Did you ever apologize your kid?

My cutie pie’s new born 👣

I do apologize my kid almost every day. It’s necessarily not that I hurt and yell at her every time but to make her understand the feeling of being sorry and forgiveness. whenever I look in to her eyes and glance at her cute, innocent face. I would pamper and ask her to hug me tight. The moment  she does it, I feel like my wings got opened and would reach god to thank for the gracious gift that I am blessed with. Her tiny hands around  really makes me feel good and stressfree. It’s a boundless joy!

This will give me a chance to calm down myself, get the peace to identify the triggers that causes my mind to yell at her which makes the situation worst and not better at all. Yet, it takes place sometimes when I get into extreme stress but I would realize it when she tunes back, my face flushes with shame and I would remain silent saying ” I am Sorry”.

Sometimes I recall and hate the angry Mom within me realizing my blunder behavior. I am well aware of the things that make me mad enough to yell at. I am trying to identify the hotspots that give me peace so that I can calm down myself and work on to improve. When I share my guilty feelings with my husband, tears would sprang into my eyes and question me why do I allow my temper to be dominant over my love and caring response to the little one. Writing these lines is really causing more pain but someone might have something to take away while they get time to read this.

Children will never listen to what we try to teach but they are always very good to imitate us, so we need to be very careful while we handle them. “There’s always a re-action for each action that we do” in front of Kids. We should always focus on what they need to do instead of what they need to stop. That would be a teachable moment at the tough parenting situation to turn into a chance to improve ourselves to build a strong relationship with our kids and help them learn life skills.

Kids will model the behavior they see, I have noticed it on my own child. We all know this life will not allow always the choices or the way we want. We just have to accept the way it is. In the same way let us accept our kids too for a while the way they are and what they wanted to mess up with but extending it for more time is not at all a good idea especially in public places.

So take a deep breath and acknowledge then and there with queit affirmation that they need to avoid being stubborn and listen to us. Make them understand with calm and cool voice, no matter how good or bad parents that we are going to be but kids will always make their own choices but being a parent it’s our responsibility to be aware of the influence that they will have in life. So we will affect them by being both good and bad parenting skills keeping the balance in mind.

To build an emotional bond with our kids, we should always keep healthy communications as we know how it affects their emotional and mental health. Sometimes they miss that emotional touch from parents in current busy lifestyle. We are the one who needs to identify that and pay attention to emphasize their needs apart from food and plays up to certain age.

Sometimes we may not find answer to whether we are parenting right, that’s ok. As long as we know that we are holding our little ones in our hearts and have to be careful, God will definitely look after the rest if you believe in him. “God will never give up on a Child neither we should be” ….✍

Thank you a for your valuable time to visit and read this through. Have a lovely time! 🥰

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