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This is written in response to Raksha 

Rules: You can skip any question but last one is a compulsion coz i wanna spread a bit happiness through you amazing bloggers. Mention me and this post in your answer. Just enjoy and take it as fun.

Here are some questions that I was asked and my answers:

1. What is the best blogging tip that you can give me?

After reading your recent works I am truly inspired, you are really doing  great. I actually have no tips in mind right now and I am not an expert too dear one. Still I would suggest keep writing consistently whenever you get time and whatever your thoughts trigger to pendown.

2. The best life lesson that you have learnt?

How can I choose only one when there are many but the best one, every one takes the silence and decency for granted but that shouldn’t change our true self.

3. How many years back you wrote your first blog and how you find it now?

Almost an year back,  I guess in September/October 2020. It’s entirely shift of unpredictable change. Loads of learnings with the knowledge of zero earnings, just for fun but the fact. 😅

4. Are you a student or professional?

I was a student of course 😉 currently a working  professional with 10 years of career which always makes me feel proud and happy to share. Prior to that I worked as a teacher for 1 year in the same high school where I was a student. My immense pleasure to answer this question. Thank you much.

5. Can you share something hilarious?😂😂(Because I want to laugh with others)

Horrible experience of stucking in the lift and making fun of those hell  moments on each one’s expressions once we are out safely. It happened 3 times with me ( visited the hell and was hard to bring the breath back). Really not a joke until we were out especially in Gvt departmental towers or buildings.

Recent incident of the same, we got stucked in a lift when we visted an SBI and we couldn’t show or screem that it has stopped because one old man was along with us in the lift so, thinking that he may get panic, we were just trying to ring the bell tried the ph but nothing worked. We started sweating and shivering and the old man was happy saying ” abi e lift uper jayegi na” (now this lift will go up right) we were laughing a lot once we were out of the lift safely, saying “lift nahi hum log Jaanewale the uper with free ticket” (not the lift, we were supposed to go up permanently).

After 10 min with no response from anyone we tried to pull it with fingers and you know what?? It got opened just like sensar so easily. Surprisingly a security was standing outside, when we asked him about, his response was his duty is only to look after an ATM and to check with  bank security or manager upstairs. That’s where our lives are being in a society with no humanity, warranty or guaranty. Any time anything can happen. So let’s not feed our hearts with negativity or hate. Live this short life with sweet smiles and happy laughs whenever is possible and spread the same to those who needed. Kindness costs ‘0’ currency as we all know this and nothing new I created.

Here it ends. Thanks for asking such amazing questions Raksha it was fun answering them. Hope you like it.

MY QUESTIONS WOULD BE SAME AS I ANSWERED ABOVE IF ANYONE WANTED TO PARTICIPATE: Hope you enjoyed reading my answers. I know many of you don’t find it feasible to participate or accept these requests, hence I am not mentioning any names here but all of you can pick any of the questions and mention your answers in the comment section if you feel to but no compulsion. Thanks once again for reading ❤🥰

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Oceanic Waves

Each day and night
My heart in silence
Knowing our distance
Still creates nuesence

Searching in every flower
Looking in every corner
Counting in every star
Wanting you forever more

Floating in oceanic weaves
Traveling by rise and falls
Moving towards the cruise
Finding our fonding memories


One beautiful evening
Sun was lightly shining
The sea view was mesmarizing
Cold breeze & crazy feelings

In your arms of warm room
I rest on your chest calm
The moment of sweet time
Magical music of your heart
It was my pleasant comfort

Touching my wet eye lashes
My fingers wiping the tears
Realized the scene of dreams
Recollecting the experiences
Mad heart, embraces pain too

Life is a cell with mixed emotions of thornful pains and heavenly feelings.

©️ Suma Reddy

Life is a cell with mixed emotions of thornful pains and heavenly feelings (pic: pinterest)

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you ✍❣

Beautiful faces behind the mask

This Poem is a thought out of the current crisis  in Afganistan and Emphasizing the Women’s democratic rights being faded away.  Of course there are many women in every Country almost, who are struggling just wearing a mask of faded smile and living in silence as their voices  been muted by discriminated laws with forced cultures and weird customs by the society, families or dominant men for many reasons. These are my own feelings and opinions based on the observations or experiences and not to hurt or disrespect any of the basic and common culture of being a man, woman or religion/religious. Thank you  for reading. Your Beautiful thoughts would be my cherished memories and learnings.

