My morning walk through the forest

This post will sure give you an awesome feel with the melodious music added to the video and a lovely poem about the nature’s view. I am writing this on a blog challenge, “What moves you” being conducted by one of our great co-blogger dear Michele Lee from My inspired life. This is well optimized for the challenge of well being, fitness and good health. Especially the fun and craziness of life and inspiration.

Pictures were clicked by me during my morning walk through the forest where birds sing while I rejoice in a wooden swing among the dreamy wooden houses around, watching at the sky and feeling the bloom of lotuses in a pond. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts and views.

This lovely melodious video was created by me with the pictures clicked from my morning walk through the lushy green forest.

A lovely wooden house
In the hush of morning, a gentle walk I take,
Amidst nature's embrace, my spirit awake.
A wooden house stands with rustic charm,
Nestled in the embrace of nature's arm.

Puddles shimmer, reflecting the sky,
Raindrops dancing, as if to sigh.
At the pond's edge, serenity prevails,
Where ripples form and secrets unveil.

Lotus flowers bloom, vibrant and bright,
Petals unfolding, a breathtaking sight.
Their delicate grace, a symbol of peace,
A testament to nature's sweet release.

A harmony weaves through the morning air,
Awakening my senses, banishing all care.
In this moment of serenity and grace,
I find my center, my innermost space.

So, I'll wander and cherish this haven,
Where peace and tranquility are freely given.
With each step, I will immerse in nature's art,
And let the melody of life mend my heart

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

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