Kids are Creative

Kids are creative, they do trigger strong emotions and make us smile, laugh and cry . They bring lot of joy and changes to our lives. Isn’t it? We can even learn from them when we spend quality time while we teach them what is good to go or what needs to be avoided. When I say about teaching they learn more “from what we are and not from what we teach” so there is going to be a re-action for each action that we do in front of them.

we can even test our “brain of application” when these little techies create ‘Masti’ ( ruckus/noisy) some times. We need to troubleshoot our heated minds to control them by testing that how much patience we have for an instance. Ha ha ! 🥰

Amongst all the above mentioned, what a previlege and blessing to be a parent! The feel purely gives the devotional strength to believe God’s existence. Who don’t believe or trust that God is the glorious creator? A woman’s heart must be very close to God that a man should chase him to find her as a blessing.

Motherhood is a precious blessing but the hard one too. Some days, I myself struggle to be a moma that I should be or I wanted to be because being a working woman with no backup at home is the stress I get through. By graciously, my sweet heart (my hubby) helps me and takes care of her more than me. She has turned 3 in Jul’20 and making me to think matured, more wise and to be patient with all her Masti and the zeal to learn and do new things every time.

Here you all can see her and her creativity! 🥰

My Crazy Kid _ My world

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