Born to Bloom

Life is to live and move forward wherever it plants us. We need to grow through with what we go through. Though life seemed draining in 2020 due to the Covid Pandanic, I thank God for protecting us with all his blessings and bringing the life to normality. For me the year is boom and bloom as I was able to manage my job at home safely taking care of my 2 year old Kid. I have gained the strength from the pain while I was missing my Kid during work at office. I strongly believe it’s all Glory of the God!

Adeleke Adeite

They buried us in unmarked graves,
We turned the graves into gardens.
We are not dead slaves
but sacred seeds buried to bloom.

We were thrown into the fire
but we came out with sparkles.
We are not a complete wreckage
but nascent gems with crinkles.

We were pressed and crushed,
we bled and became exotic wine.
Painful processes we endure
knowing that we were born to bloom.

A lot of things seem to have drained life out of many people this year: pandemic, protests, politics, police brutality, loses, looting, lockdown, mental health challenges, fear of failure, fear of success and other strange storms that featured in this movie called 2020.

I have a feeling that a lot of people have given up on the year already. However, there is another group of l people who believe that 2020 is their year of boom, bloom, bliss and boon. My friends…

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