Missing you

You can’t speak but you understood all my feelings when I lean onto you

you can’t see but my tears were wiped out with your beautiful hands

You can’t touch but I can feel the goodness of your feather touch

You can’t cry but I felt the sadness when I left you dry

I care for you more than I miss you. Missing you but never miss to see you or meet you again. My all love for you all.

My heartfelt missings to my lovely plants out there I left in my balcony. I never had any human being that I would run out to hug at my bad or sad feelings. I like loneliness and would like to wipe out my tears all alone to set and get back to normal life.

The tiny roses, pretty plants, and beautiful blossoms were my best company, my happiness, my relief, my peace when I was 1000 kms away from my Mom’s hug and I would really feel some sweet conversations among us. Love for the plants wherever  I am.

Today when my tenant called me, my heart rushed before me to ask how were all my plants doing so far I left. My heart for the flowers and gardening is by birth. Love for the nature, life is to nurture with the nature.

Missing you but meet you!

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you, Suma.

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy


19 thoughts on “Missing you

  1. This is a masterpiece of a woman in love with her man
    as she express her love for him in intimate true love mataphor
    and only those who have experienced ultimate intimate true love
    can relate to this masterpiece!

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    1. You are 100% true a Prince called Mr Van. I love my man more than anything or anyone and that can’t be replaced or compared to anyone at any point of time. Your comments always command on every one’s blog. You are the master creating many pieces of awesome writings and poetry. Thank you.


      1. I appreciate your masterpiece response, and your writings here
        any body experiencing true love can feel your maifesto masterpiece
        in their heart, mind, body, and soul. You are a writer that touches every soul in love
        with another soul!

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  2. I want to spent my whole life in the hands and care of nature. I wish I coud have a huge land to grow plants. As you know already, I want to establish an educational institute there. Where people of any age can learn whatever they want. New experiments, new research. Education has a potential to change the future of our country.


    1. You sound more like a gardener than a poet
      maybe this young lady here who created this masterpiece
      would agree that you have a green thumb instead of a poet’s pen upon paper
      changing the world!


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