I had a positive post ready to publish about women tittle  “story of a woman” and it starts as woman’s story is constantly changing and so on… now I am stuck with these crisis and thinking how to add or end that story watching women struggling somewhere in the world and where’s the woman’s story is changing??? And which way it’s going…

Dear God!

Million thoughts in mind
Swirling like a speed wind
With this unknown life's end
One question if dont Mind
If you are looking around

Why is a girl put on earth?
To be a productive machine?
Once grown as a lovely woman
To be a slave for someone??
Is she a property to be own?

Dear God!

Are you looking around??
Can you hear her cry??
Can you listen her prayer?
Million questions in mind
With muted voice of silence
Collide by the cruel aronist
Isn't she a power of your creation? Gifted life of she

Crashing down to earth
Forgetting to breath
With oceanic tears in eyes
Broken heart of feelings
In lose of lucid powers
Being pushed into an abyss

Dear God!

By your gracious blessings
Let her will, be your power
And Taliban's greatest fear
Heal her soul with justice
Her each breath has a faith
Her beautiful heart beneath
That you save her with care

With prayers 🙏

©️ Suma Reddy

Pic from Flickr (Pinterest)

My Garden of thoughts and feelings sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you ✍❣

Afghanistan Crisis

Yesterday I wrote about my Country ( India) and on the same day the news about Afghanistan and it’s people’s situation was heart breaking. So much pain. Such devastation. How terrible situation it is for them?? hopelessness lives holding their breaths and running on the roads. My heart goes out to all Afghanis. Especially the Letter from Sahraa Karimi is really heartmelting and very impressive the way she urges the world to save her Country. Prayers for the world peace 🙏🙏🙏

On Sunday, on the occasion of India’s 75th Independence day, the world also witnessed the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, thereby driving the country towards major uncertainty and leaving the war-torn nation in an extremely vulnerable position. The airport of Kabul, the last city to fall witnessed crazy scenes of foreign nationals and Afghani residents alike trying to escape the clutches of the militants as the armed in insurgents captured the country in a week.

A week after the USA withdrew its troops that had been deployed in the country for over 20 years, the country is visibly shaken up, and the most at risk are its women and children, who have been suppressed with regards to freedom and education among basic fundamental rights.

And now, among scenes of chaos ensuing on the streets in cities, one doing the rounds on the internet shows a few Talibani insurgents moving around the streets with a reporter’s microphone and asking people to share how happy they are under the ‘Tali9s that one of the companions of the said ‘reporters’ seems to be carrying a gun in his hand, although he keeps it lowered


The video was originally shared on Twitter by an account called @Zabehulah_M33, and it claims to be the Official twitter account of the spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Zabihullah Mujahid.

The video, which has a description in Pashto, says ‘Kabul is under the control of the city, special units of the Islamic Emirate have been deployed in different parts of the city to provide security. The general public is happy with the arrival of the Mujahideen and satisfied with the security.”

The video shows three four Talibani people addressing the camera where they explain the situation prevalent in the city and the country. He then takes his microphone to one passerby and asks his name. When he replies its Habibullah, the man then goes on to ask how he is faring under the new Taliban rule. The same ‘reporter’ asks the question to yet another person and then enquires if he is ‘khushaal’ (happy) with the arrival of the Mujahideen. The man seems to reply in affirmative.

The scenes on the video are however, shockingly devoid of any woman or girls on the street. Not in the background, nor are they visible on any part of the road.

Many who have somehow been able to escape the Talibans and gone over to other countries, especially women and the young urban people have been continuously despairing at the breakdown situation in their country. Many Afghani nationals have been ruing the fact of 20 years of development washing away in an instant.

Afghan Filmmaker Sahraa Karimi:

“Taliban have entered the city and we are running away. Everyone is afraid.” This is not a clip from a scary movie, This is the reality in Kabul. Last week the city hosted a film festival & now they running away for their lives. Heartbreaking to watch but the world is do nothing

Hey ppl of the this big world, please do not be silent , they are coming to kill us.

