The “Truth” is

We always love the things we can’t get in our lives by just accepting to be “Okay”

I know I won’t get it, that’s Okay

I know it hurts, that’s Okay

I know it feels heavy, that’s Okay

I suffocate breathing you, that’s Okay

I converse in my silence, that’s Okay

I convince my thoughts, that’s Okay

Just to be okay, the “truth” is

There’s a lie There’s a truth,

There’s a life there’s a death,

There’s a love there’s a hate,

There’s a good there’s a bad,

There’s a cruel there’s a kind,

There’s a pain there’s a gain,

Life is a game we loose and learn

Winners do gain a pain over the win

There’s a wish of bliss which needed the God’s bless,

Dear God, your grace is always mine

Bless me with the one who understands the deepest meaning behind the word of being “Okay” by the situation, I know very well that’s myself and none other can understand. Bless me to live my life the way you plan and you may hedge a protection around me. Thank you.

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you, Suma.

100 thoughts on “The “Truth” is

  1. The dichotomy of life; pros and cons, some elation but pain to counter it! Mother would say often to her children; β€œLife isn’t just a bowl of cherries, because there are many pits in them too.” I learned from way back then that father was right as well, when he said; β€œyou have to learn to take the good with the bad in life!” But most important was mother’s insistence on remembering this prayer and saying it to Jesus and God often, especially when facing difficulty taking it seriously and living by it!

    β€œTrust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

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    1. Awesome life experiences, yes good n bad is common in every one’s life. Thank you very much for reading n sharing your valuable & precious thoughts dear Lawrence. Yes God shall show and direct in the right path to those who trust him n pray always. Amen.

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      1. Thank you Dear Suma you are so β€œgenerous and kind!” I appreciate the gesture very much in this case and you strike me genuinely, with such β€œsincerity and understanding!” Your thoughts are certainly no less precious and deserve God’s recognition for being so!

        I’m sure God does show you and direct your paths because you’re so right; about sincerely praying to God always brings forth answers as well as the strength to carry on! Amen.

        Thank you and God bless!

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      2. Thanks a ton for your supportive n positive words dear friend. Your wishes n blessings means more than precious to me right now. I strongly trust the God n his plans, he surely assures me to show n guide me towards the right path, he protects me under his arms in every situation. Nothing beats being trustful to the God almighty. Once again thank you very much. Amen. Some times sad smiles are so sweeter πŸ™‚πŸ™

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      3. Yes to all you said; and sometimes sad smiles are the actual real genuine ones, as the heart speaks more sincerely then! Like some people say to others; β€œwhy don’t you get real!” So many people are good at making fake smiles and playing games or even being deceptive! Be who God made you to be, always seeking to reflect His presence in you, live by His way; and not the fake or phony β€œways of the world” in order to attain real happiness!
        Thank you very much again also for pointing out the things that you do; and you are always welcome as a dear friend too!
        God bless you Suma! β­πŸ™πŸ•ŠβœοΈπŸ•ŠπŸ™πŸŒŸ

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      4. Wow Lawrence, I loved each of your words there. Yes it’s always me who I am n never compared to any. I feel you as God sent for my current situation n breathing some relaxation. I am no fake n game player but in a situation to prove it for someone’s distrust after heartfelt efforts of proving me enough. And its truly the tough time to bare this pain trust me, my heart is bleeding tears thinking of those words used onto me. I feel that am sharing all my words with God n not you. Please keep me in your prayers. Definitely I would praise his glorious name here once that’s done with God’s grace. Very greatful to you for all the blessings n your valuable time, so precious πŸ™ πŸ™Œ πŸ’–

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      5. Suma you are very welcome and I will keep you in my prayers; hoping that your situation will improve very soon! Our world is full of problems and great sadness being fallen and physically separated from God Almighty; this is why we must remain vigilant, always maintaining our direct connection to Him though Jesus Christ who sends the Comforter to console and lead us along our paths to eventual peace and righteousness in the presence of God.

        Suma, Praise the Lord! Thank you for what you have said here as well; our God does work in mysterious ways and His Holy Spirit is evident in our lives daily if we are in communion with him through Jesus Christ, He tells us I will send the Comforter who is the Holy Spirit of God! Thank you for your showing of good faith and service to our Lord Jesus!

