Love is too expensive to earn

When he talks about his favorite things
She: Am I not your favorite then??
Ladies are ladies always 😍
He: Yes you are, you are my shadow
What would be her next response??

It can only be read through her tears

Love is too expensive to earn.
‘Coz it’s never tagged with the price
Money can never do miracles
But love can, when it’s true
Among two pure hearts 💕
When you can’t earn,
You can’t experience

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy.

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. ✍❣


Eternal Love

His Letter to her:

You are the only person for whom I don’t wanna think negative or wanna think of separation. That thinking only gives me some kind of sensation. I can’t explain how it feels but it’s  like heart is just breaking into several pieces.

My soul just tares apart and due to that all comes out through the tears. I cry a lot, sometimes half an hour, sometimes half a day long too.  I have never shared this to you but today I felt to, even now I am just in tears, they are just streaming , streaming and flowing.

I know deep in my heart, someday about separation, might be a possibility and of- course it’s true in today’s logic but there’s a saying that “if we close our eyes it doesn’t mean it’s the night”. In the same way my heart don’t want to accept those things that it also a part of relation my heart just want to close it’s eyes and just want to feel the deepest love for you.

It never wants to open the eyes of separation. When it tries to open, it starts crying. Hugs (I love this to use instead of sorry/thanks to you). I don’t know if this is making any sense by reading or I am just making it long for you to read but I don’t wanna hide it from you. I sometimes just think I might have broken many hearts indirect way so, this is may be just a small punishment to it. That thinking even breaks me into several pieces.

You know what! when I was watching the series of “Goblin”, it speaks and says about we have in total 4 lives: 1st we sow the seed, 2nd we give water to it, 3rd is harvest and 4th is to enjoy the result of it.

I guess I have sown the seed of love with you in my first life and I just forgot to water it and have kept looking for the other seeds. So, at the time of harvest that seed it just making me realised that you are late for the seed of love so m just hurt in this life but as this is my 3rd life due to my ignorance I have to live for the 2 life so your words of separation give me a thought that 4th life of enjoying the fruit of it will not be in this life I have to wait till it grows n harvest it that is taring me apart from within.

I don’t know why I became like this that I just keep on typing typing and typing I never use to write this much, I’ll stop here..

After few hours I realized that I overthink a lot and have so much of fear of loosing you.

Actually “Overthink” it’s like having a fear of “will I be able to last longer in bed types”.

And we forget it’s never about that thing. It’s all about enjoying every time either it’s in gap intervals or not or being a planet how in universal planets always surrounded for earth maybe it’s in distance billions of miles away but still they exist and stand with earth and face the sun ☀️

I hope you understand this metaphor.
See love, make one thing fit in your mind and heart, have you ever seen an earthworm?

Earthworms are like this, usually if you cut them, they will grow again them selves and move ahead.

Similarly the heart of your’s and mine ♥️ is like that. So if separation cut us off. Don’t think that’s the end. We been separated so many times but somehow we grow our heart and never let it go away by holding in such a precious way. This will forever stay.

Even in future no matter what comes in life .. I’ll make sure that we both always grow this heart so much then no matter which situation tries to separate us.

I loved the Goblin 4 stages too and agree with them but I love to add one more main ingredient in this stage.

It does not matter either it’s about seed or harvesting or anything unless all of them don’t have their frequency attached to the soul that comes only in radio usually.

There have been so many ages since the radio was invented and if you take history of it and the present… one thing has never been changed in this era of radio.

“Frequency” always remained constant. What is frequency ? As all know, It’s that which connects the channels in the radio. Tuning into frequencies and listening.

So lots and tons of radio stations may be created or closed and it’s been replaced with many new concepts and shows. But frequency always existed till now frequency never left the radio and it always making the radio as radio.

So, our emotions and feelings which are connected are emotionally, mentally and physically are like this frequency.

Majorly, no matter who will be the host of this life as a partner as you are within my Soul deeply. It does not matter what will be the show of this life as I’ll be the classical era that can never be replaced by any show.  For example, how till today’s date “the Titanic is titanic” and always generation of generations keeping it alive.

So, my dearest love…yes may be there will be less audiences to listen which is our heart itself, our heart beats are the  audiences they may never love the show and always gonna miss the classical show and always have that original frequency which are our feelings that are invented with the radio of love started and developed since I found you as mine.

But it’s gonna be alive with pros and cons. Still feelings be there. Yes as all have it’s own flaws and deeds but what matters is we will be having this same frequency viewing up like how earthworms grow themselves.

