India 🇮🇳 (my 100th post)

My country is a cradle!

I wrote this on 15th August 2022 but couldn’t publish. Since this is my 100th post I am dedicatedly publishing this post with few pictures of our farm to beautify your views and visiting 🥰

My Country is a cradle
Like a mother's cuddle
Protects every Culture,
Prospects of tri-colour
Awes a blooming flower

Waves of the Flying flag
Feathers of the white pigeon,
Inspires the birds to sing
And the  trees to Dance

Bharath Matha's patience
Her silence over the violence,
Inspires the poor to roar
And the rich to promise,
To replace the power, with
The peace and togetherness

Mother India, whispers to all
From bottom of her heart & soul,
Dear Indian, irrespective of rich & poor
Ensure to be the enriched human
Respect each other as a person

Multiple cultures of my Country
Followed by every Gully (street) to Delhi
Are well known to the World
And inspire many to celebrate
Our Indian culture & tradition
We always shine as an Indian

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy 2022

Sweetie Juicy  Sugarcane
The form of Tomatoes
Mesmarizing view of the cloudy Sky
Beautiful Banana and Coconut Tree 🌴

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Suma Reddy ✍❣

Just a Wish

My quotes from Your read and share your thoughts if you like. Thank you 😇

Just a wish which is always alive
Clashes among the sadness&happiness
May not elapse like the light&darkness
I surrender to the plans of God
Which will work better than mine
And make me comfortable and shine Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

Just a Wish which is always alive

Nothing comes as a plug-in in life,
So enable your mind and change the settings to turn your efforts into results Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

Life isn’t a Plug-in

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you. Suma Reddy ❣✍

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

My dear sweetest friends, I am here after months with Bappa’s Blessings to wish you all a ” Happy Ganesh Chaturthi”. Bappa’s Blessings be with you always. Enjoy the Festivities and Takes care. Few thoughts knocked my mind when I was reading the below news from one of the news channels. So, just passing the message, “Aamchi Mumbai” People are more self sufficient to be decent and follow all the guidelines appropriately. Rest everything is taken care and controlled by Lord Ganesha (Ganpati Bappa Morya).💛 🙏🙏🙏

I indirectly mean to say that Govt can spend such big proof of funds for other priority needs of the public.

Due to US shift timings I am not able to focus here much. I will try to write and visit you all whenever is possible. Mostly I will have to schedule my week off days to be connected here. Often I just go through all of your notifications but couldn’t respond and Comment on your lovely writings. Hopefully see you all frequently if not every day. Thanks for your time if you visit my page.

Pic credit Pinterest

Ahead of the 10-day Ganesh festival starting Wednesday, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has made 188 control rooms at the 24 administrative wards operational in case of emergencies during the celebrations.

Approximately 10,000 civic employees have also been directed to be alert during the festival. The festival will end on September 9. Immersions will take place on September 1, September 4, September 6, and September 9.

There will also be 188 first aid centres, and 83 ambulances equipped with medical supplies at crowded immersion sites, along with 786 lifeguards, BMC said in a statement on Tuesday. At natural immersion sites across the city such as the beaches, 45 motor boats and 39 german rafts have been deployed by the civic body, and steel plates have been made available for immersion of large idols.

For immersions, 211 reception rooms have been set up at the sites to receive idols, and 3,069 flood lights and 71 searchlights have been placed. At locations where observation towers are needed, such as Girgaum, Dadar, and Juhu Chowpatty, 48 observation towers have been installed.

Free from the Prison!

A big hai…😇💖 to all the  lovely and amazing friends out there. Hope all are doing great. Each of you were missed badly but in thoughts alway…. my special love n respect to those who anticipate my presence on WP. I am almost settled with few of the set Goals achieved. Thanks alot for all the wishes and beautiful blessings. I need all of your support to be back here ‘coz I really feel lost and hardly trying to bring back my thoughts and feelings…..✍

I was prisoned in a poisonous pain
Stucked and stumbled to rise again
Looking through the windows of hope
Searching for the possible scope
Walking until the light comes up

I accept every situation as a gift
As life taught me to never quit
Rewinding thoughts at silent night
With the companion of Stars & tears
As heart pushes emotions into eyes

I have, what I hold and behold
Flying & dying, doing and moving
Less rewards and more regrets
As patience makes me to prove
And troubles help me to improve

To live, I walk away in silence
Leaving everything into spaces
Trying to fill the gaps of past
Sweeter feelings of shattered heart
The weapon is only a faded Smile

Just a wish which is always alive
Clashes among the sadness&happiness
May not elapse like light&darkness
I surrender to the plans of God
Which will work better than mine
And make me comfortable and shine

"Thorns would never stop the Flower from blooming"

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you. Suma ❣✍
This softly blossomed beautiful ‘Rose’ is from our small Garden of form land. Thorns can ever stop the Flower from blooming?

A Short Note!

