Special is a Kiss or the Moment (Must read)

He wrote her :

Dearest Love…,

Let me make sure, my breath is fresh on the day when I am gonna meet you or making sure I’m sleeping good enough for long hrs and not having any sweating odours under my armpit.

Taking fresh mint or brushing one hour before the kiss. All this planning of self hygienic just to make sure if the first kiss happens, so it should be PERFECT.

After that setting up the mood. As first kiss with you will be very special moment and want to remember rest of our life.

So deciding which location and what time it should be done. Evening or night ? Crowded or full privacy ?

Dressing up nicely to put more efforts just to make sure this day, you are about to have a special moment.

Making sure that you are in mood. This is major thing to keep in mind. It does not matter how much preparation I may plan before this moment happen.

Later on…?? my heart is like stopped!

This is what usually most of the people do.
That they need this special moment in that way and for them special means all these things.

In my prospective, my special moment with you is not making only at the first time but to make every moment as special as possible.

Every moment of our’s itself is special for me,
Either it’s seeing you for the first time,
After such long distance or innumerable times kissing you but I don’t look for the location to be so amazing and romantic or we wont even be so much smelling in good fragrances.

Amazing moment is just seeing and meeting each other irrespective of external attractions but with internal fragrances of our love and feelings.

What if we get sick and that’s the day destiny make us to meet? For the first time? I wont care about fresh breath or any such romantic places. I still love to kiss you and still that moment will be special for me. With our love and deepest feelings, we would make that moment as sooo special.

Special is the moment itself. When we spend time and express feelings together. Without making only one day special and rest not. That’s not a sale. One day super sale and other days back to normal prices types.

For us, our togetherness is always gonna be special. As we are special for each other.

So, our first kiss will be special and not just first kiss but every kiss & romance along with every sad & bad moments of us. We always gonna make this whole journey special by being together is the biggest special thing to us.

But yah, happy kiss day for the purpose of valentine’s week and for the shake of world as they celebrate “kiss day” special but for us everyday is a kissing day and everything we do in love is special together. Loving kisses to you my Love.

She: A kiss to the Newborn

On this beautiful day!
After the cool Sunset
When the Moon was lazy
Our hearts were crazy
Awaiting for a light
To celebrate at right
My little Star was born
Luminously from the heaven
Making our lives shine.

Many more happy returns of the day my smarty....
Many loving kisses to you "Newborn naughty"....

Feel my kiss, as soft as the feathers and mother's touch.

Our hearts are flowers
With many special fragrances,
We spray them with our breaths
In each fast beat it gives,
When we meet and make it special

We are the world in the
Universe of our love.
With our own notion,
And passion of fondness.
Your first kiss & touch
Would be my flight to-
The heaven we create,
By feeling each of them
As a falling raindrop.

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy.

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit ✍❣


18 thoughts on “Special is a Kiss or the Moment (Must read)

  1. Special is the moment itself. When we spend time and express feelings together. Without making only one day special and rest not
    Indeed, the moment is special. Moment comes first, then the event happens, in time sequence.
    Wonderful post from you Suma.
    In Vedanta (philosophy), we understand mind constitute 4 layers of thoughts and as a whole known as #antakarana.
    You are active on all the four layers.
    Love is Universal. A great mind can only feel Love and the essence of Love.
    Beautiful poetic expression in your post.
    A beautifully crafted Heart is needed only !!!
    Happy Valentines Day!
    Be happy and stay blessed always.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your devine n in depth heart to understand any concept is a Jewel of Knowledge Sir, my respectful thanks and loves for visiting and writing such a delightful view always. Thank you again for the beautiful wishes 🥰❤🙏🙏


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