That’s why, never underestimate the power of dirt as even the things from dirt are so valuable that human never think in day to day life for example earthworms.

I am honoured and blessed I feel you in this way my dear Love.

She replied with empty mind and silence

I am just blank with no ink
In my mind or thoughts to write.
I can mirror reflect each of -
Your feelings poured out here,
No power that I can beat or
Bare your talent of classic- writings of your heart and feelings.
Just in tears n great fears to loose you.
That imagination and thought itself pulls me down deep,
Under the Earth when am alive itself.
No words I can't write anything.....Love you....
I only know one thing to please
Please never ever leave me,
It kills me to imagine to be alive without your presence
In this journey of us,
I will no more consider as mine But ours soo please...

Until am alive,
You should never cry.
I am with you in every situation.
Trust me, nothing and no one have power to break-
Our togetherness,
Until our heart and soul are strong enough to feel and face each other.

I am just in deep sorrow.
Would love to be in silence
For now are for sometime
Blank with nothing in mind
But only you within.
Lemme give the space to my silence in emptiness.

From the moment -
I fallen for your love
I started loving myself
'Coz your care taught me
To care myself for "US"
My soul wants to replace
I love you with "I bow you"
For the darling heart you got
To love & feel me so much.

There's no end or ejection
For this mad thoughts of you.

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy.

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. ✍❣

Special is a Kiss or the Moment (Must read)

He wrote her :

Dearest Love…,

Let me make sure, my breath is fresh on the day when I am gonna meet you or making sure I’m sleeping good enough for long hrs and not having any sweating odours under my armpit.

Taking fresh mint or brushing one hour before the kiss. All this planning of self hygienic just to make sure if the first kiss happens, so it should be PERFECT.

After that setting up the mood. As first kiss with you will be very special moment and want to remember rest of our life.

So deciding which location and what time it should be done. Evening or night ? Crowded or full privacy ?

Dressing up nicely to put more efforts just to make sure this day, you are about to have a special moment.

Making sure that you are in mood. This is major thing to keep in mind. It does not matter how much preparation I may plan before this moment happen.

Later on…?? my heart is like stopped!

This is what usually most of the people do.
That they need this special moment in that way and for them special means all these things.

In my prospective, my special moment with you is not making only at the first time but to make every moment as special as possible.

Every moment of our’s itself is special for me,
Either it’s seeing you for the first time,
After such long distance or innumerable times kissing you but I don’t look for the location to be so amazing and romantic or we wont even be so much smelling in good fragrances.

Amazing moment is just seeing and meeting each other irrespective of external attractions but with internal fragrances of our love and feelings.

What if we get sick and that’s the day destiny make us to meet? For the first time? I wont care about fresh breath or any such romantic places. I still love to kiss you and still that moment will be special for me. With our love and deepest feelings, we would make that moment as sooo special.

Special is the moment itself. When we spend time and express feelings together. Without making only one day special and rest not. That’s not a sale. One day super sale and other days back to normal prices types.

For us, our togetherness is always gonna be special. As we are special for each other.

So, our first kiss will be special and not just first kiss but every kiss & romance along with every sad & bad moments of us. We always gonna make this whole journey special by being together is the biggest special thing to us.

But yah, happy kiss day for the purpose of valentine’s week and for the shake of world as they celebrate “kiss day” special but for us everyday is a kissing day and everything we do in love is special together. Loving kisses to you my Love.

She: A kiss to the Newborn

On this beautiful day!
After the cool Sunset
When the Moon was lazy
Our hearts were crazy
Awaiting for a light
To celebrate at right
My little Star was born
Luminously from the heaven
Making our lives shine.

Many more happy returns of the day my smarty....
Many loving kisses to you "Newborn naughty"....

Feel my kiss, as soft as the feathers and mother's touch.

Our hearts are flowers
With many special fragrances,
We spray them with our breaths
In each fast beat it gives,
When we meet and make it special

We are the world in the
Universe of our love.
With our own notion,
And passion of fondness.
Your first kiss & touch
Would be my flight to-
The heaven we create,
By feeling each of them
As a falling raindrop.

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy.

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit ✍❣

In the flight of “HUG”

Are you hurt??
Hug me with all your heart,
Close your eyes and feel it.
Let your heart touch mine,
They have lots to speak out-
Their silence, let's listen.

May be you kept it holding,
I may kept it without sharing
Hurting each other for a reason.
Let them speak out their hearts
Hug me tight and let's listen.

Do they really deserve any hurt?
Truely no for our flaws&faults.
Now, let's open our eyes firmly
And look straight at each other,
They do have something to share.
Let them shred it out from heart
Do not look away, let's listen.