In the video that she shared on Instagram on Sunday, she could be seen running amid a heightened activity on the street. “This is not a clip from a scary movie, This is the reality in Kabul. Last week the city hosted a film festival & now they running away for their lives. Heartbreaking to watch but the world is do nothing,” Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad wrote sharing the video on


“We need your voice. The media, governments and the world humanitarian organisations are conveniently silent as if this ‘peace deal’ with the Taliban was ever legitimate. It was never legitimate. Recognising them gave them the confidence to come back to power. The Taliban have been brutalising our people throughout the entire process of the talks. Everything that I have worked so hard to build as a filmmaker in my country is at the risk of falling. If the Taliban take over they will ban all art. I and other filmmakers could be next on their hit list…this war is not a civil war, this is a proxy war, this is an imposed war and it is the result of the US deal with the Taliban,” Sahraa Karimi wrote two days ago.


The sheer helplessness at Kabul airport. It’s heartbreaking!


Source, HT & Twitter

My Country Story

Fresh air
Lovely nature
Loving mother
No pollution
Less population
Pure affection
Childhood memories
Plenty of pleasures
Recap of dreams
Rare friends together
When I visit my native
No thoughts are negative
Country is conservative
And purely preservative
Beautiful mountains attract
Lovely birds sing to welcome
With sweet & pleasant lyrics
I visit my beautiful Country
To find the true treasury
Which is love affection and kindness (Parent's purely)
No money can buy, no price can be tagged at any cost
My Country is out of misery
Rooted as a strong tree
With many branched villages

The village between small mountains and greenfields
The place of my birth
The place of my peace
From my childhood to
Until my life's end

I am Proud of the Country I born the place I have been planted blooming like a soft flower with simple living and strong self instincts.

My Country 🇮🇳 My Pride
A proud Indian "JAI HIND"

Written on 15th Aug'21

Time: 9.30 p.m IST

Copy right ©️ Suma Reddy all rights reserved
Evening time at our groundnut fields, isn’t the green view under the blue sky soooo pleasant? (pic from my phone)

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Ola Electric scooter

Ola Electric scooter India launch is scheduled for August 15.
Ola Electric scooter India launch is scheduled on 15th August 2021

Basic Details:

Ola Electric CEO Bhavish Aggarwal on Tuesday announced the launch date of the company’s much-anticipated electric scooter in the Indian market. The Ola Electric scooter will make its official debut on August 15 which is also when its pricing structure is likely to be revealed. The bookings for the electric scooter were opened late July and the company cab aggregator-turned EV maker claims it has received an overwhelming response. Expect pricing to be somewhere around ₹1 lakh and state-level subsidies could bring it down further.

  • First launch schedule in India 🇮🇳 on 15th Auug’21
  • This would be the company’s first product in the EV space.
  • Ola scooter is expected to be priced under ₹1
  • Range 150 – 200 KM compared to other electric scooters of 70-80
  • Battery consumption upto 75 km
  • Quick charging Infrastructure
  • Instrument cluster of Map navigation along with other details display
  • Remote control on & off
  • Direct-to-home sales model (Home delivery )
  • As of now, only Ola own booking  zones being arranged along with online booking option with no dealerships
  • Online pre-order booking with just Rs. 499/-
A revolution to save the Environment
Here are all the colour options to be made available on the upcoming Ola Electric scooter.
Total in 10 pleasant colors

Ola Electric will manufacture this scooter at its plant in Tamil Nadu (India). The factory is claimed to become the world’s largest facility for electric scooters with an eventual capacity of belting out 10 million units per annum. Ola plans to manufacture the scooter at its upcoming $330 million mega-factory which is claimed to be the world’s largest e-scooter plant. The facility will sport over 3,000 robots working alongside 10,000 workers.

Ola plans to manufacture the scooter at its upcoming $330 million mega-factory which is claimed to be the world's largest e-scooter plant. The facility will sport over 3,000 robots working alongside 10,000 workers.

