If I could be rich enough

If I could be rich enough to bear
The weight of all the pain you wear
I would gladly give up all my wealth
To bring you happiness and health.

No more tears, no more sorrow
No more fears to face tomorrow
I would gift you a life that's free
From all the pain that you can't see.

But wealth is not what heals the soul
It's love&kindness that make us whole,
So, here's my promise, true and real
To stand by you through every ordeal.

With love&hope, we'll face each day
Together, we'll find a better way
And though we may not have it all
We will rise above and never fall.

For riches anytime come and go
But love endures and helps us grow
So, my love let's hold on to this bond
We'll make it through until our end.

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

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My morning walk through the forest

This post will sure give you an awesome feel with the melodious music added to the video and a lovely poem about the nature’s view. I am writing this on a blog challenge, “What moves you” being conducted by one of our great co-blogger dear Michele Lee from My inspired life. This is well optimized for the challenge of well being, fitness and good health. Especially the fun and craziness of life and inspiration.

Pictures were clicked by me during my morning walk through the forest where birds sing while I rejoice in a wooden swing among the dreamy wooden houses around, watching at the sky and feeling the bloom of lotuses in a pond. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts and views.

This lovely melodious video was created by me with the pictures clicked from my morning walk through the lushy green forest.

A lovely wooden house
In the hush of morning, a gentle walk I take,
Amidst nature's embrace, my spirit awake.
A wooden house stands with rustic charm,
Nestled in the embrace of nature's arm.

Puddles shimmer, reflecting the sky,
Raindrops dancing, as if to sigh.
At the pond's edge, serenity prevails,
Where ripples form and secrets unveil.

Lotus flowers bloom, vibrant and bright,
Petals unfolding, a breathtaking sight.
Their delicate grace, a symbol of peace,
A testament to nature's sweet release.

A harmony weaves through the morning air,
Awakening my senses, banishing all care.
In this moment of serenity and grace,
I find my center, my innermost space.

So, I'll wander and cherish this haven,
Where peace and tranquility are freely given.
With each step, I will immerse in nature's art,
And let the melody of life mend my heart

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

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Happy Mother’s Day

She is like a Godess
And nothing less.
A fountain of tenderness
And a light that guides
Through the stormy nights.

Her love and care
Like no other,
Her warmth&affection
That's always there
Which is forever pure.

Her gentle touch
Like a healing balm,
Her soothing voice
Like a calming psalm,
Divine&heaven’s chime

For she's our anchor
Always there to secure
No storms can scare
She's the best encore
To be celebrated & care.

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

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The Richness of Love

Is Love poor in maths?? ❤+❤=❤
When she says, she's poor in maths.


Oh! my love, glad to hear that.
You will never have to learn
Our love has no numerics
Our feelings are uncountable
Our emotions are endless
Our love needs no calculator
It's beyond the symbols consists of it.

We may be poor even in grammer
So what??
Our love has no literacy
Our hearts are pure in it
Our expressions can't end-
Just with the words and writings.

I am poor too...
In the richness of our love,
Our Souls match and merge as one.
We always sparkle and shine within.

We may be poor even to know the time. 'Coz...

When I am awake, you are asleep
When you are asleep, I am wake,
Where the time doesn’t match.
We live under the roof of sky,
With different time zones.

But we create our own clock,
Turning the day into night
And the night into day.
With many sleepless nights
And sacrificed scenarios,
To design our deep moments
With love from heaven to haven.


Yes,our love has that power
To turn pebbles into flowers
Rocks into roller-coasters,
Riding through highs and lows,
Rising through storms and stars
Roaring with courage and care.

We love with no measures
We love with no limits
These words can't calculate
These writings can't justify
Yes, our love is that heaven,

People may think it as fun,
But it's beyond and unknown
Nothing can pull us down
I am that luckiest person
Blessed to feel you as mine.
Our love is heavenly devine
With no calculations&measures.

Love is never poor in anything.
The richness of it's aroma is
Felt beyond all the earthly rules and desires.
Only those who are divinely blessed can feel it & taste it.

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

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The Godly Bond We Guard.

Divine Bond of Love

She wrote to him:

If you leave me,
My heart will leave me too.

Each beat of my heart
Each inhale of my breath
Every sense of my Soul
Every vien of my brain
Every stream of my blood
Every part of my body
Is divinely deep in you.

If you leave me,
My body will leave me too.

