Miracle Garden

In the miracle garden of my life, you were the classic fountain made my thoughts dance with your sparkling light of music and sprinkling drops of water. Suddenly the fountain stopped sparkling & sprinkling. My thoughts are muted but forever you will be the beautiful Cottage of my heart…. ✍❣

Dear Life

Thanks for choosing me, you know how dominant I am against your actions. Your plans were already expected hence you can’t throw surprises at me. As you are my journey, I am well prepared to travel safe and no more insecure as you taught me to Identify the instinct powers of mine which are invisible but powerful. So please come up with new plans, I will be ready to execute n excel myself. Thank you! 🥰

Star Babies!

On this lovely Morning an alarm with no noice that is “Cold and Breezy air” woke me up today little early than every day. With the feel of freshness and weekend therapy, a reel of “Star Babies” beeped up in my mind when I glanced at my sleeping Star (my kid) who named a beautiful Strawberries as ‘Star Babies’ what a sweetest name for the cutest fruit! Kids are Creative isn’t it? 🤗❣🥰

As we all know how all the little ones try pronouncing while they wanted to speak out their mind and thoughts to touch our hearts and melt us into the stream of feelings that the universe in our eyes and the world is in our arms. Dedicated to all the lovely parents of cute little straberry kids out there! 🥰

Dear ones, hope you all like this little cute story of ‘Star Babies’ and you may have this weekend as sweet as Strawberries! Stay safe and happy 🥰🙂🍓🍓🍓🍓 🍓🍓

Born to Bloom

Life is to live and move forward wherever it plants us. We need to grow through with what we go through. Though life seemed draining in 2020 due to the Covid Pandanic, I thank God for protecting us with all his blessings and bringing the life to normality. For me the year is boom and bloom as I was able to manage my job at home safely taking care of my 2 year old Kid. I have gained the strength from the pain while I was missing my Kid during work at office. I strongly believe it’s all Glory of the God!

Adeleke Adeite

They buried us in unmarked graves,
We turned the graves into gardens.
We are not dead slaves
but sacred seeds buried to bloom.

We were thrown into the fire
but we came out with sparkles.
We are not a complete wreckage
but nascent gems with crinkles.

We were pressed and crushed,
we bled and became exotic wine.
Painful processes we endure
knowing that we were born to bloom.

A lot of things seem to have drained life out of many people this year: pandemic, protests, politics, police brutality, loses, looting, lockdown, mental health challenges, fear of failure, fear of success and other strange storms that featured in this movie called 2020.

I have a feeling that a lot of people have given up on the year already. However, there is another group of l people who believe that 2020 is their year of boom, bloom, bliss and boon. My friends…

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Morning Vibes #2

Hey! here’s another awaited new morning and new hope to make our beautiful flowers bloom out of our dark shadow of last night. Life isn’t cool as we expect always right? Sometimes we need to water the thorns for the sake of beautiful roses isn’t it? So let’s not stop loving the things we love and make us happy by stressing over the things that we won’t like or control.

Pic from Pexels

When you don’t know the language, it’s better just to enjoy the music instead of trying to understand the lyrics which will make you stressful. I can relate it to my husband, he can’t speak my mother tongue but enjoys the music of my language. Some times he asks me to translate, my tough time starts and I would tell him…

“OMG! I never thought practically, otherwise I wouldn’t marry you” ha ha 🙃 I no need to elaborate what’s next right? Do you all think our silly fight started here? No…the cold war starts from a cup of hot coffee itself in the early morning as “why did you take my Cup as you know that I won’t like any other” and then during work (WFH) sitting next to each other and it continues until we sleep for even no reasons 😍 next day morning? Of course we bloom with new fresh love flowing again. 🥰❣

Pic from Pexels

With the blessings and grace of God, though our minds fight “our hearts are together forever” with no language or any other barriers. Now our little judge (my Pretty Princess) orders against our fights with one word saying, STOP!

