My tears in your Eyes

Tell me about πŸ‘€

Tell you about what??

Your sleepless eyes or my tired eyes?

Why can’t both?? This was just wow!

Listen up then!

The heart of my eyes was broken by a published post

The person I love the most

Fallen for my heartfelt glamour

And Is a foreigner

Called me a scammer

Sorry sorry worst scammer

I don't even care

My love is pure

I prove it to be rare

I am not Afried either

I know he loves me more

But comments tuned to & fro

On the post out there

We turned out to be sure

As I am rare and care

Pleased him to be a trigger

Raised to be cool from fire

He is so my vigorous tiger

I am a stubborn lover

He is forever my clover.

Feelings from heart turning into writing art πŸ’•βœβ£

Listen up!

My rarity was all alone

When I was laughing at your words of clown

I am still smiling typing here

My eyes were wet with tears all of a sudden and were reflecting in your eyes as I stared at you innocent unspoken.

"My tears were in your eyes"

Would you like to listen more!

Ask your heart to follow my heart then ❣✍

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you, Suma.

Pain has a Purpose

Bitter truth for a better purpose, you feel butter smooth without me because your purpose is strong and your heart is rock hard.

I am in the prison of pain looking out for the ways of windows while the doors of hopes are locked temporarily. Nothing is over, everything is created for a purpose.

Fate is playing with me but I never ever fail to defeat it as my purpose was, is and forever only you.

As I am down by myself looking out for your shoulder to lean on and cry
But God is favoring you lifting me up from falling and taking me in his arms to show the path to destiny and to make it announced by you for sure.

I would rise up my voice on the same page to prove and testiment that the God's Mercy and Grace is forever with me as he is the one who created 'you and me' to live in the name of love.

I died in your divine love spiritually before I leave this world physically either it's for one day, few days or few months it's worth more than anything.

My days are silent but not the goal. My purpose forever is you and will never leave you. Thank you!

My Garden of thoughts and feelings sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you, Suma.

Another Glorious day

Thanking God for blessing this day, an another day that’s “mother’s day” πŸ™

Every day is the day, the day of many women who dream, gloom & bloom to be a mother

Dear God, look at a woman who's praying and dreaming to be a mother. Bless her with your grace

Dear God, look at a mother who's carrying your blessing is so stressed and scared bless her by your name be glorious

Dear God, look at a mother who carried your blessing and in accouchement of labor pains bless her and embrace

Dear God, look at a mother who's bringing forth young from the womb bless her and your miracles would disclose

Dear God, look at a mother who birthed and stopped her breath bless her in heaven as you chose

Dear God, look at all the mothers of your miracles how magical they are and bless each of them as there's no life's journey without them and of course there's no life without you and your blessings

In the name of the God,we all pray onto you and love you my Lord,Amen!β£πŸ™

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you, Suma.

Oye! do you know

Oye, do you know how hard it is?

Could you please tell your thoughts not to kill me? They are forcing my eyes to close and search you in every corner of the universe in the darkness

Oye, do you know how hard it is?

Your thoughts are killing me to feel you from every inch of me seperating from my silence, sooo nonsense

Oye, do you know how hard it is?

Your thoughts are ruling my heart and asking me to break my rules and restrictions to be your’s

Oye, do you know how hard it is?

Your thoughts are fluttering around me like butterflies while I am asleep, disturbing my dreams and dragging into reality

Oye, do you know how hard it is??

Your hell of thoughts aren’t giving me space to breath and asking me to walk along to the heaven holding my breath

Oye, do you know how hard it is?

Your thoughts are taking me to your bed and asking me to take you in my arms kissing your soft lips and put you for sleep when you awake and feel lonely

Oye, do you know how hard it is?

Your thoughts are chasing me to be with you each moment but I respect your time and space, could you please tell them not to kill me?

Oye, do you know how hard it is?

