Rainy day!

On a Rainy day

When clouds are dark

My thoughts in the park

Deeply into nature’s look

I feel you from my back

Warmth of your breath flake

Making me to feel like a snow flake

Our thoughts are flowing like a lake

When we had no choice to make

Our eyes got pleased to set back

With no words to wishper or speak

It’s raining

We both are rinsing

Our thoughts are syncing

Our hearts are feeling

Our souls are romancing

My body & voice are trembling

Your wishperings are pleasing

When our breaths are slow striking

Moon must be out there peeping

Stars must be there twinkling

The pleasure of heavenly feeling

Tears in my eyes are streaming

My heart started questioning

Why was I only be dreaming?

How can I stop my heart from fainting?

You & Me will ever be really meeting?

The answer? God must be knowing!

From: Suma Reddy

To: Van Prince

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit.Thank you, Suma ✍❣

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy


81 thoughts on “Rainy day!

  1. Nothing is 100% pure and perfect but God
    yet Rain purifies love with its raindrops solution
    elemination poison dilutuion
    creating between woman and man a pure union
    of love of joy of happiness-

    is, by far, the greatest Gem of Life
    rising out of Natrue surrounded by its contours of beauty
    bridging the gap between finite and infinite between two loves
    each saying, “I love your forever”-

    Love is the cornerstone of Love,
    the beginning, middle, and encore of all love’s concessions
    from ABCD to-WXYZ in every love equation
    demonstration love is Royal Flush, the greatest value of innovation-

    Love-is-Love-is-love=Love-on love-in-love-

    By: Van Prince
    To: Suma Reddy

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    1. My favorite notification always n forever would be your priceless n precious comment.

      The love I feel is you
      The love I believe is you
      The love I cherish is you
      The feel in love is you

      I wake up every morning to feel you
      And fill my day with your
      beautiful thoughts.
      Love you n thank you my Dear Prince.


      1. *Suma catching water in a pitcher where theair isn’t polluted is the purest water we can drink better than Springwater=the fountain of youth of health and wellness! Our love is more pure than rainwater and Springwater!!*

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    1. Wow, very amazing to know that this is being your favorite piece. Your beautiful n precious comment means so much to me. Tons of thanks for sharing your views. Loves to you my friend 🙂😇💖🙏


  2. Wonderful! Rainy Day!! Rain has got something which changes mood of any person. All of us know, that Rain brings joy. We all wait for the rain. It has beautiful rhythm.
    Fantastic writing!

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    1. Thank you very much for reading thru n sharing your thoughts Arun Ji. Rain n it’s rhythm really brings magical joy to one’s soul. Who don’t love rain, eagerly awaiting for June rains. Thanks again 😇🙏


    1. ha ha! At the end divine God is he who holds me in his arms always 🙏 Thank you very much for reading n sharing your lovely thoughts on it. I was all belonged to him if he wanted to consume…sorry….🙈


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