Tears of Prayers

Dear Tears!

I am never tired 'coz
When my time is hard
You are my word
You are my sword
I always reward

When I am afraid
And thoughts sacred
With prayers to God
You are my guard
Who feels equally bad
Sharing all my odds

When I am silent
In some sad moment
Under the dim light
At exact mid night
Painting my heart
With pain deepest
You are so clement

My life never taught
To end up just crying
I will keep it trying
Until I will be getting
By rising up remembering

To listen to my voice
Controlling emotions
Lifting myself at times
From the covered face
Out of both the palms
Knowing no one cares
Wiping streaming tears

My pillow knows me well
How I dwell in the well
Of tears and never yell
At, tears are valuable
I myself have it all
I myself make to be cool
As life isn't a reel
I must be practical

Rinsing the sad face
With pearls of tears
Under the morning rays
A new day of God's grace
With tears of prayers
Being in my own space
All set for the new race

Life is a game
never fail to practice if you choose to win.

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

Dear woman, Rinse your dark night tears under the morning rays and find out the new path to your success

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