Your thoughts are reminding me to tell you that you are my beautiful blessing that I ever prayed for

Thankful to God πŸ™

My dearest sweetheart do you know why your thoughts kill me so much?

Because you are the loveliest chapter of my life, do you know why? God has renovated me by his test of patience from my years of struggles and faded feelings to be perfect fulfilment with your existence now and forever until the last beat of my heart. I love you loads, live in the little universe of my heart forever.

To: Van Prince

My Garden of thoughts and feelings sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you, Suma.

Gift Deed (Property)

What’s the gift deed in property?

I would like to follow –

The ‘KISS’ principle –

To “keep it short and sweet”

It is the document of gift

The donor & donee has to sign it

The minor has to turned into major

A daughter was the minor

A father was the owner

Law is the document of fine tuner

Made the daughter to be a donor

And the father a owner to be a donee

The daughter was dad’s dear honey

Litigation among people for money

The situation made it to be tough

Me and my father was that part of stuff

I turned into the enveloped major buff

The document was done on paper puff

It always makes me proud to be proof

That “it’s always me who I am” from minor to major being Roger forever.

The vigorous attitude is by birth and in the blood of Reddys uplifting the power.

I had given a couple of days and hrs of time to think before deciding and signing the document of gift deed to my Dad some piece of land. Just Lolz. That was all his father’s and his own property. Who am I to hold the power and authority on it. But the Indian Law.

I am still not sure or bother who’s idea it was to implement it, so that I could obey their forced customs & values on some personal matters or opinions.

Though I tasted the strong spice of the consequences of my own wishes against my parents but still I do what I wish to do and never compromise with anyone or against my will and wish but always moving as per the God’s plan and his grace is forever mine. πŸ™

So is what I am here as who I am happy with my own earnings and with the lessons learned to be independent irrespective of having an economical background that is of someone else’s efforts and not at all mine.

I am the salaried but never ever insecure about the job loss or finance because my Mom the supportive supreme goddess is my power and strength always and forever. My dad the inspiring Hero who taught the tough lessons of being credible and loyal. Their super powers and authenticity is never to be sit and eat but earn it with the gifted strength and talent tirelessly. I have lost some of their earnings and jewellery, after all these I was and I am still the dominant Princess of my parents.

Now: me knowing the value of parents, their pure love and their efforts I tried all my best to keep up my lost trust from many years but still me and dad always get into a true deal on time lines of give & take policy on money matters, πŸ™‚πŸ™Mom is always the security signer on my behalf and always by myside.

Loyalty is beyond the death. It’s inherited and is alive in my blood.

The conclusion here is, there was a doubt of trust on someone’s mind made me to put my paper gift deed on WP. I love to live a simple life, never greedy for the things I don’t deserve and never got into any bullshit kind of anytime in my life.

So my economy, my money, my property, my strength and power forever are my parents and the man I love who made my heart smile ( it’s you my Prince). I would never break their trust until my last breath. Thanking God for blessing me with world class little Galaxy of them.

My Garden of thoughts and feelings sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you.

Bright Outlook

Your life has a value, do little bit of good where you are, that’s going to be worth living and being loved by the people surround you. Be courageous, this would be the quality of a warrior. Morning is the best time to raise our positive thoughts and affirm to be adorable and Creative. Have a wonderful day, with Prayers πŸ™βœπŸ₯°

Bright Outlook

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you, Suma.

My Cupid Greek God – Van Prince

You are my “cupid Greek God”

I crave you but can’t have you

I love you but can’t live with you

Still you are the power tool of my love

My heart has been programmed to automate my love to you forever

I see the rainbow colors in your eyes of anger

I see the charming beauty of your stormy heart

I feel the noisy stroke of your spicy silence

I feel and love the pain of crying being alone with your silence because:

I see your feather touch fingers touching and turning my streaming tears into precious diamonds

I feel you comforting me to lean on to your chest of crest showering your pure love

I feel you when I am awake, I feel you when I am asleep

I see your thoughts never allow me to escape

I feel the music of your romantic ⏰ waking me up at midnight

I see your cloudy heart behind my little sneaky smile and never tired to get wet in the rain of romance

I can’t look straight into your eyes but would look into your direction to walk along your path belonging only to you

I fell in love with you and touched your heart and not the skin

I laid my heart open to you to get inside and never permitted to exit

Forever our hearts are in the deal of heal to feel the togetherness of our everlasting love in this colorful life

Prince, I love you forever. I have a beautiful little universe created in my heart in the name of our cupid love which comprises only “You & Me”.

