Star Babies!

On this lovely Morning an alarm with no noice that is “Cold and Breezy air” woke me up today little early than every day. With the feel of freshness and weekday therapy, a reel of “Star Babies” beeped up in my mind when I glanced at my sleeping Star (my kid) who named a beautiful Strawberries as ‘Star Babies’ what a sweetest name for the cutest fruit! Kids are Creative isn’t it? 🤗❣🥰

As we all know how all the little ones try pronouncing while they wanted to speak out their mind and thoughts to touch our hearts and melt us into the stream of feelings that the universe in our eyes and the world is in our arms. Dedicated to all the lovely parents of cute little straberry kids out there! 🥰

Dear ones, hope you all like this little cute story of ‘Star Babies’ and you may have this week as sweet as Strawberries! Stay safe and happy 🥰🙂🍓🍓🍓🍓 🍓🍓