You and Me

You are my Sunset and Sunrise, though you are burning like a fire so hot I can see the stars twinkling in your eyes and I am inching out to reach you closer and please you with all my love. I am your Sunflower, bright shiner or burn either I would bloom only with your light.

Perfection of the picture is proof of God’s creation and the Love of two Souls.

Pic credit goes to one of my team mate. I felt in love with this pic and collected. Now it’s beauty is mesmerizing in my Love Poem and would live and shine forever.

Silent Prayer

Dear God, thanks for gifting me an another day of new hope in my life!

I am in a silent Prayer looking at the gift you sent me which was not even in my dream and is so bright and burning my eyes.

With the brightness of morning dawn  My happiness is taking me to the lawn

I am closing my eyes and sensing the morning dawn sitting in the lawn

My mind is proposing to travel alone to the place my heart wanted to lean

I am carrying my heavy thoughts alone as my mind and heart conflict common

Conflict in life is common and happen but pain and strain are not common

I am carrying my heavy thoughts alone as the place my heart found is so clean

I can’t make it dirty with my emotion I could just wishper I am done and fine

Life is so beautiful when we close our eyes and see through prayers of God who gifted this eternal life to us. Have a blessed day!

You are my Fantasy

I am in a – not – so – perfect situation, when the eyes of my heart wanted to see you there are blushing thoughts which are looking away and hiding in your arms. I am hoping you let them skip and sleep in there. I am holding you in my heart. There’s no distance between two souls to be together. You are my fantasy✍

Strong Souls

Distance apart, when we are limited only to texts and rare calls each word means so much for me. I believe that you will also be thinking at the same time when I think of you. So we are on this journey of thoughts together. When you mean everything for me distance is nothing. Thanks for each precious moment you gave my baby! loads of love πŸ₯°β£

Bright Outlook

Your life has a value, do little bit of good where you are, that’s going to be worth living and being loved by the people surround you. Be courageous, this would be the quality of a warrior. Morning is the best time to raise our positive thoughts and affirm to be adorable and Creative. ✍πŸ₯°

Morning Vibes #2

Hey! here’s another awaited new morning and new hope to make our beautiful flowers bloom out of our dark shadow of last night. Life isn’t cool as we expect always right? Sometimes we need to water the thorns for the sake of beautiful roses isn’t it? So let’s not stop loving the things we love and make us happy by stressing over the things that we won’t like or control.

Pic from Pexels

When you don’t know the language, it’s better just to enjoy the music instead of trying to understand the lyrics which will make you stressful. I can relate it to my husband, he can’t speak my mother tongue but enjoys the music of my language. Some times he asks me to translate, my tough time starts and I would tell him…

“OMG! I never thought practically, otherwise I wouldn’t marry you” ha ha πŸ™ƒ I no need to elaborate what’s next right? Do you all think our silly fight started here? No…the cold war starts from a cup of hot coffee itself in the early morning as “why did you take my Cup as you know that I won’t like any other” and then during work (WFH) sitting next to each other and it continues until we sleep for even no reasons 😍 next day morning? Of course we bloom with new fresh love flowing again. πŸ₯°β£

Pic from Pexels

With the blessings and grace of God, though our minds fight “our hearts are together forever” with no language or any other barriers. Now our little judge (my Pretty Princess) orders against our fights with one word saying, STOP!

My Pretty Princess

I hope you all are sleeping and I am writing this to wish your morning to be awesome & lovely, your day be boosted brighter & happier. Now the time is 2 am IST. I am not sleepy because I slept off deeply in the afternoon and woke up at 6 pm thinking it was early morning 6 am looking at the darkness outside. I asked my hubby “why did you wake up so early ” I am often confused waking up from sleep, not sure anyone else ….πŸ€— wishing all the dear ones a lovely Sunday! ✍ πŸ₯°

Dear Morning!

I am so excited and crazy to see you and feel your cool magical breez. I am so so so…awaited as you are the light to lit up my day brighter as I find a little joy in you to make my heart and soul lighter with the tender loving care which has no measure! Love you and thank “God” for being the reason to look forward to the next day πŸ₯°β£πŸ™

Beautiful Pic from Pexels