You and Me

You are my Sunset and Sunrise, though you are burning like a fire so hot I can see the stars twinkling in your eyes and I am inching out to reach you closer and please you with all my love. I am your Sunflower, bright shiner or burn either I would bloom only with your light.

Perfection of the picture is proof of God’s creation and the Love of two Souls.

Pic credit goes to one of my team mate. I felt in love with this pic and collected. Now it’s beauty is mesmerizing in my Love Poem and would live and shine forever.

22 thoughts on “You and Me

    1. Such a priceless poem indeed-need no questions and answers,the masterpice speaks for itself and is a success, not a failure begs for a poetic jewel:

      *Success Requires No Explanations* & Failure Permits No Alibis*


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