Let them shred their deep feelings and hurts out,
Let's feel their feelings,
And their soundless scream.
Did you notice something?
My tears are in your eyes
Your's are reflecting in mine.

Either a pleasure or misery,
We share it together like -
A hug, a tight hug by uniting.
A protection to feel & conceal,
Our sincere love & soul as one.

There must not be a place
To any unknown mixups among,
Though if there comes something,
We resolve it only by hugging.
It gives goosebumps to feel
That hug and touch of your's.

May be one day,
I would love to fly,
In the flight of your hug
And blow away all my stress
And lowness out into the air,
Before my breath blasts into the sky.

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy.

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit ✍❣

Promises are Imperfect

He, who’s perfectly imperfect but real and practical.

Dear Love,

The statement or saying which you may say from your voice or you will be doing this definitely in future known as ‘promise’.

According to the entire world
Promise defines this way exactly.

In my perspective
Promise means I don’t promise.

I promise, I don’t promise that I promise to be perfect and make you always happy.

It’s a bitter truth of life.
Take anyone, any couple or any bond
For example family they knew you from the birth. Yet still you will hurt and make them sad with your actions. Not able to fulfil what you say as promise.

It’s in human nature itself .. even after knowing all the imperfections and all the flaws of each other. Still situations comes where they get disappointment and hurt.

So why human see “PROMISE” as perfection?

Promise is made up with the imperfect sinner souls which are we as human. So never keep expecting that promises always gonna be perfect.

So yes I don’t wanna promise this perfect promise to you.

Only I promise to promise that yes maybe I will let you down in some phase of life and I can’t always be able to make you instantly happy but one thing I can promise is this imperfect actions of our life to accept and respect equally.

So, happy promise day my soul & shadow.
Actually it should be happy imperfect promise day as we accept all our imperfect- tions yet keep this bond of us to be the strongest togetherness. Love…missing you.

She, who learnt only to accept everything that life throws at.

Oh sweetheart!

I need your presence
Not the promise
May be one day
We suffer and struggle
Into deep emotion
By breaking them up.

Better not to keep,
Such false promises.
Yes we are imperfect
Accepting them equally.
All broken ones are those,
In the list of lost world
Who might kept promising
And broke into pieces,
One day, when they can't-
Keep up the expectations.

Yes, instead of promises
Acceptance is important.
As we darely and deeply
Occupied each other's space.
Hope this would move ahead
Smooth with no rough ways.

Keeping just "Promise"
In case one day if you say,
"You own, I lost, so..
I don't have power to'
Tolerate your flaws"?

Not promise, heart will break
May be it gets real attack.
I love that we never keep
Any promises. Also I see
You never say thanks or sorry

Everything ends only between
Hugs and love how wow to feel.
Uniquely universal you are,
I may have many flaws...
But you made me to purify
Myself and be only for you.

Last but not the least,
Though It can be imperfect,
I would love to promise
Something perfectly.
If the day comes that makes you feel
I am your risk, never ever...
I would push myself into hell
But never cause any risk to you.

I respect and love you for-
Whatever you are, I never count your flaws whatever they can be.
May be one day, you overlook
Deep Into my heart to feel that.

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy.

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit ✍❣

Love is as soft as Teddy

He felt his Teddy’s touch and wrote…


Actually people give teddy bears on this day but for me the real teddy bear is you. Very soft and squeezey way.

So you must be thinking just coz I’m soft squeezey way how can I be teddy bear ?

And also you must be thinking how you know ? As I never ever touch you.

So what if I haven’t yet touch you ?
The feelings and this emotions
Make my body temperature change
Without your touch.

When things gets bad
Soul and body both again gets affected
Without your touch.

Even impact my mind so much that I am
Unable to focus on anything. Without hug or touch if organs are so powerful like it can affect the brain, then why not this soul able to feel how amazingly softer you may be
when I am gonna hug and squeeze you.

Without your touch
I feel your touch
When I crave and express you.
And people who say Imagination is fictional,

Let them think
Only I may understand and you.
How this cravings make the imagination
So real as I feel every touch as yours.

I feel this teddy bear is in me
You are within me.
If imagination is not real,
Then people can never think due to imagination they were able to invent so many technologies. Thinking something is imagination that’s how human feels and lives.

Also when I talk to you verbally,
You open the eyes of my soul in new way.
Now I never wanna think of other possibilities and just want us to be one by hook or crook.

