Pandemic-2 (Social Media)

I had written this post months ago and was in draft without publishing. Time has come now because I have nothing much in my mind to write something new. Hope you all go through it as Social media is always the hot topic now a days.

(Few fb) Men when a Woman is online at 12 am

I swear, we are facing two pandemics Corona and Stupidity. Kindly do not take me wrong as this may not be applicable or being addressed to all the gentle men out here on WP. This is in reference to especially my worst experience with ‘FB’.

Of course there are always good and bad things along with advantages and disadvantages, it totally depends on people how and which way they wanted to utilize the available smart technology. So I shouldn’t blame FB directly for my own mistake being accepted most of the requests without checking profiles or unknown requests.

Though it was without noticing just for the sake of followers which we wanted for one of the homechef’s web site which I was part of but had to disengage from my friends due to some personal reasons and did not wanted to stress out with multi tasks. Because this might damage everything all together when focus deviates from any of the other priorities of important things.

The consequences that were faced by me for the stupidity of mixing my personal profile with business purpose was really horrible.

Here’s the message: Best thing to do is not to mix professional and personal stuff together.

I have uninstalled the messenger to avoid the flow of messages and calls. And the worst experience of unwarranted contents and videos that were on messenger pushed me almost into hell of irritation to report every time to privacy dept. However such type of contents and groups were removed. I started filtering blocking and unfriending many of the unknown contacts but out of 5k max reach, it was not so easy.

Though I am not much active on these sites still guilty and unhappy to see my pure personal profile which was only contained of my limited friends and colleagues now being dumped with unwarranted. It’s really sad and very much bad experience for me. Just relaxing with no messenger and as usual not to be much active there which is waste of time since there is nothing much important to do with that app for now. I always mute myself from the things that annoys me and my peace.

Now that I am on WP and feel good, all are very genuine and professional in all terms. I feel very safe and secured, so much to learn from each blogger out here. Great experience that I got on WP. I am really happy and thankful to WordPress for providing such an amazing opportunity of networking and connecting with classy and knowledgeable professional writers from all over the world.

For all your good thoughts & kind hearts

Here’s the short summary of the blog!

Many people will come and go in life but the best ones always stay with us, like wise when our thoughts and intentions are good the non deliberate actions can be corrected.

Stay safe, stay positive !

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed in my thoughts. Thank you, Suma ✍❣