A video call (microtale).

A video call (microtale).
From her morning walk,
through the forest.

Just in a glance,
his eyes from beyond
the sparkling seas spoke
something naughty –
at her lovely outfit.

Her unspoken feelings:
Those “three” (It’s just not a number)
black buttons remain
unopened until I meet you.
Not sure of months, years or
lifetime but I will preserve it
for our moment.

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sowa seed og good deed if you visit ✍❣


38 thoughts on “A video call (microtale).

    1. Loves you my Queen, trust me…to be on WP without your presence seems empty world to me. Your heartful wishes mean more than a world to me. Tons of thanks. Some where far from each other, just under the same roof of sky with undifined destiny 😇🤗💞❤❤


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