But my soul will still…still…
would love to wait for you,
Even after my bodily senses
turn into ashes with desperate
desires and wishes unfulfilled.

If you leave me,
my heart will leave me too.
My body will leave me too.

Let’s guard this Godly bond,
without letting anyone
or anything to ruin. Together “WE” are “ONE”.

He wrote:

First of all, If you have such thoughts,
My heart will be struggling
For the fresh breath of our peace.

Every second which gets born
Every beat which gets produce
Every existence haven’t yet born
In us, it’s incomplete even with such thoughts my love.

So my darling…!
Don’t let this thought
Mingle with your soul again.

Our bloodline was created
For creating an epic example
For the upcoming generations
How love could mix into oceanic depth!

Even that drop has no clue
How depth your vibes are inside of me.

Somethings are beyond
The human thinking
So, we only may try to express in words
This blessing of Godly bond of ‘WE’ Without making and marking the word of “We” in front of others as “We” but as “One” in presence of Almighty. Love you till the eternity my love.

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

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A video call (microtale).

A video call (microtale).
From her morning walk,
through the forest.

Just in a glance,
his eyes from beyond
the sparkling seas spoke
something naughty –
at her lovely outfit.

Her unspoken feelings:
Those “three” (It’s just not a number)
black buttons remain
unopened until I meet you.
Not sure of months, years or
lifetime but I will preserve it
for our moment.

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

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Did you stop Loving?

I was so madly Searching for this one, as this went missing from my published posts. Finally I found it in drafts and republishing it. I request all my old pals, please ignore this. Your contribution of reading and commenting already exists on this page and of course in my heart always. Thank you much ❤😍

No way!
You ask me to go away
Searching in secret way
I am not either by the way

We fly, we spy, we cry
search each other in the sky
Loving in the heaven high
With never ending good bye

We behold in our hearts
Fate is, can't have in arms
Pouring love through poems
In my Garden out of homes
With pretty much hopes

To know whether we really stop loving!

You see me on WordPress
With sad thoughts supress
Painfull feelings distress
When love & hate crashes
It's an emotional stress

God must be noticing!

When you go on mute
I please you from my heart
Pain comes to be more hurt,
As you come back as my Poet


I love you Suma
I'm in love with you Suma
you are my Quotes
you are my poems
you are my prose
you are my books
you are my hopes, wishes, and dreams
Suma,you are my fantasy
Suma,you are my imagination
Suma,you are my reality

Me: vice versa but I can't ever beat your love baby

I fell in love with a writer and a Poet, will my love or I, would ever die? Never.

Vice versa!


Poetry has it's own Country- Van Prince

Love has an eccentric entry into every Country- Suma Reddy

"Our hearts are together forever" my dear lover!

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you. Suma ✍❣

Take me with you

The short video is created by me with one of the Bollywood song lyrics translated below simple words but deep feelings. Listen, feel and enjoy. Thank you for visiting and sharing your views. ❣

Picture #pinterest

Song lyrics: Take me with you
I don’t want to be with me

I search you madly
I need you badly
I feel you deeply
I peep out through the window
I look up the sky
Letting it know how I cry
Missing you each moment
Wanting you forever more.

Oye! Listen,
I conveyed so much to you
Through the Stars & Moon
May be now it's your noon
Wait until the night
To look above going out
The sky would let you know
How much I love you
How much I miss you
How much I feel you
Every star would wink at you
Each star would shower my kisses
Moon must feel jealous
To say that I love you more than him.

My dear man
You are my Moon
You are my heaven
I feel you in every emotion

I love you so much
I miss you so much
I feel you so much
I search you so much

Yes, I search you so much
Everywhere from earth to sky
You exist in my heart so high.

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

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Just a Dream

It’s all about a bad dream which may never come again to break her heart. When she woke up to know, awww that was all a dream and in reality hearts are alive and still together loving and living ❤ 😍

Photo by Nadi Lindsay: pexels
All new,
Sudden aches
Deep emotions
Heart breaks
Many hurts
Became strangers
Sadness in eyes
Time is all means

Thanks to life
I am all safe
Under the roof
Feeling relief
With the belief

God is all I have.
Alas! heart is alive
All I am a fool
To be back
Trying to be okay

Looking at the mirror
Same old me
Tasting the tears
Facing the fears
Just on & on
With faded smiles
And fainted heart
All new...
Never knew...
It was just a Dream.