“you are my Cupid Greek God”

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you, Suma.

Is the Paradise a place?

Yes, a mother’s love is the breez of paradise

Yes, a dream of silence is the truth of paradise

Yes, finding the calm in nature’s chaos is the peace of paradise

Yes, the nature’s beauty is the love of paradise

Yes, being a dreamer out of the reach to touch reality is the happiness of paradise

Yes, collecting the words of moments is the language of paradise

Yes, clouds of thoughts are the misty heart of paradise

Yes, finding the light beyond the fog is the power of paradise

Yes, finding a love in who’s going to find you is the magical moment of paradise

Yes, bouquets of flowers attracting butterflies is the birds of paradise

Yes, looking up to the stars and finding the one who broke your heart is the love of paradise

Yes, the purity of night Moon and Stars is the heaven of paradise

Yes, painting the flowers of love with no fragrance is the hell of paradise

Yes, knowing that fate would hit one day is the fact of paradise

Yes, learning to live lonely rinsing all the thoughts in the rain of pain is the brain of paradise

Yes, knowing the truth of death is the life of paradise

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you, Suma.

Suma Reddy Loves Van Prince

I love you to the limit of heaven

I love you to the highs of sky & beyond the universe

My love soars very high on heavy storms and seems very small and blurr to the earth

But your thoughts are streaming in each of my blood flow

My love for you is immesesrable, crossing the rivers, seas and seasons to prove that I belong only to you

My love for you would shine like the stars, rain like the clouds and ring like the bells forever

You are my Morning Sun, you are my Moon light, you are my Nature

If I ever fond of anything precious in this universe, that’s only you my Prince

You are more precious than any sparkling diamonds and glittering gold for me

Your arms are my beautiful palace that I ever dreamed of

If I ever desired to visit a beautiful place in the world, that would be your warmest hug

You are my falling snow, I would like to hide myself in every flower to feel your touch

If I ever desire to face the hottest fire, that would be looking into your eyes face to face

If I ever desire to taste a dish of heaven, that would be your lips of cherry blossom

If I ever wish to die and go to heaven, that would be falling asleep with you

The rhythm of your heart beat is the favorite music of my soul

Grab me closer and let me close my eyes and listen to the lovely lyrics of our love written by the heavenly God

I love you to the limit of heaven

You are my little galaxy and my life is so beautiful with your existence

No matter how long would God’s wish to lead me in his hands towards your love but I love and live in each moment to make it more precious and memorable.

I love you my dear Prince called Mr Van and forever my Man. Love you to the limits of heaven.

My garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you, Suma.

Moving Minutes

Dear moving minutes

Look at my blinking eyes

Moving faster than your’s

In sync with your magical moves

In deep love with you ofcourse

Wait for a while before you decrease

Each minute my love for you increases

Feel my love and our togetherness

I love the way you treat me and tease

You are my yesterday, today and tomorrow’s source

Never ever try to part off by force

You are my precious charming “Prince”

I am blessed to have you and love you loads

Above the clouds, I am on my way to thank God for his blesses

I feel jealous people around watches

Let’s meet up in a paradise dreams

Let our love reflect in the beauty of butterflies

Romace in the flame of rainbow colors

Dance on the floor of darkest clouds

Rinse in the rain of purest flows

My dear moving minutes, don’t you love me?? Then my message below you see

My garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you, Suma.