Eternal Love

His Letter to her:

You are the only person for whom I don’t wanna think negative or wanna think of separation. That thinking only gives me some kind of sensation. I can’t explain how it feels but it’s  like heart is just breaking into several pieces.

My soul just tares apart and due to that all comes out through the tears. I cry a lot, sometimes half an hour, sometimes half a day long too.  I have never shared this to you but today I felt to, even now I am just in tears, they are just streaming , streaming and flowing.

I know deep in my heart, someday about separation, might be a possibility and of- course it’s true in today’s logic but there’s a saying that “if we close our eyes it doesn’t mean it’s the night”. In the same way my heart don’t want to accept those things that it also a part of relation my heart just want to close it’s eyes and just want to feel the deepest love for you.

It never wants to open the eyes of separation. When it tries to open, it starts crying. Hugs (I love this to use instead of sorry/thanks to you). I don’t know if this is making any sense by reading or I am just making it long for you to read but I don’t wanna hide it from you. I sometimes just think I might have broken many hearts indirect way so, this is may be just a small punishment to it. That thinking even breaks me into several pieces.

You know what! when I was watching the series of “Goblin”, it speaks and says about we have in total 4 lives: 1st we sow the seed, 2nd we give water to it, 3rd is harvest and 4th is to enjoy the result of it.

I guess I have sown the seed of love with you in my first life and I just forgot to water it and have kept looking for the other seeds. So, at the time of harvest that seed it just making me realised that you are late for the seed of love so m just hurt in this life but as this is my 3rd life due to my ignorance I have to live for the 2 life so your words of separation give me a thought that 4th life of enjoying the fruit of it will not be in this life I have to wait till it grows n harvest it that is taring me apart from within.

I don’t know why I became like this that I just keep on typing typing and typing I never use to write this much, I’ll stop here..

After few hours I realized that I overthink a lot and have so much of fear of loosing you.

Actually “Overthink” it’s like having a fear of “will I be able to last longer in bed types”.

And we forget it’s never about that thing. It’s all about enjoying every time either it’s in gap intervals or not or being a planet how in universal planets always surrounded for earth maybe it’s in distance billions of miles away but still they exist and stand with earth and face the sun ☀️

I hope you understand this metaphor.
See love, make one thing fit in your mind and heart, have you ever seen an earthworm?

Earthworms are like this, usually if you cut them, they will grow again them selves and move ahead.

Similarly the heart of your’s and mine ♥️ is like that. So if separation cut us off. Don’t think that’s the end. We been separated so many times but somehow we grow our heart and never let it go away by holding in such a precious way. This will forever stay.

Even in future no matter what comes in life .. I’ll make sure that we both always grow this heart so much then no matter which situation tries to separate us.

I loved the Goblin 4 stages too and agree with them but I love to add one more main ingredient in this stage.

It does not matter either it’s about seed or harvesting or anything unless all of them don’t have their frequency attached to the soul that comes only in radio usually.

There have been so many ages since the radio was invented and if you take history of it and the present… one thing has never been changed in this era of radio.

“Frequency” always remained constant. What is frequency ? As all know, It’s that which connects the channels in the radio. Tuning into frequencies and listening.

So lots and tons of radio stations may be created or closed and it’s been replaced with many new concepts and shows. But frequency always existed till now frequency never left the radio and it always making the radio as radio.

So, our emotions and feelings which are connected are emotionally, mentally and physically are like this frequency.

Majorly, no matter who will be the host of this life as a partner as you are within my Soul deeply. It does not matter what will be the show of this life as I’ll be the classical era that can never be replaced by any show.  For example, how till today’s date “the Titanic is titanic” and always generation of generations keeping it alive.

So, my dearest love…yes may be there will be less audiences to listen which is our heart itself, our heart beats are the  audiences they may never love the show and always gonna miss the classical show and always have that original frequency which are our feelings that are invented with the radio of love started and developed since I found you as mine.

But it’s gonna be alive with pros and cons. Still feelings be there. Yes as all have it’s own flaws and deeds but what matters is we will be having this same frequency viewing up like how earthworms grow themselves.

That’s why, never underestimate the power of dirt as even the things from dirt are so valuable that human never think in day to day life for example earthworms.

I am honoured and blessed I feel you in this way my dear Love.

She replied with empty mind and silence

I am just blank with no ink
In my mind or thoughts to write.
I can mirror reflect each of -
Your feelings poured out here,
No power that I can beat or
Bare your talent of classic- writings of your heart and feelings.
Just in tears n great fears to loose you.
That imagination and thought itself pulls me down deep,
Under the Earth when am alive itself.
No words I can't write anything.....Love you....
I only know one thing to please
Please never ever leave me,
It kills me to imagine to be alive without your presence
In this journey of us,
I will no more consider as mine But ours soo please...

Until am alive,
You should never cry.
I am with you in every situation.
Trust me, nothing and no one have power to break-
Our togetherness,
Until our heart and soul are strong enough to feel and face each other.

I am just in deep sorrow.
Would love to be in silence
For now are for sometime
Blank with nothing in mind
But only you within.
Lemme give the space to my silence in emptiness.

From the moment -
I fallen for your love
I started loving myself
'Coz your care taught me
To care myself for "US"
My soul wants to replace
I love you with "I bow you"
For the darling heart you got
To love & feel me so much.

There's no end or ejection
For this mad thoughts of you.

Copyright ©️ Suma Reddy.

My Garden of thoughts and feelings, sow a seed of good deed if you visit. ✍❣


24 thoughts on “Eternal Love

  1. WHOAHAAAAAA!!! Dese are for you ꒰⁠⑅⁠ᵕ⁠༚⁠ᵕ⁠꒱⁠˖⁠♡ (⁠◍⁠•⁠ᴗ⁠•⁠◍⁠)⁠❤ ♡⁠(⁠Ӧ⁠v⁠Ӧ⁠。⁠) (⁠✿⁠ ⁠♡⁠‿⁠♡⁠)
    ✨🐰 Da Poem was EXTREMELY, absolutely, DEFINITELY, realio and TRULIO LOVELY. (My English is getting more and more Worse 😶since i stopped blogging) LOL But I’ll be BACK sooooon Haha. 🐰🐻‍❄️

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