If I could be rich enough

If I could be rich enough to bear
The weight of all the pain you wear
I would gladly give up all my wealth
To bring you happiness and health.

No more tears, no more sorrow
No more fears to face tomorrow
I would gift you a life that's free
From all the pain that you can't see.

But wealth is not what heals the soul
It's love&kindness that make us whole,
So, here's my promise, true and real
To stand by you through every ordeal.

With love&hope, we'll face each day
Together, we'll find a better way
And though we may not have it all
We will rise above and never fall.

For riches anytime come and go
But love endures and helps us grow
So, my love let's hold on to this bond
We'll make it through until our end.

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit ❣✍


21 thoughts on “If I could be rich enough

  1. You are so close here to having a really excellent poem. Normally I just hit “like” for any deep feeling or a decent attempt at rhyme, and let all the other carelessness go ~ but you have a chance to become a real poet of substance. In your case it seems to be a matter of not getting tired and giving up ~ I easily found metrically accurate substitutions to make good the lines with extra syllables… But at the very last moment you also abandoned your rhyming pattern! Just one more edit with a fresh head would (have) bring (brought) perfection. My trouble in writing this is a compliment to you.


    1. Tons of thanks for stopping by. Of course it’s a big compliment and never mind on genuine thiughts. I am so glad to receive such an awesome views of you and yes I do agree on your valuable suggestions. Also made the corrections at the end. Once again thank you and much respects for this 😇❤💛🙏🙏🙏

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