This Evening

I see the Sun dimmer

I see the Moon glimmer

I see the Gyms busy making bodies slimmer

I see the saloons busy with their trimmer

I see the Domino’s Pizzas on the burner

I see the girls chitchat sweeter

I see the boys being flirty & smarter

I see the kids racing to be a runner

I see the people wanted to be a glamour

I see the beautiful couple makeover

I see there’s is a beautiful banner

Decorated, designed, attractive with delightful denote to visit the Villa tent house of my dreams taking the vacation to get into my fantasy world

I see this life has never over

I see the sad smiles feel to whisper

I see the God’s grace making me better

I feel sharing on WordPress makes me feel lighter

I hope all of your day & time is brighter

Thank you all for being a good reader

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you, Suma.

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy


46 thoughts on “This Evening

      1. You know, I haven’t checked my reader section in the whole day. From last week I’m reading a very few posts. Because net is not properly working here and there is a issue with my charger.

        I’m feeling guilty for my favourite readers. I haven’t checked their posts for 3 weeks. I find myself always busy. Now I’m thinking of what to write on this monday.

        Sometimes, blogging feels irritating to me. My studies are almost stopped. Even I stopped meeting my close friends. I think I have to minimise my time on blogging. Blogging is not my first priority.

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      2. Exactly, please focus on your primary Goal. Agree with you sometimes blogging is blocking some real life’s priorities. Never mind and your issues mentioned are common mostly. Never ignore meeting your friends they are our refreshers of life in some situations. My best wishes for your studies do good πŸ‘ ❀ πŸ™‚

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    1. Hey Amber, the lady of multiple talents
      Proud to know about you (got from Aparna’s blog). No as of now for official use. I would collaborate with you once I add the one to my contact page or reach you on your’s may be some time later.

      I remembered the opportunity you created. I would try for sure. Thank you 😊

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