My tears in your Eyes

Tell me about πŸ‘€

Tell you about what??

Your sleepless eyes or my tired eyes?

Why can’t both?? This was just wow!

Listen up then!

The heart of my eyes was broken by a published post

The person I love the most

Fallen for my heartfelt glamour

And Is a foreigner

Called me a scammer

Sorry sorry worst scammer

I don't even care

My love is pure

I prove it to be rare

I am not Afried either

I know he loves me more

But comments tuned to & fro

On the post out there

We turned out to be sure

As I am rare and care

Pleased him to be a trigger

Raised to be cool from fire

He is so my vigorous tiger

I am a stubborn lover

He is forever my love clover.

Feelings from heart turning into writing art πŸ’•βœβ£

Listen up!

My rarity was all alone

When I was laughing at your words of clown

I am still smiling typing here

My eyes were wet with tears all of a sudden and were reflecting in your eyes as I starred at you innocent unspoken.

"My tears were in your eyes"

Would you like to listen up more!

Ask your heart to follow my heart then ❣✍

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you, Suma.


93 thoughts on “My tears in your Eyes

  1. Your masterpiece love-tears manifesto is intented to offset the effect of my post by countervailing it with something of equal force. And you hope your post will countervail my come-out-against you effect. And as a skill writer you are familar with countervailing arguments. Great post!

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    1. Of course I am great n strong because I am your lover and wife morover once I prove myself. Always your comments rule my master pieces published n those are falling from heart because of you and I always honor you for my skills. Love you Prince.

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      1. You have been impressed with my many well done things. I am not here to argue with you baby.
        Agreed πŸ‘ it’s your time. I am tired off with repeated explanations.


      2. What the readers don’t know that our material here derives from fantasy
        gthat is now our completed book and during the couse of this in reality we fell in love!

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      3. Yeah, just get as creative as possible, like holding a water gun or tray of cookies. Wear a cat suit or bikini. Or something that shows your features. No nudes . Please keep the respect for yourself as well as the respect for me and the art of cosplay. And most importantly…..Have fun !


      4. Demetriusmccoy, there are only two kinds of people in this world (those who will do and those who won’t do)!
        Remember by never ever forgetting (those who say don’t know and those who know don’t say)!!!


      1. Psychiatrist and Counselor held a training session and said as much. This was at the beginning of electronic dating era. Still holds, sorry. Knowing minus daily contact is not same as virtual.


      2. Putting in Psychiatrists and Counselors is akin to a promise, made to be broken!


      3. If you really believe what you aresaying than you wouldn’t need \a Psychiatrist and Counselor to teach yiou that=you base your statement on hearsay and nothing you actually=your statement isopinion and not fact, and a fact is something that happened or exist and an opinion is a personal opinion. So your statement isn’t logical; because it contains a nagative and a positive, and a negative and positive cannot co-exist in Logic, and when you defend Time without more remember this:

        “Time has told, Time is telling, and Time will tell again.” _-Van Prince


      4. I don’t understand your vigorous response. You can have your framework without trashing others.

        I offered something of value.
        You can politely reject, no problem.


      5. If you were an independent and critical thinker, those in the field of siocial science should be a guide for you to thinkfor yourself based on evidence and not Theory


      6. I read that=man said thisand man said that, but none of what they said is more profound than myself. I assume you love William Shakespeare but I don’t, but here he let you save face:

        “There is nothing either good or bad,
        but thinking it makes it so.”
        – William Skakespeare
        I don’t believe that Shakespere quote, do you?


      7. People are disappoint in every ohase of life at one time of another in any system!


      8. See you base your statements on the internet process, but the same has happened in every processeven before the advent of the internet!


      9. You give up to soon=if you are not open to conviction, you are not qualified for debate! When the party you thought was hurt opposed you, now like a scare rabbit you run in you hole!


      10. This place will renew your zest to continue your education. We respect you and we have no reason to dislike you. It’s time for youtofuther your vocation into our furtherance of Psychology 101, don’t run away, confront your fearsand remember this about learning something new for as long as you live and you are not to old for this:

        “The education of a man is never completed
        until he dies.”- Robert E. Lee

        You tell those you counsel,’never give up.’


