The meaning of life & living

Flying over the clouds but looking down the earth knowing the true destiny 

Roaming around the world
but wishing to die on the motherland/birth place

Living a luxurious life in a city but never forgetting the country background

With success story on the screen but never to ignore the struggles behind

The joy is to enjoy the rainbow but never to regret the scream of thunderstorm

Life is to live at peace but never to point out and fight to be right

Be courageous and move on but remember the hard phase of gained strength

Be patient with silent smile but never neglect the troubles of tears

Know the purpose of life but never fail to understand the tough times you overcome

Stay blessed with the light of hope but never disregard the times of darkness

Count on each moment but have the good ones colleted to cherish

Be a rebel over your trouble but know the softness of your strong heart

Meaning of living is to pass through the past, live in the present moment and enter into the future with care

You are blessed in your living, you are blessed in your coming

Thanks & Prayers 🙏

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This video was captured by me during my ✈️ from Mum to Blr on 23rd Nov’19

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Grow through with what you go through

Life is to live and move forward whatever we go through or wherever it plants us, isn’t it?? We should not filter and await  only for the good and happy moments. Ups and downs in life won’t come up as we plan, we should always be positive and prepared to face any situation that comes in our way and become a life’s warrior. If we still don’t find the right way, just have to make the one by clearing all the obstacles and make the life smooth but never rough out of the tough situations.

God is what the truth and right path we should always trust and walk along, with prayers.

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“Past is a history, future is a mystery, present is the presentation” that any one can make most out of it to become a better and happy person. I still remember this beautiful quote that I planted strongly in my mind from the book of ‘NLP‘ which I red when I was in my high school but I have my own views around it as mentioned below.

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Do not become a victim of your past, just look back and say thanks to it for making you the strongest person that you are today. Do not worry about the future but always have better plans in place to sharpen and shine your consciousness carefully with the lessons learnt in the past. Present is what you  can represent and present yourself to the fullest to live the life in a right way correcting and implementing the past learnings. Of course life never stops teaching.

Each phase of life is very important but we must eliminate the negativity to make it meaningful. Your life has a value, do little bit of good where you are, that’s going to be worth living and being loved by the people surround you. Be courageous, this would be the quality of a warrior.

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You should be the person what you become and not the one what happened to you. Fire off the past, owe yourself and affirm that no one can break or destroy you for the person you became today by building with the bricks of struggles, pouring of problems, years of tears and only with the strength of ‘God’. Amen!

Isn’t it breathtakingly beautiful to know that you have learnt so much to grow flowers from the garden of dreams and memories that were died long time ago? Yes of course, just smile at those who laughed at your troubles at times, let ‘Karma’ take care of them. You just be a go getter to succeed and move forward in your journey of life.

To grow through from what you go through, just trust and stick to your own instincts and the word of God, no one can cast a shadow over your Sunshine. Keep smiling! keep shining!

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What is the God’s Grace!

At this moment as the night brought me some peace, I rewinded my day to conclude and enter in to the new morning. There were some mixture of thoughts over my head reminded me to thank God for his Grace.

Night is the precious time that God has created to rest our minds and listen to our heart’s wishperings. It’s the best time to filter our thoughts, target our troubles and thank god for all that is good in life. We can take a time to know that all the worst and best days are respectively not bad and good but God’s grace works any way. Both situations will remind us to confess our sins, find a quiet place to reach him or pray him for all his grace by praying and thanking for keeping us in his arms always.

I know the difficult times are the worst disappointments but God’s plans are always more beautiful than anything that we go through. Always remember, before getting in to expectations and perfections in life, ensure to thank God for all that you are blessed and existed with. whenver you feel like falling and slipping, don’t forget that God’s Grace and Mercy would lift you right back up again and restore all your strengths.

To know more and deep about God’s Grace, one should grow through the root of it with strong faith and belief onto god firmly. One should always knock to ask and seek for the needs, keep thanking for all that you have in life. If you look back to realize the way you walked along to the present, god must have proven many things with his grace and sought you out by breaking to the new reality.

Devinity for the sake of simple-minded is beautiful. It is not the law of religion nor the principles of morality that define our highways and pathways to God; only by the Grace of God we are led. So begin this new day, new hope and opportunity with joy and prayers in your heart to receive more abundant blessings and the “Grace of God”. As you walk your way this day, may you walk in faith and belief to make each moment brighter by his glory.

Grace is a love, devine power and a vital piece of our existence that’s derived from the God. Today take some time to focus on the word “God’s grace” and allow God to reveal himself  to you in a whole new way. Here’s a beautiful quote: those who leave averything in God’s hand will eventually see God’s hand in everything. God bless you!

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Is nothing means so much?

A man knows very well that there must be something when a woman says nothing. Isn’t it?? Please read it, you may like it by recollecting your similar scenarios. I would cherish your shared thoughts as my sweetest memories.

He: on mute 🔇 no notifications 🔕

She: Hello, are you there?

He: Yes I am, what’s wrong??

She: Nothing

He: Sure?? There must be something

Here’s what her meaning of nothing.

Strong meaning
Deep feeling
Under the ceiling
Upon the bed laying
My silence is singing
My thoughts are dancing
My heart is missing
I am searching,

Is it with you?

