Love is a life force

The palace of love birds
Built with the soft Grass
With virtuous wishes
Most sweet moments
And fearless dreams

Flying above the clouds
Beautiful waves of wings
Hums of soulful chirps
Hoping for good times
To have cute nestlings

As sweet moments pass
Among binds and fondness
Painting the pretty nest
High upon the willow tree
Near a little water stream

Never thought of a storm
Sudden warns of weather
Learning of life's forces
Swimming in a sea of tears
Soaring through the winds

Sluicing with all new hopes
In the path of togetherness
Two hearts inclined as one
Restoring the lost dreams
Singing with sweet voices

No struggles or storms can destroy the power of love.

©️ Suma Reddy all rights reserved.

No struggles or storms can destroy the power of love (pic credit Pinterest)

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you ✍❣


125 thoughts on “Love is a life force

  1. Yes , no storm can separate two lovers. The life us full of ups and downs but people in love can overcome all.that with each other’s support .
    Very beautifully penned Suma.
    Stay blessed always

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    1. I know n my heart know but as you read my heart so you know why I call you as “the Queen of my heart” means a lot n beyond anything 😇🙏❤ no words my sweetest Queen. Greatful to you Always. Thanks a ton with loads of love 🧡🤗

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      1. YOU humble me and make me melt with pride and love.. thank you for these words:
        “know why I call you as “the Queen of my heart” means a lot n beyond anything 😇🙏❤ no words my sweetest Queen.” But it is you who we are celebrating today💖. You shine and let it all in❣️

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      1. and did the grey overcoat of an industrial past feel too heavy to wear, in the the morning mist did he hear a shout of joy and hope for tomorrow…did the pleasure and relief bring him back down to earth… did such a clear and moving sound…away from the maddening crowd and crooked paths he did walk… to find in others his home in hearts… speaking loudly… oh, what joy… this gift all around

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      2. Glad to read your gift and art of words dear Alec, joy n hope parallelly needed for life either finding the joy in a right way or keeping up hopes for a new way up to us what n jow we choose. Hope you have a happy weekend 😇

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      3. hahaha I could read only “smart cookie Suma” I have no Idea or deep knowledge about the dynamic terminologies you mentioned here Alec. Btw thank you much for your time n sorry for consuming it 😇

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      4. got you… I reckon you do too but in different words… anyhooowl, my brain is on overdrive so apols… but do, if you wanna, check out time compression techniques and there historical use…. have a great weekend too and apologies for intruding…

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  2. Wonderful! Excellent! Awesome !
    “No struggles or storms can destroy the power of love “……………..Indeed very true. But there should be Truth and Trust in that Love. Trust is a great word we forget most of the time.
    Very nice post my dear Suma. You write on Birds a special creatures. Lots to be learned from them. Your poetry touched me. In between line there are many things which can ignite some thoughts, may bring some memories(good and bad both) differently to different persons.
    Have nice time ahead.
    Stay blessed always. Looking forward for your next post.

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    1. Rightly said Sir, of course true love is built with truth n trust which is hard to find in humans now a days. I strongly feel animals n birds must have that strong feel to conquer in each situation being together n feeling for each other. Yes if we notice so much to learn from them. Thank you n you too have a good time Sir. Happy weekend. Btw are you in Blr??

      My next post! Thanks a ton for your super boost up n support as always Sir though I am not reading your posts. I will surely go through recent ones. I have couple of plans in place for coming 2 months regarding some professional courses. I am hardly trying to write n visit all other bloggers n it’s quite distraction but am bit addicted to this WP so unable to go off completely. So no 100% focus anywhere. I will try to write 😇❤🙏


      1. Thank you so much for your beautiful reply.
        I am still in Bangalore. 21st of this month I will leave Bangalore for Kolkata.
        Your posts are based on truth and reality based on day to day life events, emotions of human being. My posts are similar but little bit philosophical. The process of overcoming sufferings. Sufferings are Self made in actuality. If someone has broken trust with me and if I am broken for that, then it is my fault, because the person broken trust is his or her wish or will.
        Here comes the Vedanta philosophy.
        Nitya-Anitya vastu Viveka.
        Nothing is permanent. No relationship is permanent. All forms are just appearance. That is the essence of overcoming sufferings.
        What to do else?
        Some becomes philosopher, some becomes poet, some becomes unbecoming, some gets ruined, some kills, some gets killed by ownself (suicide) some gets mad and so on…..
        All happens due broken heart, broken trust, broken mind.

        Please find time to read my posts. Slowly you can read. Even you may read the bold lines.
        Thank you so much.
        You are an adorable child.
        Be there. Stay blessed always.
        Take care of yourself.
        God bless you.

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      2. Oh! Okay. I thought you have already left Banglore after your trip to Hampi. Yes, nothing is permanent until human realize n understand about the temporary things n it’s impact in life. I love the philosophy scenario you shared here, sll these will be stored in my heart as precious treasures. Absolutely perfect root cause of impacts on one’s thought or life.

        Yes Sir, I need dedicated time for your posts cause that knowledge is a vast sea of Devotion and nned peaceful time to read n understand can’t complete in few min soo.. sure I will. I am greatful for your precious n priceless blessings always. Thank you so much n you too take care Sir. 😇🙏🙏

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      3. Take time Suma, take time.
        Give time Suma, give time.
        Love Self Suma, love Self.
        Initially you have to love yourself, your innermost Self.
        Talk to Self. Then you will find a true friend, guide, teacher,any name you can give, that Self is Universal Self. Enormous joy and peace within yourself will come out.
        Indeed you need peaceful time to read blogs of Wisdom.
        I am here with my daughter and son in law. Daughter will come with us to Kolkata. Son in law will go to see his parents.
        Hope one month my daughter will be with us. Work from home is Blessings in disguise.
        Best wishes ☺️🙏

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    1. Why not if true and strong by hearts together. I strongly openion but yah now a days it’s hard to find such love n no doubt in your ??? 🥰❤ I love the question mark n expression on your face coz that’s true to be…

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      1. It takes two strong bonded hearts willing to stand it out for this true love to actually work. Both partners have to give 100 not 100/20 both partners gotta be all in. Not one with their foot constantly out the door. That’s not love that’s ulterior motive. Anyhoo , of these two hearts are so strong than let’s see them withstand 😉🤙🏼

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  3. Wow, the last stanza is ultra powerful, conveying the beautiful nature of love. This is such a lovely poem with wonderful imagery. Loved every bit of it! 👌👌 Wonderfuk! 😍

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  4. Wow. What a wonderful poem! Awesome, dear Suma. Would love to see you keep writing. ♥️♥️♥️😊😊😊🌹🌹🌹


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