Smiles of Flowers

Just for few minutes
Your smiles from miles
And my garden of flowers Created a lovely paradise

Those beautiful feelings
And the moment of silence Brought tears to my eyes
For many unspoken reasons

Your smile was pleasant
Like a fire fly’s light
Flashed into my heart
Healing wounds of hurt
Painting an amazing art


Your gift of smile is my beautiful mask which protects my emotions

Your smile has painted my heart with an amazing art

Each rose blossom of my Garden has your lovely smile

Roses from my little Garden of form house

Smile is the best language that conveys beautiful and lovely message and can speak any language being Multi Lingual isn’t it??

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you ✍❣

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6 word story with the word “Change”

This is in response to Shweta on Saturday #6 WSP

Change your attitude not the attire.

Words and actions speak louder than voice isn’t it?? Did I show my indirect attitude in the above 6 words story?? May be 😉 but definitely not to address any of you my sweetest friends, just a 6 words story that beeped up my mind. Thanks for reading 😇

Change is an action 
Choice of direction
Life's turning often 
Never is a perfection
Nor even a conclusion
Can be God's salvation

Change your attitude
Not attractive attire
Show your gratitude
For moments of proud
Testify yourself to GOD
Positively move forward

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy all rights reserved

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visiting. Thank you ✍❣

Little writer “Imrana”

This poem is to show my token of appreciation and admiration to the cute little writer whom I met here. She started writing at the age of 10 by sharing her Amazing stories on WordPress. Please have a visit with your blessings to the Little one.

Hi Little one!

You own my heart
Being cute & smart
With super talent
You are the best
In fact I ever met

Your cuteness loads
With tiny writing gift
Your pretty pictures
With perfect postures
And lovely gestures

As you flush out to write
Through your cute thought
Words snuggle within you
Admiring your little heart
Painting your pure smile
Creating beautiful moment

You are a tiny butterfly
Making my Garden beautiful
Wishing it to be flowerful
With your colorful comments
And cute sweet expressions

I love you little one
I admire your talent
I cherish your thoughts
I wish you to be blessed
With the bliss of purity
Good health and happiness

With Loves & Blessings!

By: Suma Reddy
To: Imrana

I Impressive
M Mystic
R Rare
A Amazing
N Nice
A Awesome

Pretty Princess

Copyright ©️ 2021 Suma Reddy all rights reserved

Pic from pinterest

Keep up and move forward,
God may shower the flowers of blessings to make the path of your life smooth and beautiful _ Suma Reddy

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you ✍❣

Rivers of Feelings

Close your eyes and feel
Open your heart and see
Your thoughts of vast Sea
Created by so called she
Know that she can oversee
Your rivers of feelings
From her heart of hilltop

You left her to be rust
Showing as a love draft
You are her treasurehunt
Never dreamt love crest

Two names of you & she
Knitted as beautiful craft
Painted on her lovely heart
With your image of so smart
Remind you to never forget
Her Love is not to be lost

She's loving to love you
In sweet pain of feelings
Putting them on WordPress
The best place to express
Releasing her every stress

You have no right to erase
them, nor dare to tare them
These are her pure feelings
And signs of her own vibes
Strongly built gut instincts
'Coz she's pure true forever
& never folded lovely chapter

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy, all rights reserved

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you ✍❣

Model flat of my newly purchased 2 BHK flat

We have choosen an ongoing project from one of the reputed builders based out of Banglore the silicon city of India” and I am pleased to share some of my experiences during the process of booking until signing the sale agreement of the flat. Below listed is the basic information on how to plan and what are all requirements that one should be aware before investing on properties. This may help someone who wish or plan to buy an independent house or a flat. Kindly skip if you feel this topic as irrelevant at this point in time. Thank you.

Basic check list for choosing the flat:

1. Decide the budget

2. Choose the location

3. Research on builder reputation

4. Site visits (can be multiple)

5. Review, research and word of mouth can be better option

6. Check list of clear titles of the property (Land documents)

Here is a list of crucial documents that must be verified while purchasing an under construction property: Bangalore specifically

1. Sale deed
2. Completion/Occupancy certificate
3. Building/Plan approval
4. Encumbrance Certificate
5. Mutation certificate
6. Tax paid receipt
7. Khata
8. NOC from Builder, BWSSB, BESCOM, etc
9. Approval from local administrative bodies such as BBMP, BDA, BMRDA, etc

Below link has the information about clear title and on what type of documents to be verified while planning to buy an underconstruction apartment.