It may be pleasing
It may be playing
Blowing out bubbles
Picking up love pebbles

Do you get angry?
Do you hurt it?
It's blood is postive
But is very sensitive
And duble creative
Your heart is it's native

Never ever hurt it
I deeply mean it
I serve you from it
I love you from it

Strong meanings of deep feelings in missing love

He:you are so sweet, thank you.

Man is always a man who overwrites a woman's paragraph of feelings in a single word or sentence.

Poetic vs Pathetic 🤨

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

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Lonely travel of life

Life is a Gem
Never is a blame
Learn to bloom
Turn around time
Day&night are same

Akin to life&death
So, deeply breath
From heart beneath
Efforts are worth
Gain the strength

Rise up and move on
Learn to walk alone
The path you choosen
Become your own boon
Focus on your reason
And make a decision

No one is for you
Nothing is your's
Even by a chance,
Though in bad times
Never think in worse
But feel it's verse

Just play your role
Be true to your will
It's a life's travel
Pay the bill of toll
In the journey of hell
To the heaven's shell

Truth is only God
Wake up from the bed
Out from dream land
As your wishes demand
And thoughts command
Live like a legend
Until your travel end

Copyright ©️ 2021 Suma Reddy all rights reserved.

Life is a challenging journey.
Be brave and learn to travel alone
until you reach your final destiny.

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you ✍❣

Tears of Prayers

Dear Tears!

I am never tired 'coz
When my time is hard
You are my word
You are my sword
I always reward

When I am afraid
And thoughts sacred
With prayers to God
You are my guard
Who feels equally bad
Sharing all my odds

When I am silent
In some sad moment
Under the dim light
At exact mid night
Painting my heart
With pain deepest
You are so clement

My life never taught
To end up just crying
I will keep it trying
Until I will be getting
By rising up remembering

To listen to my voice
Controlling emotions
Lifting myself at times
From the covered face
Out of both the palms
Knowing no one cares
Wiping streaming tears

My pillow knows me well
How I dwell in the well
Of tears and never yell
At, tears are valuable
I myself have it all
I myself make to be cool
As life isn't a reel
I must be practical

Rinsing the sad face
With pearls of tears
Under the morning rays
A new day of God's grace
With tears of prayers
Being in my own space
All set for the new race

Life is a game
never fail to practice if you choose to win.

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

Dear woman, Rinse your dark night tears under the morning rays and find out the new path to your success

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you ✍❣


Dear Flower
You are rare
And a fire
In your attire

Your sweet nectare
Is the sector
And an attractor
At the center
Of your structure

From the soil
You are soulful
So so beautiful
With clement smell
Softness as symbol

You are fragile
To be broken
Yet so strong
Come along
By blooming
Love belonging

From the ground
In your mind
Sway in the wind
With musical sound
Being so profound

You have been found
By an unknown Friend
At the slope end
With hurted wound
If you don't mind
Will you be kind?

Look at her face
Listen to her voice
Teach some patience
She's worn but wise
She's in a silence
Her soul strums
To the rythem of
Your soft petals

Let her touch you
Let her feel you
Let her choose you
Let her cherish you
Let her show you
Let her turn you
Into her heal
You are her love

"She is the Butterfly"

Copyright ©️ 2021 Suma Reddy all rights reserved

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The king of every country

Who do you think the real king of every country?? I know most of us who respect him must be knowing who he is. My Little honor to the king I admire 🙏

The king of every country
Lives in every tradition
Who wears his own crown
The nature's best Friend

Wakes up before the dawn
Works until the sun set
Investing sweat as asset
Harvesting to result best

The month of June
Is the season of rain
In the region of mine
Seeds have been sown

Between the hills
Under the dark soil
Deep inside the dirt
Earth beneath the Prison
Awaits doors of heaven

Desire of seeing light
Sprouting of struggles
Bathing in the sunlight Showering of rain falls
The legitimate baby plant Slanting on a green mat
Glowing like a sunflower

Blooming with the silence Growing with the patience
In the nature's presence
The king of land embraces

As he walks on the pavement
In his created environment
His hard work of footprint
Stays on the earth permanent

He is the prominent *farmer* The real king of every country

Copyright ©️ 2021 Suma Reddy all rights reserved

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Red Rose on the Riverbed

My thoughts have been muted by someone or something since my last post. Is it by you?? or your Ignorance? May be my silence over someone’s Ignorance.

I tried hard to pendown few writings but all are resting in the draft with partial makeover. I could decorate and bring this poem of “Red Rose” on this stage of my page for now. Read it, you may like it and I would forever cherish your shared thoughts as sweet memories. Thank you.

On the day of fullmoon 
A Rose has dressed up red
Resting on the river bed
With the ornament of moon light

Shining in the dark night
Mesmerizing the Moon and Stars With the beauty and mild fragrance

In the stillness of silence Finding it's true bliss Showing off its solace Capturing the love souls

From the Moon to Earth
The love hearts beneath
The thrills of Feelings Deep intense of desires

Dandelion souls of wind Feelings out of the mind Wandering to be flown
The fondness for roses
The love Souls blown
The petals of red rose

The flower of the falcon The symbol of pure love
God's wish of attraction
Good is it's affection
Sad is it's affliction

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you, Suma ✍❣