        May you Suma be in God’s good graces now and forever, I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

        Suma this following Holy Scripture came to my mind while reading your words today so I think this will assuredly help you through this challenging time for you.
        When Jesus was explaining to His faithful Apostles how He would be leaving them just before His taking up of the cross for mankind’s Salvation, that it wouldn’t be a problem; as they would still be in communion thereafter even though Jesus would not be physically on earth.

        25 β€œAll this I have spoken to you while I am still with you. 26But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have told you. 27Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled; do not be afraid”.… John 14:25, 26, 27

        The one thing that gives us the greatest hope and ability to carry on is our faith in God through His Son by the glorious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

        Keep me informed of your progress and feel free to share your thoughts further, here or email too.
        God bless you. β­πŸ™πŸ•ŠβœοΈπŸ•ŠπŸ™πŸŒŸ

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      6. Hey Lawrence, Praise the Lord my friend. Some times God creates such situations to remind us to be closer to him by paying heartfelt prayers.

        This Sunday a special day of prayers, I would like to lift his name up n glorify him from my heart to testify that my situation has improved n my heart is healing with the grace of my God, the Lord of Lords n King of Kings. Thanks so much for your precious, priceless prayers and blessings for me .

        I have strong faith in my Lord Jesus and have countless testimonials of his grace n blessings. I know I would even succeed 100% in my current situation. Once again thanks a ton for all your positive support. Hope you have a great weekend n happy Sunday. In the name of Lord Jesus. Amen. πŸ™ 😊 πŸ’–

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      7. Hi Suma! You spoke so perfectly here to our purpose for being born to begin with, and we are living testimony of our Lord’s greatness and infinite love! I’m very happy to hear of your sudden blessing of improvement and peace!

        I just finished writing and published this new article just a moment ago before seeing this message from you; and I know you will find it interesting and helpful! I’m sure of it because God spoke that thought in my heart just now when I read your words; and this in particular jumped out like a leopard as a signal, β€œOnce again thanks a ton for all your positive support!” Here is a line in my article that you can’t tell me there isn’t a correlation here, β€œThank you for putting all these connections that matter together because you brought forward what that good virtuous man like a β€œDavid” himself said to me long ago; and now all these years later it hit me like β€œa ton of bricks” and made me cry with a joy in my heart; that God is sayings, β€œI’m always here just believe!”

        Now isn’t that so special how God is connecting us in His own special way to gain, insight, and wisdom while most assuredly providing His infinitely loving support! He helped you already by our prayers and He helped me today to focus and adjust so I can continue to work at improving!

        I hope the weekend is happy and more glorious for you than anticipated as it seems to be; I’m picturing that you are very happy and healthy in all regards!
        God bless you in the Holy name of Jesus our Lord and Savior! Amen.πŸ™ 😊 πŸ’–

        Here is the link in case you hadn’t seen the notice yet.

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      8. I am so glad and happy Lawrence, I am truly greatful for you for taking your precious time out writing, praying and praising the Lord on my behalf. All your efforts and prayers are unforgettable πŸ™ loads of thanks. My knowledge is very little compared to your vast knowledge of Prayers and Prasing the Lord Jesus. Reading your words of worship, I am being resonated to keep up my prayers onto the Lord in every situation. Amen.

        I would definitely visit the link you shared, I am yet to check. Yah! My weekend was quiet okay, cool n calm. Thank you once again πŸ™‚πŸ’–

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      9. Hello again Suma! This is very good to hear how you are well and happy! To be a part of God’s plan or will like this having such good effect even in the smallest of ways is a great achievement, but it is especially rewarding and touching in the heart when it obviously is really making a difference in someone’s life where there was difficulty and now relief!
        I feel like doing that for you and anyone that God instructs me to is a way of showing thanks for all the help I received in my times of despair or serious trouble!

        Your knowledge of Prayer and Praising the Lord is quite inspiring, which is also growing, and that’s beautiful and what really matters; you are engaged with the Eternal all-knowing and all Loving Almighty through Jesus Christ, and whatever you need to learn or know the Holy Ghost the Comforter will provide as the circumstances require! Stay strong in your faith and that will maintain your safe passage along your path with the Lord leading you along it; doing the will of the Almighty!