Hi everyone. Hope all of you are doing well and staying safe. Am I back within the said time??🤔🤔🤔 Exactly 💯 I wrote my post of ” Miss You” on 2nd Sep’21 and Magically I was about to publish this post on 2nd Dec’21 with miraculous blessings of God as my efforts turned into results. Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and the Lord Jesus may bless and care all of us, let’s pray and share the word of God with good and kind hearts. Amen 💖🙏🙏

My heartfelt thanks to all my special friends who kept me in their prayers and wished me heartfully for my silent days, strict goals with tearful prayers. Whatever I received, it’s only because of God’s blessings and his plans of planting me where he wished I sh/be… strong belief out of many miserable situations in life, whenever something good happens I would first recollect the moments of tough time that I had travelled through in past life 🙏 ✨

It was really difficult to concentrate on my goal and life without writing. So during this break from WP, I started writing quotes on different platform and it truly gave me a great relief to sustain the stress and hard times. Here are few of my Quotes which are situational thoughts I expressed through the little gift of writing ✍ I wish to know your thoughts on these quotes as I found no WordPress friends there. I am not mentioning what exactly the outcome of my efforts and break but surely in future posts. I may try to be consistent on WP ftom Feb’22. Thank you all for taking your time to visit and wish me good all the time. Take care n missed you all very much.

Awesome “Bay decoration” by my team
My best Christmas click ever from 2019, one of the Malls in MUM
One of the school churches MUM, I used to visit every Christmas from last 5 yrs. This year I am somewhere else searching to find the best place to feel my inner peace with my tears of prayers and thanks to the Lord Jesus, I must be blessed Amen ❣🙏

Under the moonlit sky When we were in Christmas joy
You lift me up high
I blush in shy
Stars pass by
Wishing us hai hai…

My 3 line December poem This day of December
The birth month of Lord Jesus
Delighted with the moments of miracles

When you feel lost:
Just trust yourself and
Stick to your own instincts
Wispering the word of God

God knows everything, he watches, he hears, he protects us when we fold our hands of prayers thanking for what we are blessed with, before seeking what we desire

Dear Life!
You made me cry in most chapter’s of my journey, I am not sure either it’s for your fun or to teach me a lesson but I haven’t learn much except being kind to myself and move on to the path you shown through the thornful pains and heavy feelings….

Note: I am unable to upload actual YQ quotes here due to some error

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you, Suma ❣✍

Miss You!

Hi everyone, hope all of you are doing well and staying safe. This is to notify that I may take a complete break or may not be able to write so frequently for 2 to 3 months as I have couple of plans in place regarding my professional career which needs my full-fledged time and focus.

However I would try to read your writings as much as possible but please do not mind in case if I miss to leave comments on any of your posts. I am sure gonna miss all of you my sweet friends, especially my cute little Doll “IMRANA”. Until we meet again bye bye and take care 😇 ❤

I am writing down this poem
Dropping my heavy feelings
Triggered by your thoughts
Feeling your precious love

You became my fresh Air
My each breath inhales you
But I suffocate breathing
Not sure of hell or heaven

My heart feels you as heaven
Pushing me into deep emotion
And to unknown destination
Putting me in a confusion

Your thoughts are ruling me
Forcing to walk in your way
I enjoy this lonely journey
In the universe of you & me

Realizing, I can't avoid you
Your thoughts won't leave me
I keep traveling with them
In the path of thorns&flowers

Believing my sincere silence
I solace in God's presence
Seeking his love & blessings
Thankful for pain and gain
Making me close to the God
True essence of existence

Will this break really break the anchored thoughts of you in my head?? Never 'coz those are triggered by my ❤

Miss you but never miss to think of you or see you again if I am ......

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy, all rights reserved.

Miss you but never miss to think of you or see you again if I am alive.

(pic credit Pinterest)

My Garden of thoughts and feelings sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you. Suma Reddy ✍❣

Love is a life force

The palace of love birds
Built with the soft Grass
With virtuous wishes
Most sweet moments
And fearless dreams

Flying above the clouds
Beautiful waves of wings
Hums of soulful chirps
Hoping for good times
To have cute nestlings

As sweet moments pass
Among binds and fondness
Painting the pretty nest
High upon the willow tree
Near a little water stream

Never thought of a storm
Sudden warns of weather
Learning of life's forces
Swimming in a sea of tears
Soaring through the winds

Sluicing with all new hopes
In the path of togetherness
Two hearts inclined as one
Restoring the lost dreams
Singing with sweet voices

No struggles or storms can destroy the power of love.

©️ Suma Reddy all rights reserved.

No struggles or storms can destroy the power of love (pic credit Pinterest)

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you ✍❣

Q and A

This is written in response to Raksha 

Rules: You can skip any question but last one is a compulsion coz i wanna spread a bit happiness through you amazing bloggers. Mention me and this post in your answer. Just enjoy and take it as fun.

Here are some questions that I was asked and my answers:

1. What is the best blogging tip that you can give me?

After reading your recent works I am truly inspired, you are really doing  great. I actually have no tips in mind right now and I am not an expert too dear one. Still I would suggest keep writing consistently whenever you get time and whatever your thoughts trigger to pendown.

2. The best life lesson that you have learnt?

How can I choose only one when there are many but the best one, every one takes the silence and decency for granted but that shouldn’t change our true self.

