The Godly Bond We Guard.

Divine Bond of Love

She wrote to him:

If you leave me,
My heart will leave me too.

Each beat of my heart
Each inhale of my breath
Every sense of my Soul
Every vien of my brain
Every stream of my blood
Every part of my body
Is divinely deep in you.

If you leave me,
My body will leave me too.

But my soul will still…still…
would love to wait for you,
Even after my bodily senses
turn into ashes with desperate
desires and wishes unfulfilled.

If you leave me,
my heart will leave me too.
My body will leave me too.

Let’s guard this Godly bond,
without letting anyone
or anything to ruin. Together “WE” are “ONE”.

He wrote:

First of all, If you have such thoughts,
My heart will be struggling
For the fresh breath of our peace.

Every second which gets born
Every beat which gets produce
Every existence haven’t yet born
In us, it’s incomplete even with such thoughts my love.

So my darling…!
Don’t let this thought
Mingle with your soul again.

Our bloodline was created
For creating an epic example
For the upcoming generations
How love could mix into oceanic depth!

Even that drop has no clue
How depth your vibes are inside of me.

Somethings are beyond
The human thinking
So, we only may try to express in words
This blessing of Godly bond of ‘WE’ Without making and marking the word of “We” in front of others as “We” but as “One” in presence of Almighty. Love you till the eternity my love.

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit.❣✍


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