“You are my teddy bear”.
And I’m proud and blessed to have such teddy bear in my life.

Happy teddy bear day my…..

I see you being sad, I will be with you. “I am still ALIVE”.

She smiled, cried and replied to her Teddy 🧸

I read you and my reply right away, can only be tears baby. Loving to love you more n more. Each day, every minute & moment. Celebrating our true and deepest feelings in the name of Valentine’s week.

First time in life something, making me to feel sooo value for myself to be alive after hell of troubles till now. But it’s killing me to imagine what if the day comes demanding me to move ahead to hell, when you go away from me? this imagination is killing me soo badly.

I remember this quote I read somewhere which has in my mind since my childhood., “Imaginary fear is more dangerous than real experience” it’s soo true and feeling it as this is pulling me down soo badly.

Why did you dig those feelings soo deeply. Kill you...kill you....and it's like murdering myself if you ever leave me.

Now come and hug me feel the touch of your teddy. This heart is more softer than that, dont squeeze it hard by letting me live without you...❤️

You are alive in each beat of my heart
You are alive in each breath I inhale
You are alive in my every thought
You are alive in each blink of my eye
You are alive in each feel of my craving
You are alive in each fear I refer
You are alive in each stream of my blood flow
You are alive within me,
Until I am alive.
From this second to until my life's end and beyond.

I am mad of you, I can't resonate any such reason, imagination, situation or moment that will take you away from me. I am living with you feeling you within me every minute and moment soo madly....

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy.

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit ✍❣

Flavours of True Love 💕 (must read)

He wrote to her:

Chocolates are not sweet,
It depends on the kinds
In the same way,
Feelings are not always sweet for us.

We may travel through dark, bitter moments at some point,
Just say when you or me lose our parents,
I don’t know how I would be able to make you better at that moment.

I may try to make you laugh –
Which may be worst thing to do,
May be I do nothing and give that grief space. You know, this heart won’t be in peace. As that moments this soul never want to see those tears tare you into pain.

This includes even me I don’t know, how I’ll be on that day when I am gonna lose my parents. But I want on such moments, our dark, bitter taste of flavoured phase. We should be One and able to handle each other.

Chocolates comes with expired date.
So some day you or me. Anyone of us
Gonna expire from this planet. I don’t know when but Yah, I pray either this expiration comes on the same day to us or I die first.

I think of our distance, later on I add up many things. In a lost way.

  1. Apart from distance, it’s a mystery if we ever gonna meet or not
  2. After that it’s about the circumstances as time and situations keep changing, will we be able to manage such time or will that time rule us?
  3. Time when you be a mother again and that Stage of those precious crucial 9 months and responsibilities of family, in-laws and ya your life partner
  4. All this plus protecting our bond with all of them, also when time you will be injured or sick in case or
  5. When your future kids cause you trouble or you going with issues of your family, in-laws, life partner or career or anything that comes in life

Everything is gonna affect on one thing that’s “TIME”.

And moreover, I don’t know how you will be, your nature based on these circumstances. This is also gonna impact with time.

I don’t know if we add all these things… how much time and in other words if you say how much or how many memories I’ll be able to make with you.

That’s why I keep on telling you that life is very short and every second is crucial and precious to me when it comes to you.

And you know, I always mention as your “Life Partner” I never mention ‘soulmate’ as life-partner.

You know why? “In chocolates kitkat can’t be a Cadbury dairy milk”.

Both May made up with coco
Which is sperm same material
But still they are not same.
Difference, perspective and thinking
Makes lot of impact.

So life partner can be everything
Able to support love and care
And be always 24 hours with you
Yet they can’t always understand you.
They won’t always be able to respect your choices and decisions.
At some point in time, they will fail to understand you as they have limits and boundaries. They can’t always accept what you want in life.

‘Soulmates’ are the same
Not perfect in everything,
Yet they always acknowledge in positive way even if it’s not positive thing. Either that’s your life choices or any situation.
They may not understand everything
Yet they will give heart to listen and respect it even though that thing won’t include any happiness to his soul. They still always have heart and be with you. Then either any mistake is forgettable or never forgettable,
They are like diaries. “Not always living together but still staying together as one soul”.

Today is chocolates day but for me.. it’s OUR DAY. Everyday belongs to us. Even the week .. instead of Monday to Sunday.

Our Day
Each Day is our’s untill our last day of breath.

Yes! I do have all these thoughts how we are gonna survive our journey based on all these obstacles.

Heart says only one thing.
The way in this present day you are able to survive. In the same way. Just have faith in this “bond of us as one”.