3. How many years back you wrote your first blog and how you find it now?

Almost an year back,  I guess in September/October 2020. It’s entirely shift of unpredictable change. Loads of learnings with the knowledge of zero earnings, just for fun but the fact. 😅

4. Are you a student or professional?

I was a student of course 😉 currently a working  professional with 10 years of career which always makes me feel proud and happy to share. Prior to that I worked as a teacher for 1 year in the same high school where I was a student. My immense pleasure to answer this question. Thank you much.

5. Can you share something hilarious?😂😂(Because I want to laugh with others)

Horrible experience of stucking in the lift and making fun of those hell  moments on each one’s expressions once we are out safely. It happened 3 times with me ( visited the hell and was hard to bring the breath back). Really not a joke until we were out especially in Gvt departmental towers or buildings.

Recent incident of the same, we got stucked in a lift when we visted an SBI and we couldn’t show or screem that it has stopped because one old man was along with us in the lift so, thinking that he may get panic, we were just trying to ring the bell tried the ph but nothing worked. We started sweating and shivering and the old man was happy saying ” abi e lift uper jayegi na” (now this lift will go up right) we were laughing a lot once we were out of the lift safely, saying “lift nahi hum log Jaanewale the uper with free ticket” (not the lift, we were supposed to go up permanently).

After 10 min with no response from anyone we tried to pull it with fingers and you know what?? It got opened just like sensar so easily. Surprisingly a security was standing outside, when we asked him about, his response was his duty is only to look after an ATM and to check with  bank security or manager upstairs. That’s where our lives are being in a society with no humanity, warranty or guaranty. Any time anything can happen. So let’s not feed our hearts with negativity or hate. Live this short life with sweet smiles and happy laughs whenever is possible and spread the same to those who needed. Kindness costs ‘0’ currency as we all know this and nothing new I created.

Here it ends. Thanks for asking such amazing questions Raksha it was fun answering them. Hope you like it.

MY QUESTIONS WOULD BE SAME AS I ANSWERED ABOVE IF ANYONE WANTED TO PARTICIPATE: Hope you enjoyed reading my answers. I know many of you don’t find it feasible to participate or accept these requests, hence I am not mentioning any names here but all of you can pick any of the questions and mention your answers in the comment section if you feel to but no compulsion. Thanks once again for reading ❤🥰

My Garden of thoughts and feelings sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you. Suma ✍❣

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy.

Oceanic Waves

Each day and night
My heart in silence
Knowing our distance
Still creates nuesence

Searching in every flower
Looking in every corner
Counting in every star
Wanting you forever more

Floating in oceanic weaves
Traveling by rise and falls
Moving towards the cruise
Finding our fonding memories


One beautiful evening
Sun was lightly shining
The sea view was mesmarizing
Cold breeze & crazy feelings

In your arms of warm room
I rest on your chest calm
The moment of sweet time
Magical music of your heart
It was my pleasant comfort

Touching my wet eye lashes
My fingers wiping the tears
Realized the scene of dreams
Recollecting the experiences
Mad heart, embraces pain too

Life is a cell with mixed emotions of thornful pains and heavenly feelings.

©️ Suma Reddy

Life is a cell with mixed emotions of thornful pains and heavenly feelings (pic: pinterest)

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you ✍❣

Beautiful faces behind the mask

This Poem is a thought out of the current crisis  in Afganistan and Emphasizing the Women’s democratic rights being faded away.  Of course there are many women in every Country almost, who are struggling just wearing a mask of faded smile and living in silence as their voices  been muted by discriminated laws with forced cultures and weird customs by the society, families or dominant men for many reasons. These are my own feelings and opinions based on the observations or experiences and not to hurt or disrespect any of the basic and common culture of being a man, woman or religion/religious. Thank you  for reading. Your Beautiful thoughts would be my cherished memories and learnings.

I had a positive post ready to publish about women tittle  “story of a woman” and it starts as woman’s story is constantly changing and so on… now I am stuck with these crisis and thinking how to add or end that story watching women struggling somewhere in the world and where’s the woman’s story is changing??? And which way it’s going…

Dear God!

Million thoughts in mind
Swirling like a speed wind
With this unknown life's end
One question if dont Mind
If you are looking around

Why is a girl put on earth?
To be a productive machine?
Once grown as a lovely woman
To be a slave for someone??
Is she a property to be own?

Dear God!

Are you looking around??
Can you hear her cry??
Can you listen her prayer?
Million questions in mind
With muted voice of silence
Collide by the cruel aronist
Isn't she a power of your creation? Gifted life of she

Crashing down to earth
Forgetting to breath
With oceanic tears in eyes
Broken heart of feelings
In lose of lucid powers
Being pushed into an abyss

Dear God!

By your gracious blessings
Let her will, be your power
And Taliban's greatest fear
Heal her soul with justice
Her each breath has a faith
Her beautiful heart beneath
That you save her with care

With prayers 🙏

©️ Suma Reddy

Pic from Flickr (Pinterest)

My Garden of thoughts and feelings sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you ✍❣