My blog Journey #2, 10K views & 500 follows

My heartfelt thanks to God in first place and then each one of you my rare, kind-hearted and lovely friends from the world all over. I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate all the valuable time you contributed to read my thoughts and feelings sharing your precious and precise views always on my writings. I would surely cherish all of your shared thoughts as my sweetest memories which are in the form of comments.

Thanks to as well.

I am never a competitor to any nor I compare myself to any, of course I am not purely here to earn money but to share the little knowledge through “my Garden of thoughts and feelings”. I didn’t even know why, how and when did I started blogging, just guessing may be in Sep’20. Not only this blog, many things in my life happens without plans crashing all my scheduled plans. But I strongly believe that there must be a reason behind every move of my life.

I trust this must be the God’s plan or blessing that made me to be here on meeting all of you who read me for what I am with no criticism and negativity. God’s plans are always precious but we must not fail to be patient for his right time. I adore the decoram that the entire world maintaining on this writing platform and I did mentioned it many a times earlier.

Of course it’s real time hard to interact with all the 500+ friends as I am not a dedicated blogger and able to split my little time out of my job and other additional responsibilities but making sure to re-visit at least those who are regularly visiting me and some times trying to visit most of you. The great support I receive from all the sweetest fellow bloggers is the strength and motivation to keep writing with new learnings and gaining the knowledge from every blogger out here.

I never cried for FOLLOWERS, LIKES, COMMENTS etc. Because I am not a public figure. But I went through all of your blogs and just started following because each of you are unique in your own ways creating very interesting blogs and I got the same support in return from you all. So this automatically endorsed our work uniting us to like and follow each other. Once again thank you and let’s keep up the same support.

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you ✍❣

Copyright ©️ 2021 Suma Reddy all rights reserved.


190 thoughts on “My blog Journey #2, 10K views & 500 follows

  1. Great 👌😊
    I got inspired. I also started last year 2020. Maybe in the month of August. I don’t have any idea how to make money here.
    I started blogging to reach out to the people to share my thoughts and to know thoughts of others. In the last phase of life, human should at least know that “Who Am I”
    That is why I am here.
    Very happy to see your 10000 views.
    Praise the Lord 🙏

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    1. Sharing knowledge brings more satisfaction than earning money. Very very special thanks to you Arun Ji. Your continued support and motivation is unforgettable. Thanks for sharing your blog journey too, your blog is very spiritual and must share 😇❤🙏

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      1. Suma
        Together we can bring peace 🕊️ in the world. It is the duty of the human to build a meaningful society. Before that we the each human should establish peace within. Then we can illuminate others. Let’s be illuminated.
        I wish you a long happy life and continue to write more. Let us all be happy together with nice blogs
        At the same time I wish all bloggers to establish a peaceful life in the world 🌎.
        Regards 🙏🌞

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      2. Great words Arun ji 👏 of course every human is accountable to contribute some kindness and illuminate the light of good thoughts and inspirations. That’s the good spread for a common cause of peace 😇🙏

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      3. Thank you. Go ahead. Nothing can stop you. Your Spirit is very High. I believe that high Spirited persons are chosen by The Almighty God. You are one among chosen. So happy with your lines. Make the world know. You have THAT:
        Stay Blessed.

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      4. Those ars very big words n my knowledge isn’t so profound to inspire the world Arun ji. Btw thank you very much again for all your blessings 🙏


  2. Congratulations Suma for 500 followers 🎈🎈

    You have covered a long journey with several ups and downs. Always eager to learn from fellow bloggers.

    You have improved your way of blogging, increasing it’s worth. Having a growth mindset with helping others is vital. People love you for your work and the way you treat them.

    I remember, few months ago when I met you, I used to ask stupid questions to other bloggers, almost lost in a different world, far-far away from the reality…

    You supported me. Sending your wishes through beautiful comments. I’m grateful to the wp community. It has taught me to recognise, understand, live and focus on specific goals instead of covering everything.

    Thank you so much! 😂😂

    Honestly, I wish all your wishes come true. Good luck. 👍

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    1. Many many thanks dear bro, your continued support irrespective of your questions n my counterviels is always appreciated. Treating good n bad, ups and downs are common in certain scenarios of real life.

      I am Gajini sometimes so you can have a privilege of my kind memory, never mind. We can’t cover the mentality of entire world. Focus should only be on what and how we do things in our own different way. We may loose our true focus by looking into other’s prospectives and their ways of working. This is especially me I say it to myself n do follow strictly with no comparison.

      Once again thanks for wishing n taking your time to write so much 😇❤

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      1. I am on the way my Queen, I will have to wake up early again at 5 am n travel to Mom’s place. I am sorry, really taking away much of your valuable time. Happy evening. See you in dreams 🤗❣🙏

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  3. It makes me so happy to think about your achievement. It couldn’t have come to a more deserving person. 🌼💐💐
    My heartiest congratulations to Dear Suma🤩😍
    I hope you can feel all the pride and happiness surrounding you as you head off to more big achievements.😅🌼 And work even more hard so that I can read more and more interesting work of yours 🎉🎉

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    1. I am just in a feel of wow learning to know that my dearest sweetest friend writing such a beautiful soulful wishes on my little celebration. My heartfelt thanks to you dear Aparna. I would try to write the Little knowledge I know. Keep yourself to be safe n happy always. Loves n blessings ❤ 😇

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      1. It was all my pleasure dear 🤗
        Actually you deserve more than this 😂
        I will be safe dear
        Hope you will always keep smiling 😊
        Keep up with the good work 😉
        Keep blogging 😅

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    1. That’s great honour to have you in my friends list my dear, you are very special n I am glad to see you visiting me. Many many heartfelt thanks gor your beautiful wishes. Loves 😇❤

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  4. Congratulations Suma .
    Why compete or compare? You are appreciated and followed because you are ‘ You’ . Stay original..keep blogging..keep inspiring.
    Stay blessed always

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    1. I don’t compete or compare myself to any. It’s always me who I am. Thank you very much for your kind words and wishes Krish. Your precious words are my blessings 🙏❤


  5. Congratulations Suma! Meeting cool people from all around the world and coming together to read each other’s thoughts and see photos of their life’s journey is truly wonderful. I’m happy to be one of your followers and glad I get to get a glimpse of who you are through your blog 💜

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    1. Very much happy to read your cool thoughts n your valuable time is appreciated for reading n sharing your precious views on it. Thank you so much n I feel honored to have you as my friend too dear Cool 😇❤🙏


    1. Feeling good to read a good wish from you mere Bhai. Thank you very much. Saat me likhenge aur saat me badenge aise hi support karte raho aap aur of course mai bi karungi but bhai aap ke jaisa likhna it’s not easy. Btw thank you very much dear bro 😇❤🙏

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    1. Very much happy to read such profound words n beautiful wishes from a sweetest Friend. Many many thanks to you my dear Haoyan. Your continued support from starting of my journey is unforgettable 😇❤🙏


      1. Really not necessary but not a harm just to follow keeping below points in mind.
        I would advice with my experience. Please dig a little before you choose to be in a good community. It’s really like a vast sea n be very cautious. Most of them are really genuine but there might be few where we must cutshort/avoid manipulative kinda conversations. This happens especially when we are new with less following. Later we get to learn many things with experience. I am not sure why did you had this question but very valid ask.

        Hope I didn’t made you bore, happy weekend dear😇❤

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