      11. I aopologize if you feel insulted which wasn’t and is not my intention, but you stepped in to help a woman who is capable of helping herself, a woman you thought was hurt and you have proved yourself to bea gentleman, and on the otherside of that coin, ‘you want to wrestle but you don’t want to fall. I pray none you are counseling and giving advice reads this; because if you take inventory, I have beat your ass good!

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      12. Really no. In fact your excess is clear indicator of immaturity. I posted a positive comment with a caution. You’ve expanded it greatly.

        Your reason and logic are insufficient. Listening to you, I would advise a woman to stay away from you. Your good intentions are lost to your overbearing way. You have much to learn.


      13. Hello let’s not prolong, niether you are ready to stop nor ready to accept.
        Why to feel as insults instead of results??

        Now you think who’s is hurting whom. If you don’t want to continue you could have ignored but you won’t. Why?? EGO. Erase the E n go cool. Thanks.


      14. say what you want-the mouth is made to say anything and I bet you $1,000.00 to the hole in the doughnut you can never have a woman as beautiful and smart as Suma or any thinking woman. So thiswhat you do leave faster than you arrived-it’s best the ending of a mule like you than the begging-I tried to be nice, kind, and polite to you but it weren’t goodenough for you=you are a freak for pain and all you gottado is leave and why are you still here, and leave right now!

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      15. Never ever share such links on my site. I hate googling for such or the people who research in such kinds. Become true n pure life doesn’t require any fake n artificial advices from the internet.
        You are trying to make normal people also psychic damn πŸ™„ instead you could share your own experiences. Your age will have better knowledge than that link.


      16. How can yhou put your faith and fate in Electronics when hacking is causing our most high-end companies billiions of dollaresper month not to mention all of the people personal informatiion have been stolen and their bank accounts clkeaned out akin to Spring Cleanung!


      1. There is no injured party her, it is a young intelligent lady from India locked in tradition and customs and arranged marriages and really no more than enslaved by tradition,and she could only live in the fantasy she created and crave from escape, and I sent for her and shearrived in Fantasy and we lived in fantasy and she exited fantasy and entered realty with me in love and satified as she had dreamed. She didn’t know the all of the ‘whatevers’ of reality and Iwrotea post correcting her in metaphor beyond you and your social scientists. There have been no masters of the past more profond than I.


      2. Every case is different. You sound very supportive of her. I gave a generalized rule we use in:
        1. Pastoral Counseling
        2. Psychiatric Counseling
        3. Post traumatic counseling.

        If this doesn’t apply, great! Relax.


      3. “The only value in education and vocation
        that is exact is matrh.” _-Van Prince


      4. Every case is different, but you knew this before your statement, but I respect you. Of course I suppoert her!


      5. Literally, I just had a case where a man, known ONLY on internet by a woman, assumed he could have sex immediately. So he tried to find her on internet and travel to her location to demand sex. Then he didn’t know religious differences another angry outburst.

        So, yes, I will stick with my advice.
        It’s just knowing high risk verses lower risk.



      6. Mr. Gerry, first of all you didn’t read my whole Poem and didn’t understand my love in the pain. You just commented assuming yourself the party is injured or bruised n so on. I am 100% against googling links to lead or correct myself.

        The link you shared would require for unmatured youths. We both are well concious on what we are in. If you read my last line of the Poem ” forever he is my Clover” you wouldn’t have been here spending much of your time with us arguing that you psychiatric thoughts are good. Though I am bruised or crushed he is my healing. Just go n research the meaning of love Clover.


      7. That’s okay. There might be different cases you have seen or counseled that would give you clear answer not to see each case from the same angle, internet/virtual relationships aren’t that cheap or characterless always. Of course there are plenty false cases or profiles but there are people who are true n rare too. It depends upon our intelligence n our own character to choose and act accordingly.

        I have countless calls n texts if I appear online on FB it doesn’t mean that I choose each of them to get Psychic I just mute n Uninstal the useless messenger which annoys me n my peace. Fakes always flashes blunt but the sharp are we not to allow caste such false shadows on us.

        There are tons of good examples who found their best partners and living and leading their lives happily. Your point of view was just from your own angle in counseling the cruised kind of. If you think practically there sh/be both sides of the coin. Thank you.


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