The Richness of Love

Is Love poor in maths?? ❤+❤=❤
When she says, she's poor in maths.


Oh! my love, glad to hear that.
You will never have to learn
Our love has no numerics
Our feelings are uncountable
Our emotions are endless
Our love needs no calculator
It's beyond the symbols consists of it.

We may be poor even in grammer
So what??
Our love has no literacy
Our hearts are pure in it
Our expressions can't end-
Just with the words and writings.

I am poor too...
In the richness of our love,
Our Souls match and merge as one.
We always sparkle and shine within.

We may be poor even to know the time. 'Coz...

When I am awake, you are asleep
When you are asleep, I am wake,
Where the time doesn’t match.
We live under the roof of sky,
With different time zones.

But we create our own clock,
Turning the day into night
And the night into day.
With many sleepless nights
And sacrificed scenarios,
To design our deep moments
With love from heaven to haven.


Yes,our love has that power
To turn pebbles into flowers
Rocks into roller-coasters,
Riding through highs and lows,
Rising through storms and stars
Roaring with courage and care.

We love with no measures
We love with no limits
These words can't calculate
These writings can't justify
Yes, our love is that heaven,

People may think it as fun,
But it's beyond and unknown
Nothing can pull us down
I am that luckiest person
Blessed to feel you as mine.
Our love is heavenly devine
With no calculations&measures.

Love is never poor in anything.
The richness of it's aroma is
Felt beyond all the earthly rules and desires.
Only those who are divinely blessed can feel it & taste it.

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. ✍❣


25 thoughts on “The Richness of Love

  1. Your words are such gifts to the heart and can’t be calculated ever dearest Princess. So touching and tender always.. I love how your fill your page with sweet knowing love! 💞


  2. I find your love equation quite interesting and true. That’s the essence of love. What people think wrong is correct in love. So lovely and touching words, Suma! You’re too good in expressing your feelings. Keep shining 🌟✨💖


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