My Pretty Princess

I hope you all are sleeping and I am writing this to wish your morning to be awesome & lovely, your day be boosted brighter & happier. Now the time is 2 am IST. I am not sleepy because I slept off deeply in the afternoon and woke up at 6 pm thinking it was early morning 6 am looking at the darkness outside. I asked my hubby “why did you wake up so early ” I am often confused waking up from sleep, not sure anyone else ….🤗 wishing all the dear ones a lovely Sunday! ✍ 🥰

Grow through with what you go through

Life is to live and move forward whatever you go through or wherever it plants you, not to filter and await only for the good and happy moments. Ups and downs in life won’t come as you plan, you should be positive and prepared to face any situation that comes in your way and become a life’s warrior. Still don’t you find the right way? Just make the one by clearing all the obstacles and make the life crazy🥰

Pic credit Pinterest

“Past is a history, future is a mystery, present is the presentation” that any one can make most out of it to become a better and happy person. I still remember this beautiful quote that I planted strongly in my mind from the book of ‘NLP’ which I red when I was in my high school.

From hubpages (pinterest)

Do not become a victim of your past, just look back and say thanks to it for making you the strong person that you are today. Do not worry about the future but have better plans in place to bright up with the lessons learnt in the past. Present is what you can represent and present yourself to the fullest to live the life, be crazy, have fun, enjoy every moment, life is meant to be lived, not to be waited for.

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Your life has a value, do little bit of good where you are, that’s going to be worth living and being loved by the people surround you. Be courageous, this would be the quality of a warrior.

You should be the person what you become and not the one what happened to you. Fire off the past, wow yourself and affirm that no one can break or destroy you for the person you became today by building with the bricks of struggles, pouring of problems, years of tears and with only strength of ‘God’.

Pic from Pexels

Isn’t it breathtakingly beautiful to know that you have learnt so much to grow flowers from the garden of dreams and memories that were died long time ago? Yes of course, just smile at those who laughed at your troubles at times, let ‘Karma’ take care of them. You just be a go getter to succeed and enjoy the beautiful journey of life.

To grow through from what you go through, just trust and stick to your own instincts, no one can cast a shadow over your Sunshine. Keep smiling! keep shining!

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Dear friends, love you all for your time in reading my little thoughts and supporting. Your feedback and comments are valued and needed. Wishing you all a very happy Weekend🤗❣🥰


Musings of a Wanderer

Sometimes I don’t want the night to end…

I want to keep roaming in the starry night on the wings of the wind, astride grey and dark clouds!

Sometimes I want to step into the ocean and sink deep into its peace!

Sometimes I want Time to halt just awhile to let me catch up!!

Sometimes I want Time to pause and

Sometimes I want it to go back 4 decades and more!!

Sometimes I don’t want my dreams to end and

Sometimes I don’t want to come out of the stillness of my mind!!

Sometimes I wonder who is the one who is thinking, who am I!!

Sometimes I wonder whether I am living in acceptance and surrender or in denial?

Sometimes I wonder: if I myself am so lost how can I preach and how can I teach?

Sometimes I cry at the pain and the suffering all…

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Dear Morning!

I am so excited and crazy to see you and feel your cool magical breez. I am so so so…awaited as you are the light to lit up my day brighter as I find a little joy in you to make my heart and soul lighter with the tender loving care which has no measure! Love you and thank “God” for being the reason to look forward to the next day 🥰❣🙏

Beautiful Pic from Pexels

Thinking of you

Thinking of you wearing a smile that your thoughts gave me, you are out of my site but in my thoughts always I am so mindful thinking of you not to interrupt at this moment but shall I tell you one thing? your thoughts have already interrupted me, so I have no control to it now, please forgive me 🥰

Pic credit ‘Wattpad’

Thinking of you wearing a mask of happiness that your thoughts gave me, you are my moon I can only see you n feel in my fantasy because you are out of reach in the sky I am just on the earth thinking of your love n light that your thoughts gave me. Do you know what?

Pic from rawpexel

Thinking of you in my fantasy how and as what I can tag you other than the usual #tag I give you every time 🤔🤔 of you n you n you! You are my #Magic. Thinking of you wearing a precious jewel of joy that your thoughts gave me which will shine forever in my heart ✍

Coffee time

Most of our good mood and thoughts are sponsered by Coffee, hope you all agree with me! That little rush we feel after the first sip of strong coffee really kicks off our mind to realize wow….what an adorable I am going to be today, isn’t it? hope your day would be filled with a cup of joy, happiness and the love of the God! 🥰