions are roaming without masks

In the name of Devotion in the name of function in the name of politician in the name of religion and in the name of nationalism

People are asleep in one world and woking up in another world of hell or heaven based on the sins and repent. Suddenly the happiness is out of magic with all the mourning moments and faded faces

Covid is craving more and more roaring at night curfews, weekend lock downs and inching each step to fetch the fame to feed its forced love onto everyone equally with no difference of rich & poor, caste, color & creed and fame.

Only virtual meetings are becoming the weapons of love instead of visiting parents and Friends directly face to face. No tourism, no favoritism suddenly we realise that power, fame, money, beauty are worthless and can’t buy the oxygen when one starts fighting for the life.

Only humans are put in cages, while all other living beings are granted life by the God to live free enjoying the silent nature. When human life is on halt, the Earth is healing feeling it’s peace, the world is still living it’s life and is so beautiful.

The nature is dancing in romance with the sky while clouds pouring the rain fall to make it more beautiful. Wow what an amazing view and people’s unfortunate just are allowed to peep out of their windows and homes wherein the birds chirp, cuckoos singing sweet, green trees are waving their happy leaves, colorful flowers are smiling pure and the cattle grazing on the slope, The life of nature is awesomely mesmerizing beauty.

So the message to human kind is crisp and clear to remind “you are not necessary” the air, earth, water & sky without you are more fine and beautiful. When you come back, remember that you are not the master to rule the nature by polluting, spoiling just being selfish to enjoy your own fulfillments. “you are just a GUEST”.

My Garden of thoughts and feelings sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you Suma.