A Letter to him

Something haunts her, may anytime, anything can happen. So, I am here to say something.

He:Love, Just for few moments
your obsence gave me heart attack.

Called numerous times. There was no response.
My thoughts feared me that
something bad happened to you.

She: What if I die suddenly then?

He:I can’t imagine life without you now.
I will kill you if you die before me.

She:Vice versa. If God made us for each other, he must take us together.

My baby, listen….
you can think of that
only in two situations.

1. In case if something happens
suddenly to my ph that’s lost,
broken or any mishaps

2. If I die suddenly,
which may stop me from
responding to you as no one
can provide you that news to you.

Remember these two points.

I was about to tell you this
long time ago but now
situation has demanded.
So telling you. Never forget.

Many precious letters are pending in drafts, wishing to craft them and correct for publishing but mind is empty with many unspoken hurts of life for now. Just living in the peace of your thoughts and feelings.

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

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