Silent Prayer

Dear God, thanks for gifting me an another day of new hope in my life!

I am in a silent Prayer looking at the gift you sent me which was not even in my dream and is so bright and burning my eyes.

With the brightness of morning dawn  My happiness is taking me to the lawn

I am closing my eyes and sensing the morning dawn sitting in the lawn

My mind is proposing to travel alone to the place my heart wanted to lean

I am carrying my heavy thoughts alone as my mind and heart conflict common

Conflict in life is common and happen but pain and strain are not common

I am carrying my heavy thoughts alone as the place my heart found is so clean

I can’t make it dirty with my emotion I could just wishper I am done and fine

Life is so beautiful when we close our eyes and see through prayers of God who gifted this eternal life to us. Have a blessed day!

22 thoughts on “Silent Prayer

  1. Fruitful blog. Actually, nothing is better than thanking God not only every morning, but also every moment for his gifts to us. Some people thinks that this is the normal to wake up in a good health every day, but in fact this is not normal, it is a gift from God. Thanks for your great blog. I am following you now, i would be more than happy if you do the same

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  2. This is a manifesto masterpiece indicating love being reintorduced in the writer’s Life surfacing out of the beauty of Nature surrounding her fantasy comprising a new world and universe created by her vivid IMAGINATION!


    1. Imagination+perception = spending time and mending many things not to end but to live n feel in her beautiful comprised Universe. Thank you for your time n valuable comments.


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