Below link is highly recommended to go through on how to plan your home loan with less EMIs effectively. This is from one of our co-blogger Mr. Lizo from the page Mango People.

How to reduce the home loan EMI

Below details are all about my personal experiences on how the financial problems impact one’s lives in long term if self earnings are not planned and spent appropriately. One must be self conscious while spending hard earnings carelessly and ensure to use only on useful and worthy choosing to be offerdable. Please skip if you feel irrelevant.

I feel proud to share this big news but there’s something else bigger side of my bitter experiences on how we spent on unnecessary things which caused us a long term financial trouble. This was because of insufficient knowledge or inappropriate plannigs ‘cos of someone else’s force or desire of constructing a house in the village just for a kind of guest visits once a year and no one had plans to go back and settle at the place they left 40 years ago and availing personal loans on some emergency needs, instead we could choose other options. Personal loan interest rates are very high compared to other ones. I may pen a different post on these.

Life always throughs at some sudden surprises as a test or to show it’s taste of sweetness or bitterness. Of course that’s what the meaning of life which makes us strong and serene through coming days. After years of struggles with the grace of God, I am on the track with greatest lessons learnt that this beautiful life taught me and I am thankful to God first of all for showing me the right path to do something for myself and my little family first time ever apart from basic necessities.

During my 10 years of professional career, I only know how much I earned but the expenditures by those who were fortunate to spend and fulfill their needs ‘coz I only had to abide to some weird customs and forced adjustments for helding an accountability being a common woman with multiple roles. It’s again a vast or waste topic and I don’t want to dump your heads with my personal stuff but to make you all alert on such plans and decisions that you make with your own earnings. We must have right to spend on things which are worthy and not for the sake of others.

All these experiences have really gave us better knowledge to take a step forward to plan and purchase this flat with offerdable EMIs keeping some back up arrangements in mind apart from current jobs we are earning from, which are no guaranteed as automation is hitting many lives. Of course we can keep up these things by upgrading ourselves to the changing technology and I am in plan too.

EMI Back up and planning:

1. Firstly we have choosen a project which has offered no Pre-EMI cost until the possession

2. After possession with guaranteed rental returns of the same flat which is equal or more than our EMI

3. Our Mumbai house which is already helping us with some rental returns

3. Along with above, one long term SIP investment that we have already started 5 years ago which balances the interest rate of home loan

4. Making sure to clear any other outstanding loans or EMIs by the time of possession to ensure we will have only one loan with less burden

Gallery 1 & 2nd would be for guest bedroom
Open Kitchen
Living room
Master bedroom
Common bedroom
It’s 1 BHK with least sqft space but our’s is 2 BHK, couldn’t get vedio of that ‘coz we swapped our choice from 1 BHK to 2 BHK
(fully furnished)

Note: Today is a special day not because I born but b’coz my parents have choosen a random date to be my birthday that’s what is the 1st August. My life has so many weird, special and unique things ha ha…Only God knows when, why and the reason of my birth but it has a great meaning to be a blessed Mom of 3 years old pretty Princess and this life is just to battle & survive only for her. Another special day is International Friendship day. Wish you all a very happy friendship day.

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you, Suma ✍❣

The End of Existence

Dear human!

You know your journey
You know your destiny
But the need of money?
Beyond the basic needs
Searching your agony!

We get to see a dead body
On our journey of each day
Traveling to it's destiny
After a beautiful journey

On the way to heaven/hell
The soul may rest on hill
Looking at the mournings
Knowing breath stands still
Finally the life is chill

There's no beauty left
There's no charm left
There's no love left
There's only a soul left

Everything has been theft
By the beauty called death
Existence ended on earth
This is the so called truth

With no plans and schedules
No comparison of rich & poor
No matter of day & night
No intimation of when & how

That is how the life we live
Everything is a dilution
But we live in illusion
Knowing the exact conclusion

Any moment of the day can start without you. Stop and breath, before you stop breathing.