So happy chocolate day oops! I mean “OUR DAY” of chocolate memories with precious flavours of us 💕

What will she have to write back??

I am taring myself into tears
To read these deepest feelings.
Those metaphors scuse my heart,
It gives me pain to imagine,
That phase of "parting off"
Can't resonate with the reasons.

I only have tears, confusion, fear, feeling, missing, almost dying with all such mixed ups...
All together melting my heart,
Into a creamy bloody chocolate. No words, I can't write more,
I am almost lost, totally down.

Though we are independent -
With all the rights reserved,
To reach each other with no restrictions,
Still, we are strictly holding
And restricting ourselves
To preserve the peace to others.

Those are may be our family,
Any individual or parents,
Just to keep up the cultures,
Traditions or religious things
Sacrificing our hearts for all
I don't know what to name us.

May be I am for someone else,
Also you will be sure,
One day or other,
Soon or later but sure.
Not sure of hell or heaven,
Where the time takes us to be.

But, I am sure to be your's.
Except God and faith in him,
I have nothing to promise.
I keep up this chapter open,
Letting the time and fate to-
Write our epic journey together.

Irrespective of any existed -
Names for this love of us,
I would like to feel it as-
A blessing to have you for me,
Where I can mirror reflect,
Myself for whatever I am.

I was skillful enough to handle
My heart with many hurts to it
But, to carry these heavy- feelings of us with many
Blocks and obstacles to face,
I am soo week and can't make
A single day without you.

I know, the distance between us
Is like the Sky and Earth.
The universe is beautiful,
Just 'coz of them may be,
Likewise you & me and our togetherness. I am blessed.

Learnt to turn these tears
Into flowers and pray God.
Offering them at his feet,
Asking to be with us and
Bless us to meet one day.
May be at the heaven,
If not on this planet.

With tears and fears where there's no full stop

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit ✍❣

Hearts are together!

She: Oye…!
Is today the Propose day?
Accept my proposal and
Be prisoned in my heart forever.
You did wrong giving me a Rose.
Now you will have to face me.
Be mine baby, you are my Blessing.

He: Love…
I am happy If I did wrong,
I am ready to face you anytime.
Yes, to be prisioned….
Where we both locked up.
In the flames of our feelings,
No escape, only keep up,
This bond beyond the measures.
We both are blessing for each other.


When he lay on her laps,
She leans up to his lips.
They look so cherry blossom,
Oh!Sweeter than lollipops
And colder than Ice cubes

His feather touch fingers,
Moistures her chubby cheeks.
The power in his eyes,
The fire in their feelings,
Awww that scenic beauty…
Steals the hearts away to imagine

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

Pic credit #pinterest

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Loving Roses 🌹🌹

He: Wanna give u this rose and come closer to your lips and taste that lipstick and ur lips and look in ur eyes by holding hands wanna say happy rose day.

She:My dear ....., my love, my sweetheart,
I would love to turn -
Each of your sweet smile,
Each time you say that,
You love me more....
Every kiss that your lips touch me,
Each blink & wink of your eye at me
Every tease and tresure of our feelings,
Every beautiful moment we create
As my Garden of lovely roses
Happy rose day to my loving Rose.
I never know all these special days, Neither I celebrated anytime.

My tears are rolling out like pearls
My fingers are turning into flowers
Holding and molding each petal & pearl into an adorable bowl of my palms to place at the God's feet Praying to forgive all the sins  and accept devotional tears of prayers .....

I am holding my each falling tear as a petal of rose and sending it to you. Happy Rose day to "US"
Come more closer, let's kiss that Rose together and feed our lips more softness with it's petals.

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

Locked Memories

She’s just fine in his thoughts
Thoughts of locked memories,
In the middle of cold  mist
His soft touch of tendency
His arms were her warm room

As feelings were Flaunting
And fondings were flowing
Her snoring soul awaken
Her heart has drowned
Into the well of desire

Promising to her amour
Falling into his arms
Feeling the cupid touch
Hiding from his fiery looks
Hand in hand, with the bond

Decline to hide the moods
Two souls inclined as one
Her closed eyes wishpered
Her tears cried out the pleasure
'Coz his love was her treasure


She wanted to stop crying
But her tears wanted to dance
In the rain of a deep Pain,
Memories must be haunting
Nothing has changed ever...

Her heart has been stabbed
Her Voice has been muted
Memories have been locked
Thoughts have been masked
Feelings have been killed

Still, she's killing herself
In each moment of He&She

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

My Garden of thoughts and memories, sow a seed of good deed if you visit ✍❣