Did you stop Loving?

I was so madly Searching for this one, as this went missing from my published posts. Finally I found it in drafts and republishing it. I request all my old pals, please ignore this. Your contribution of reading and commenting already exists on this page and of course in my heart always. Thank you much ❤😍

No way!
You ask me to go away
Searching in secret way
I am not either by the way

We fly, we spy, we cry
search each other in the sky
Loving in the heaven high
With never ending good bye

We behold in our hearts
Fate is, can't have in arms
Pouring love through poems
In my Garden out of homes
With pretty much hopes

To know whether we really stop loving!

You see me on WordPress
With sad thoughts supress
Painfull feelings distress
When love & hate crashes
It's an emotional stress

God must be noticing!

When you go on mute
I please you from my heart
Pain comes to be more hurt,
As you come back as my Poet


I love you Suma
I'm in love with you Suma
you are my Quotes
you are my poems
you are my prose
you are my books
you are my hopes, wishes, and dreams
Suma,you are my fantasy
Suma,you are my imagination
Suma,you are my reality

Me: vice versa but I can't ever beat your love baby

I fell in love with a writer and a Poet, will my love or I, would ever die? Never.

Vice versa!


Poetry has it's own Country- Van Prince

Love has an eccentric entry into every Country- Suma Reddy

"Our hearts are together forever" my dear lover!

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you. Suma ✍❣