Thanks & Prayers 🙏

Copyright ©️ 2021 Suma Reddy all rights reserved

Any moment of the day can make your existence empty

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you ✍❣

The meaning of life & living

Flying over the clouds but looking down the earth knowing the true destiny 

Roaming around the world
but wishing to die on the motherland/birth place

Living a luxurious life in a city but never forgetting the country background

With success story on the screen but never to ignore the struggles behind

The joy is to enjoy the rainbow but never to regret the scream of thunderstorm

Life is to live at peace but never to point out and fight to be right

Be courageous and move on but remember the hard phase of gained strength

Be patient with silent smile but never neglect the troubles of tears

Know the purpose of life but never fail to understand the tough times you overcome

Stay blessed with the light of hope but never disregard the times of darkness

Count on each moment but have the good ones colleted to cherish

Be a rebel over your trouble but know the softness of your strong heart

Meaning of living is to pass through the past, live in the present moment and enter into the future with care

You are blessed in your living, you are blessed in your coming

Thanks & Prayers 🙏

Pic from pinterest
This video was captured by me during my ✈️ from Mum to Blr on 23rd Nov’19

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit ✍❣

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Grow through with what you go through

Life is to live and move forward whatever we go through or wherever it plants us, isn’t it?? We should not filter and await  only for the good and happy moments. Ups and downs in life won’t come up as we plan, we should always be positive and prepared to face any situation that comes in our way and become a life’s warrior. If we still don’t find the right way, just have to make the one by clearing all the obstacles and make the life smooth but never rough out of the tough situations.

God is what the truth and right path we should always trust and walk along, with prayers.

Pic credit printerst

“Past is a history, future is a mystery, present is the presentation” that any one can make most out of it to become a better and happy person. I still remember this beautiful quote that I planted strongly in my mind from the book of ‘NLP‘ which I red when I was in my high school but I have my own views around it as mentioned below.

Pic from hubpages pinterest

Do not become a victim of your past, just look back and say thanks to it for making you the strongest person that you are today. Do not worry about the future but always have better plans in place to sharpen and shine your consciousness carefully with the lessons learnt in the past. Present is what you  can represent and present yourself to the fullest to live the life in a right way correcting and implementing the past learnings. Of course life never stops teaching.

Each phase of life is very important but we must eliminate the negativity to make it meaningful. Your life has a value, do little bit of good where you are, that’s going to be worth living and being loved by the people surround you. Be courageous, this would be the quality of a warrior.

From pixels

You should be the person what you become and not the one what happened to you. Fire off the past, owe yourself and affirm that no one can break or destroy you for the person you became today by building with the bricks of struggles, pouring of problems, years of tears and only with the strength of ‘God’. Amen!

Isn’t it breathtakingly beautiful to know that you have learnt so much to grow flowers from the garden of dreams and memories that were died long time ago? Yes of course, just smile at those who laughed at your troubles at times, let ‘Karma’ take care of them. You just be a go getter to succeed and move forward in your journey of life.

To grow through from what you go through, just trust and stick to your own instincts and the word of God, no one can cast a shadow over your Sunshine. Keep smiling! keep shining!

My Garden of thoughts and feelings  sow a seed of good deed if you visit. Thank you ✍❣

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy

What is the God’s Grace!

At this moment as the night brought me some peace, I rewinded my day to conclude and enter in to the new morning. There were some mixture of thoughts over my head reminded me to thank God for his Grace.

Night is the precious time that God has created to rest our minds and listen to our heart’s wishperings. It’s the best time to filter our thoughts, target our troubles and thank god for all that is good in life. We can take a time to know that all the worst and best days are respectively not bad and good but God’s grace works any way. Both situations will remind us to confess our sins, find a quiet place to reach him or pray him for all his grace by praying and thanking for keeping us in his arms always.

I know the difficult times are the worst disappointments but God’s plans are always more beautiful than anything that we go through. Always remember, before getting in to expectations and perfections in life, ensure to thank God for all that you are blessed and existed with. whenver you feel like falling and slipping, don’t forget that God’s Grace and Mercy would lift you right back up again and restore all your strengths.

To know more and deep about God’s Grace, one should grow through the root of it with strong faith and belief onto god firmly. One should always knock to ask and seek for the needs, keep thanking for all that you have in life. If you look back to realize the way you walked along to the present, god must have proven many things with his grace and sought you out by breaking to the new reality.

Devinity for the sake of simple-minded is beautiful. It is not the law of religion nor the principles of morality that define our highways and pathways to God; only by the Grace of God we are led. So begin this new day, new hope and opportunity with joy and prayers in your heart to receive more abundant blessings and the “Grace of God”. As you walk your way this day, may you walk in faith and belief to make each moment brighter by his glory.

Grace is a love, devine power and a vital piece of our existence that’s derived from the God. Today take some time to focus on the word “God’s grace” and allow God to reveal himself  to you in a whole new way. Here’s a beautiful quote: those who leave averything in God’s hand will eventually see God’s hand in everything. God bless you!

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. ✍❣

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