The Devotional Mind!

When we become aware that we are pilgriming to any specific devotional place or a Temple, we will be able to control our mind muting it to be quiet and our soul starts speaking that’s what the strength of “GOD”. With the grace and glory of God there’s some one who is making my day and my inner heart healing. Thanking God for that! 🥰

Ofcourse our minds are programmed by our parents or elders in such a way since we born and grown up, that we need a specific place called the house of God for prayer thoughts. Every house does set to have the God’s home too. We have 84600 secs/day are we scheduling at least few seconds to “thank God for?

May be few or most of all. For sure the almighty must have scheduled some plans for us irrespective of our prayers either bad or good. If something that you feel is bad definitely when time comes there’s going to be something better than before you going to be blessed. If something very good that happened I am sure you must have faced some struggles earlier.

We must be tested by God to know the difference between the dark and light one who believe God’s existence would definitively believe this. There may be few who believe God but not Prayers.

Conclusion: If you believe or trust one among these two either God or Prayer, your heart by default follows the other. That’s the God’s creation.

Morning Vibes!

Everyday and every moment is a new journey for all of us right? Whatever the destination or goal is, it must begin with a single step that we put forward isn’t it? So wishing you all a great and successful day ahead. 🥰 You lazy! still on the bed? Get up get up! Have a […]

Morning Vibes!


Ganapati Bappa’s Festival celebration

Festivals and Celebrations bring all the family members and friends together with greatness of joy, happiness and bonding. World has so many countries and each country has their own Unique festivals but “India” is the cradle for many colorful and cultural festivals to represent each religion and region.

Here’s one among the Grand Festivals, “Ganesh Chaturti” which is celebrated across the Country in honour of Lord Ganesha on his birth anniversary. It’s fun filled as well as devotional celebration of 11 days. There would be bundle of essays if we Google about this Festival hence I am keeping it short and sweet.

I would like to mention one among the many communities or societies the way the celebration happens in many places in the country, especially in most parts of Maharashtra and Mumbai. This story credit goes to ‘CIDCO’ community or association members of “Navi Mumbai” as the below pics were clicked while our office staff was invited on the 11th day (Ganesh Visarjan) to offer “Pooja” and take blessings of Bappa and were provided with delicious food.

Of course there’s no festival or celebration that will conclude without a meal, snacks or delicacies, that’s why the blog header was choosen to denote the meaning of “Festivities & Foods” refer my FB page with the same name and join the Community to enjoy our shared Memories and Moments.

Thank you!

Ganesh Chaturthi _ Bappa Morya
Colleagues _ Masti

Here’s my smaller start, see you all with next blog.