Bookings for the upcoming Ola Electric scooter was opened for a refundable amount of ₹499 and through the company’s online channel. Within 24 hours of bookings being opened, more than one lakh orders had been placed.

And while Ola Electric has been promising class-leading features which include a top speed which could potentially be in three figures as well as a per-charge range of around 150 kilometres, there is also a whole lot of buzz around the upcoming facility which will roll out the units.

The launch of the electric scooter is expected to galvanize the EV space in the country, a space that is anyway being propelled by battery-powered two wheelers. Subsidies announced by various state governments are likely to make electric two-wheelers almost as affordable as petrol models. Intense rivalry will only go on to help customers make an informed choice.

Once launched, Ola Electric scooter will take on the likes of TVS iQube, Bajaj Chetak Electric, Ather 450X, products from Okinawa and Hero Electric, among others.

Smiles of Flowers

Just for few minutes
Your smiles from miles
And my garden of flowers
Created a lovely paradise

Those beautiful feelings
And the moment of silence
Brought tears to my eyes
For many unspoken reasons

Your smile was pleasant
Like a fire fly’s light
Flashed into my heart
Healing wounds of hurt
Painting an amazing art


Your gift of smile is my beautiful mask which protects my emotions

Your smile has painted my heart with an amazing art

Each rose blossom of my Garden has your lovely smile

Roses from my little Garden of form house

Smile is the best language that conveys beautiful and lovely message and can speak any language being Multi Lingual isn’t it??

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you ✍❣

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy all rights reserved

6 word story with the word “Change”

This is in response to Shweta on Saturday #6 WSP

Change your attitude not the attire.

Words and actions speak louder than voice isn’t it?? Did I show my indirect attitude in the above 6 words story?? May be 😉 but definitely not to address any of you my sweetest friends, just a 6 words story that beeped up my mind. Thanks for reading 😇

Change is an action 
Choice of direction
Life's turning often 
Never is a perfection
Nor even a conclusion
Can be God's salvation

Change your attitude
Not attractive attire
Show your gratitude
For moments of proud
Testify yourself to GOD
Positively move forward

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy all rights reserved

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visiting. Thank you ✍❣

Little writer “Imrana”

This poem is to show my token of appreciation and admiration to the cute little writer whom I met here. She started writing at the age of 10 by sharing her Amazing stories on WordPress. Please have a visit with your blessings to the Little one.

Hi Little one!

You own my heart
Being cute & smart
With super talent
You are the best
In fact I ever met

Your cuteness loads
With tiny writing gift
Your pretty pictures
With perfect postures
And lovely gestures

As you flush out to write
Through your cute thought
Words snuggle within you
Admiring your little heart
Painting your pure smile
Creating beautiful moment

You are a tiny butterfly
Making my Garden beautiful
Wishing it to be flowerful
With your colorful comments
And cute sweet expressions

I love you little one
I admire your talent
I cherish your thoughts
I wish you to be blessed
With the bliss of purity
Good health and happiness

With Loves & Blessings!

By: Suma Reddy
To: Imrana

I Impressive
M Mystic
R Rare
A Amazing
N Nice
A Awesome

Pretty Princess

Copyright ©️ 2021 Suma Reddy all rights reserved

Pic from pinterest

Keep up and move forward,
God may shower the flowers of blessings to make the path of your life smooth and beautiful _ Suma Reddy

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you ✍❣

Rivers of Feelings

Close your eyes and feel
Open your heart and see
Your thoughts of vast Sea
Created by so called she
Know that she can oversee
Your rivers of feelings
From her heart of hilltop

You left her to be rust
Showing as a love draft
You are her treasurehunt
Never dreamt love crest

Two names of you & she
Knitted as beautiful craft
Painted on her lovely heart
With your image of so smart
Remind you to never forget
Her Love is not to be lost

She's loving to love you
In sweet pain of feelings
Putting them on WordPress
The best place to express
Releasing her every stress

You have no right to erase
them, nor dare to tare them
These are her pure feelings
And signs of her own vibes
Strongly built gut instincts
'Coz she's pure true forever
& never folded lovely chapter

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy, all rights reserved

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you ✍❣