        I must thank you for your remarkable insights and perceptions; and always remember, God gave females a special women’s intuition partly because; most of them become Mother’s or provide hat type of council to others, and that is a very important and so special role for them in God’s plan for us! If women would actually attune more to their true feminine gifts and act in accordance with God’s plan they can shine like stars in the heavens and provide great richness of wisdom and love that produces the strongest foundation from which new lives develop and grow from building into their future; primarily because of this nurturing power and influence that good women infuse in the lives around them!

        I’m very happy your weekend was calm and cool; making a peace and quiet surround you, giving you rest with new confidence! πŸ™‚πŸ’–

        I will look for your continued happiness and I Pray to our Lord Jesus to please give Suma all the good she needs and deserves; for this I pray! Amen.


    1. You must allow me to tell you the honor behind the name of “Mildred”.
      My Prince, yes you heard it right I belong only to him forever so he’s purely mine. Though he is still a little boy in his mother’s heart he is grown up so matured and ardently admired her name to be as his blog name to honour his pure love onto his Mom. So my Prince is very precious, pure n charming. The Prince called Mr Van forever my Man. So let’s not try to separate Prince from Mildred. So the name always sh/be hounered & respected as “MildredPrince”. Thank you.


    2. Suma has explained to you ‘what time it is’
      and it’s nodisrespect to you, and it is what it is,
      and the only thing you did not wrong but nowhere near right
      is you thought you could have a an *Indian Queen” who love’s
      a *Prince**Van*
      Know that I am never jealous
      but I am couragerous!

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    1. Yah! a woman must know herself n her knowledge is the self Empowerment. I am the one among n you are the best among this scenario. Thank you very much for the valuable comment dear Michele πŸ™‚πŸ’–πŸ‘

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      1. Knowledge that can take a lifetime to learn, it seems. I suppose that keeps life interesting and can keep us open and humble. Health and happiness to you, lovely lady. πŸ’

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      1. Ask Suma why it is not only my concern, but she belongs to not you but me for life, and I bet you a millilon dollars to the hole-in-the-doughnut you don’t have the power nor the talent to have her as your woman. ha!ha!

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    1. Learn this lesson: when you are from real-to-surreal with talent attached,
      you never come indiretly at awomam, you go direct at her, a woman
      knows men intentions, and in the future playa when you want a certain woman
      let her know. I sent for Suma, she answered the call. Return to the learning board
      and educate yourself on how strong women are and never underestimate them.
      You appear to be a decent young gentleman, and never challenge me
      because I am a miracle, an innovation foreign to you.
      A hint to the efficient
      suppose to be suffient-

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      1. utahan15 young or old don’t neccessarily have nothing to do with age,
        but everything to do with experience and observation=never hate knowledge
        but hate your treachers,tutors, and prechers who taught you the wrong knowledge=you are a sore loser!

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    2. Mr. utahan15*&* Summa’s response shows she in some way felt that-which you conveyed *&* any man who can think knew she was feeling it or she could have did it out of her anger to me, but whatever it was or wasn’t I can’t blame you for being a man and try to catch a beaitiful woman as Summa, and she possess the 3bs (body, beauty, and brains), and your followers, friends, and fans here need not poke fun at you because you no doubt boasted about you would capture Suma,and this in their opinion decrease your bragging about you that playa, but comimg up against me is too big for you at this stage of the game=step out their and capture you one of these solar super star ‘looking-for-a-boss-playa here thgat will fuck your brains out and serve you!

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    1. Yah! Life is that if we accept to be okay leaving or letting go of things. But I don’t accept n fight back with God for what I want n deserve. Thank you very much for your time in reading n commenting friend πŸ™‚ πŸ’–


      1. There is never a fight with God I think, it’s all about time when the reasons get uncovered for the things happening around to which make us feel bad like we don’t deserve this,,,but God has greater plan always

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      2. You are right, but I do n human do fight becoming a stubborn child onto God seeking n praying for the best wishes to happen some times. Of course all our prayers apart God is always great n plan the things in his own way to let us know the reason to believe n pray him. πŸ™‚


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