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit✍ ❣

The Ocean of “Love”

The Journey was started this way among two hearts 💕 not sure until when and where the destiny lead them to dwell in the Ocean of their feelings, emotions and Love which the world may not understand but the God, as the seed of their love is a blessing. Irrespective of pros and cons and the negativity that most of the people or society have about Love now a days, “It’s always a trend and never is an End”.

Please note, few wordings in this post contain adult content. Though it’s only a general topic or knowledge that everyone has and must know. I request, please refrain from reading if you are below 18 yrs. It’s also to those who don’t wish or like to read it. Thank you for understanding.

He wrote, after multiple harsh and hurtful replies from her.

Look darling, I will not have to bring my mother here as this is only between you and me.

My mother told me. In life, we will have 3 ways to be accepted or lived.

First way, where you can easily tell lies and play with people’s emotions by breaking the trust which is very easy way.

Second way: Where people stick to honesty, care and love but they don’t understand the humanity. Because humanity is not only about love, caring and supporting, it’s actually when though you don’t like what your loved ones do but still accept and show them the same care, love and support no matter what.

Third way: which is very difficult, you should always be truthful to yourself though you know what you do is wrong or sin which may be forbidden by everyone else but you yourself should have that trust and humanity within you. You must stick to your own deep inner feelings always.

So, third one is me my …… No matter what this world or you think of me, in the eyes of God, it’s a blessing and I really feel proud to feel you in such a deepest way.

With lots of love, happiness, care and passanate wildest way…my soul only knows to go as much as deep to express my life and myself either it’s about happiness or sorrow. Even the desires of love for that matter with temptations. Always my soul going to be thirsty to crave every inch of your soul and beauty to have infinite moments and memories with you until my last breath.

All these when I say, it’s not with the intention of lust. It’s purely my deepest desire to feel you so much mentally, emotionally and physically. I have strong faith on God and it’s a blessing to feel you dearly and deeply without knowing or seeing you. My soul feels you within and creating many amazing feelings.

Just as a note, if you have a doubt of question. Sex is natural and we must not feel as dirt, if it is dirty, God has created the Lotus to be grown from the dirt sooo beautifully. Like wise he made it to be natural but the human beings created one more thing called lust.

Perhaps my feelings aren’t for that lust, if sex and lust is everything, then I have porn free, I can access and see anytime. Though if I see that, it feels like lust for body which may expire once the pleasure is freed out. But I feel you purely with all my heart and soul which has no expiry and it’s beyond bodily desires. It’s devinely designed to preserve every moment soulfully with you my Love. I still fall short of words to express my feelings and love to you. Feel me.

I express myself so much always because life is short not sure of next minute or moment and we already have hell of distance that pulls me down baly to imagine what if this life ends without seeing or meeting you without having our moments. Again it gives me so much strenth to have hopes to live and cherish with the strong faith on Almighty who created this love of us. Let me write a poem.

His poem, 

Dearest Love,

Our Journey has just begun
It's like a Rollercoaster ride
We may travel through ups&downs

May happiness and Sorrow will-
Knock on the door of our hearts
But hope our bond gets stronger
Day by day with God's blessings

A new chapter has started in our life,
Hope this chapter has no climax
Which meets by the destiny
So, cheers to us my ......

We are like a deep Ocean,
Exploring slowly and wisely
Hope we should never come out
Of this Lovely Ocean of us.


She with 🤍🖤 after months recollecting all those first moments of flirting and falling.


In the Ocean of our love
I am just the drop of water,
My heart always floats
In the waves of your thoughts.

Like the tide with higs & lows,
I only learnt to hide myself,
In the waves of your feelings.
Take me deep inside the Ocean
Or skip me to be on the shore.

I will live there in the sand,
Making a secret Castle in our names
Protecting myself to be within
Awaiting for your every wave,
To visit the fort of our love.

To make it more beautiful,
With your visit of alluring fountain,
Shining under the silver Moon,
When the time create our moment
Between the flowers of our wish.

I wish to be there forever,
Guarding our sand Castle built
Awaiting until your next visit,
Instead crashing it by carrying
Through the waves of your tides.

As our destiny is the distance
Which may not change in a glance,
I only learnt to hide myself,
In the waves of your feelings.

In the Ocean of our love,
I am just the drop of water.
Where your feelings make me
Afloat in the waves of tides.

"This love is always a trend with no end" like the waves of Ocean.

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy.

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit ❣✍